New Releases — March 1, 2010 at 8:41 am

New releases: ‘Almost Alice,’ with Robert Smith; new Bomb the Bass; Stranglers best-of

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, reissues and/or box sets.

'Almost Alice'ARTIST: Various Artists
RELEASE: Almost Alice
BACKSTORY: This soundtrack to Tim Burton’s new take on “Alice in Wonderland” is notable for its inclusion of a very rare solo song from Robert Smith of The Cure: a cover of “Very Good Advice” from Disney’s animated “Alice.” The disc also features tracks by the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Owl City and blink-182’s Mark Hoppus with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.
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Bomb the Bass, 'Back to Light'ARTIST: Bomb the Bass
RELEASE: Back to Light
BACKSTORY: DJ/producer Tim Simenon returns with this follow-up to 2008’s Future Chaos, which was the first new BTB album in more than a decade. Preceded by a trio of singles released one per month, the new 10-track album features contributions from Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, Paul Conboy, Gui Boratto and more.
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The Stranglers, 'Decades Apart'ARTIST: The Stranglers
RELEASE: Decades Apart
BACKSTORY: The long-running Brit punk survivors — featuring a core lineup that has remained since 1975 — this week release a new career-spanning 2CD, 35-track best-of collection to coincide with their current UK tour. In addition to favorites such as “Peaches” and “Always the Sun,” the disc features the band’s brand-new new single, “Retro Rockets.”
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  1. How pathetic that the Stranglers have the nerve to put a photo of the current lineup of the band on this collection of their (mostly) classic material. Without Hugh Cornewell, these tracks would not exist! How about a return to the classic lineup with Hugh?

  2. “featuring a core lineup that has remained since 1975”

    Umm….not quite. Hugh Cornwell split some time ago (and has never been adequately replaced).

  3. I agree, but I think they’re referring to the core of Burnham/Black/Greenfieldl

    No Cornwell, no peace!

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