Video — February 19, 2010 at 10:01 am

Pixies sell out! Visa commercial uses ‘Isla de Encanta’ off 1987’s ‘Come On Pilgrim’ EP

The Pixies have made no bones about their cash-in reunion, even putting “Pixies Sell Out” on the back of the T-shirts from the band’s initial 2004 comeback tour (and naming their live DVD that, too). Just yesterday, in fact, Pitchfork spotlighted this recent Black Francis quote: “This ain’t about the art anymore. … Now it’s time to talk about the money.”

Now comes news that the college-rock legends have licensed “Isla de Encanta,” off the band’s 1987 debut EP Come On Pilgrim, to Visa for a (admittedly quite clever) World Cup-themed TV commercial called “Football Evolution.” Watch it above, and then feign outrage at those damned sell-outs… for finally making good money off great music.



  1. One of my favorite Pixies songs. Glad they put it to good use. It would be nice if they would “sell out” and visit Dallas again soon. I’ll spend he money on whatever they put out.

  2. I’m glad The Pixies are making money. With the Mundial 2010 and Visa advertising, The Pixies will gain more fans!

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