Thirty years ago this week, The Cure released “A Forest,” the one and only single off its second album, Seventeen Seconds, a song that, while never a mainstream hit, remains, decades later, one the dark signposts of the band’s signature sound and an all-time audience favorite in concert.

We mark the occasion with this rarity: A performance of “A Forest” filmed at Paris’ famed Bataclan on Dec. 17, 1979, (the YouTube uploader was wrong; this apparently was taped at Théâtre de l’Empire in late 1979) for the French TV show “Chorus,” nearly four months before the single’s release. Not only is this version much faster than the eventual studio cut, but the lyrics are completely different (while it’s credited on screen as “At Night,” it’s not that song). The music starts about 1:20 into the clip above.

Plus, be sure not to miss Robert Smith’s hot pink trousers.

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