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Smiths Indeed fanzine (1986-1989) to be reprinted in limited-edition, 100-set run

Smiths Indeed fanzine's 12-issue run

The editor of Smiths Indeed — the classic fanzine published from 1986 to 1989 and sold at The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead shows in the UK — is reprinting the full set of 12 issues in a limited-edition run for the second time.

Mark Taylor, who also republished the magazine’s full run on its 20th anniversary in 2006, is doing so again; he reports that 100 of the 12-issue sets are available — first-come, first-served — for £40 (or about $62). That price includes UK postage, but fans elsewhere will pay extra for shipping.

Taylor, who started Smiths Indeed out of his Bristol bedroom at age 16, recounted the fanzine’s history for The Guardian in 2006, from having John Peel mention it — and his parents’ home mailing address — on air to being asked to sell the magazine from the Smiths’ merchandise stall at stops on the band’s final UK tour.

Perhaps most famously, the dozen fans seen cycling through Manchester with Morrissey in the “I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish” video were Smiths Indeed readers chosen by Taylor (“Embarrassingly, I couldn’t ride a bike so I was relegated to the sidelines, but Morrissey would pedal up to me between takes for a chat,” Taylor told the Guardian).

To order the Smiths Indeed reprint, e-mail Taylor at



  1. Hi Mark
    26 years ago, i was a young man who decide with a friend (Michèle) to create a Belgian Smiths fanzine … CoverSmiths. Only 3 issues where made.
    Find them in a box in my basement, along with the first 6 issues of Smiths Indeed.

  2. Hi Luc.
    I know this is an old post but I just got those 3 issues handed over so your work is still alive.
    Br. Frank

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