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The The’s Matt Johnson debuts track from unreleased 1979 album ‘Spirits’

The The's Matt Johnson

While Matt Johnson continues to preview new and unfinished The The music on his monthly “Radio Cineola” podcasts, the just-posted March edition of the program has a real surprise: the debut of “No Hiding Place,” a previously unheard track from his unreleased 1979 album Spirits.

Since January, Johnson each month posts a 15-minute, six-song MP3 that can be purchased for U.S. $4.50 or streamed in an edited 10-minute version for free. Hosted by Johnson, the first two featured mostly instrumental songs from the forthcoming The The score to the film “Tony,” Johnson’s upcoming  adaptation of John Tottenham’s book “The Inertia Variations”and the long-in-the-works The End of the Day project.

The March episode once again touches on “The Inertia Variations,” but also introduces “Darkness Cannot Exist in the Presence of Light,” a bright, brassy (and almost Bond-like) tune credited to The The and Deadly Avenger, plus other new fragments and works in progress — and the long-buried “No Hiding Place.”

Not much is known about Johnson’s Spirits album, aside from the fact that he’s always listed it, and several other unreleased albums, in his official discographies. Only one track from the album had been released previously: “What Stanley Saw,” which was included on a 1981 compilation called Perspectives & Distortion.

According to this The The discography, Johnson once told an interviewer:

“But the rest of the album (aside from ‘What Stanley Saw’)… I couldn’t get a deal at the time. I got turned down by every independent and every major label. So that got shelved. … Then I signed to 4AD and did Burning Blue Soul.”

To listen to the edited, streaming versions of The The’s monthly “Radio Cineola” podcasts, or to purchase the full uncut versions, go here.

See tracklists for The The’s “Radio Cineola” podcasts after the jump…

Tracklist: The The, “Radio Cineola,” March 2010

1. “Darkness Cannot Exist In The Presence Of Light” — The The & Deadly Avenger
2. “Public Opinion” (with Angela McCluskey, Abdi Assadi & Roger Scheepers)
3. “The Answer To When? Is Now” (work in progress)
4. “Verse 3” (from “The Inertia Variations”)
5. “No Hiding Place” (from the Spirits album)
6. “Nite Nite”

Tracklist: The The, “Radio Cineola,” February 2010

1. “This Is The Day (part 1)” — Thomas Feiner (from the upcoming The End of the Day)
2. “51st State Cafe” — Chat with Thomas Feiner
3. “This Is The Day (part 2)” — Thomas Feiner (from the upcoming The End of the Day)
4. “Strange Sensations” (from the soundtrack to the film “Tony”)
5. “Ultra Violate” (from the soundtrack to the film “Tony”)
6. “Verse 2” (from “The Inertia Variations”)

Tracklist: The The, “Radio Cineola,” January 2010

1. “The Lust for Unsung Dreams” (from the soundtrack to the film “Tony”)
2. “Our Secret Selves” (from the soundtrack to the film “Tony”)
3. “The Blue Hour” (from “The Inertia Variations”)
4. “Slow Rider” (from the vaults)
5. “Verse 1″ (from “The Inertia Variations”)
6. “The Lust for Unsung Dreams Reprise” (from the soundtrack to the film “Tony”)



  1. Many, many thanks for posting this. I’ve always admired Matt Johnson, and was wondering just the other day what he’s been up to recently.

  2. Sounds like Matt used the guitar line from “No Hiding Place” on his later album Infected on the song “Slow Train To Dawn.” Great to hear the early stuff.

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for this article. Have now downloading all three broadcasts and they are amazing! At times it sounds like an old ahortwave radio, that Matt Johnson is actually hosting the shows from Moscow or Cuba and then the sound opens up into all this wonderful music, a brilliant, eclectic mix of brand new and very old. What a cool idea. Fantastic to have The The back!

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