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Beggars preps ‘The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall’ 4CD ‘Omnibus Edition’

The Fall, circa 1984

Beggars Archive this morning revealed a preliminary tracklist for its upcoming 4CD “Omnibus Edition” of The Fall’s 1984 album The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall, which is due for release late this summer alongside an expanded 3CD edition of the band’s follow-up, This Nation’s Saving Grace.

Expected in August or September — following the April release of the band’s new studio album, Your Future Our Clutter — the 50-track box set will include a remastered edition of the original album, a second disc with singles and rough mixes (some of which appeared on the original Wonderful and Frightening World cassette and later CD edition), a third disc of BBC session recordings and a fourth disc featuring a concert broadcast on Dutch radio.

UPDATE 8/19/10: Beggars Archive this week announced an Oct. 25 release date for ‘Wonderful and Frightening World’ in the U.K., although “maybe a bit later in the U.S.A.”

The Beggars Archive blog notes the remastering of Wonderful and Frightening World “continues apace,” and that the label has secured the necessary rights to the bonus live material. The BBC “shortsightedly transferred their tape archive onto digital,” Beggars notes, but Dutch radio station VPRO “still have their original analog tapes (and supplied) high resolution 24bit/96khz transfers, which sound so much better.”

Although Beggars hasn’t revealed the tracklist for its This Nation’s Saving Grace reissue, it did preview the 3CD “Omnibus Edition” of the 1985 album last November, indicating it will include “a second disc of the rough mixes and selected outtakes and a third disc of singles and relevant tracks from John Peel sessions.

See tracklist for ‘The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall’ after the jump…

The Fall, 'The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall'

Tracklist: The Fall, The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall: Omnibus Edition

Disc 1: Original Album
1. “Lay Of The Land”
2. “2 By 4”
3. “Copped It”
4. “Elves”
5. “Slang King”
6. “Bug Day”
7. “Stephen Song”
8. “Craigness”
9. “Disney’s Dream Debased”

Disc 2: Singles/Rough Mixes
1. “Oh! Brother”
2. “God-Box”
3. “O! Brother”
4. “c.r.e.e.p.”
5. “Pat – Trip Dispenser”
6. “C.R.E.E.P.”
7. “New Fiend (2 By 4)”
8. “No Bulbs 3”
9. “Slang King 2”
10. “Draygo’s Guilt”
11. “Clear Off!”
12. “No Bulbs”
13. “Lay Of The Land” (Rough Mix)
14. “Pat – Trip Dispenser” (Rough Mix)
15. “New Fiend” (Rough Mix)
16. “Slang King” (Edits Version 1)

Disc 3: BBC Sessions
1. “Creep” (BBC Peel session)
2. “Pat – Trip Dispenser” (BBC Peel session)
3. “2 By 4” (BBC Peel session)
4. “Words Of Expectation” (BBC Peel session)
5. “God Box” (BBC Jensen session)
6. “Lay Of The Land” (BBC Jensen session)
7. “Oh Brother” (BBC Jensen session)
8. “Creep” (BBC Jensen session)
9. “No Bulbs” (BBC Long session)
10. “Draygo’s Guilt” (BBC Long session)
11. “Stephen Song” (BBC Long session)
12. “Slang King” (BBC Long session)
13. “Copped It” (BBC Saturday Live)
14. “Elves” (BBC Saturday Live)
15. “Fortress/Marquis Cha Cha” (BBC Saturday Live)

Disc 4: Live at Pandora’s Music Box Festival (VPRO Radio)
1. “Lay Of The Land”
2. “Craigness”
3. “2 By 4”
4. “Draygo’s Guilt”
5. “No Bulbs”
6. “Kicker Conspiracy”
7. “Stephen Song”
8. “Copped It”
9. “Pat – Trip Dispenser”
10. “Middle Mass”


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