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INXS releases ‘Platinum: Greatest Hits,’ new 42-track digital best-of, double live album


The remaining members of INXS this week released a new 16-track digital-only best-of called Platinum: Greatest Hits that will appeal to diehard fans mostly for the ample bonus that comes with: Seriously Live, a 26-song double live album featuring remastered performances spanning the band’s 30-year career.

The new compilation — not to be confused with INXS’ upcoming collection of re-recorded hits — was released Monday in the band’s native Australia via iTunes and will be available in the U.K. and Europe beginning May 4, according to the band’s website. Neither a U.S. release date for the collection nor a physical CD release have been announced.

Wisely skipping the J.D. Fortune years, the new comp (the band’s fifth or sixth to date) nevertheless is bound to raise questions, as it omits some of the band’s most iconic songs — “Don’t Change” and “Listen Like Thieves,” to name two notable absences — while including other songs (“New Sensation,” “Bitter Tears”) in both studio and live versions.

Still, it’s not the only catalog rehash on the way from INXS: As Rolling Stone reported earlier this year, the band has been re-recording its biggest hits with a cast of all-stars filling in for the late Michael Hutchence (and erstwhile replacement Fortune). Among the tracks in the works: Rob Thomas singing “Original Sin” and “Never Tear Us Apart,” The Killers’ Brandon Flowers doing “Beautiful Girl” and Ben Harper tackling “Devil Inside.”

Drummer Jon Farriss told Rolling Stone: “We wanted to use to some of our existing songs and invite and integrate some well-known singers and very experienced and seasoned singers … and just make it a collaboration of getting INXS to be involved in all sorts of things — and using the original material as the focal point.”

That as-yet-untitled album is due later this year.

See full tracklist for INXS’ ‘Platinum: Greatest Hits’ after the jump…

INXS, 'Platinum: Greatest Hits'

Tracklist: INXS, Platinum: Greatest Hits + Seriously Live

1. “Suicide Blonde”
2. “Heaven Sent”
3. “By My Side”
4. “Bitter Tears”
5. “Mystify”
6. “Full Moon, Dirty Hearts”
7. “Baby Don’t Cry”
8. “Please (You Got That Need)”
9. “The Loved One”
10. “Beautiful Girl”
11. “Never Tear Us Apart”
12. “Disappear”
13. “Not Enough Time”
14. “Devil Inside”
15. “Need You Tonight”
16. “New Sensation”
17. “Burn for You” (Live)
18. “Faith in Each Other” (Live)
19. “Guns in the Sky” (Live)
20. “Communication” (Live)
21. “Mystify” (Live)
22. “Original Sin” (Live)
23. “One By One” (Live)
24. “Hear that Sound” (Live)
25. “I Send a Message” (Live)
26. “What You Need” (Live)
27. “Wild Life” (Live)
28. “The Stairs” (Live)
29. “This Time” (Live)
30. “I’m Just a Man” (Live)
31. “Searching” (Live)
32. “Bitter Tears” (Live)
33. “To Look at You” (Live)
34. “In Vain” (Live)
35. “Just Keep Walking” (Live)
36. “Spy of Love” (Live)
37. “Black and White” (Live)
38. “Jan’s Song” (Live)
39. “By My Side” (Live)
40. “The Loved One” (Live)
41. “Elegantly Wasted” (Live)
42. “New Sensation” (Live)



  1. That’s righteous. I’m putting an APB out to my Australian buddies as we speak!

  2. Kent Butabi

    Is JD no longer with the band? I like him as front-man (sans Michael, of course).

  3. Do INXS own their own masters? This latest repackaging omits their first hit “The One Thing”.

  4. I don’t like jd fortune anymore with the band. I hope they get an established singer who is more mature than him. He doesn’t have to be older but more experienced and more mature. Terrence Trent was magic when he performed with the band with an obvious deep respect for Michael. No more jokes or clowns from tv competition shows with ernomous egos who are in it only for themselves. Inxs have so many contemporaries and peers in the music business who could do justice to the songs on the tour.
    Jd’s solo album could do well when it comes out. He must have had good musicians performing on the songs for the album Death of a Motivational Singer.

  5. I am really disappointed in INXS. I have been a fan who has supported the Band since I first heard them in the early 80s. Yes that is right boys -I was one of those people who were contributing to your paycheck through most of your career! I have accomplished a difficult goal and wanted to reward myself with this new Platinum Greatest Hits CD since my albums old. I had a problem ordering the CD and after looking up info I found out the CD has not been released to the US (The States). I am very shocked and disappointed especially since I do not think this CD Set will ever be released to the US! You need to think about your fans… after all you would have never made it without us and I do know the States were an important market for you -how could you leave us out?

  6. Delta-Mode

    I love INXS, they are up there with Depeche Mode as one of my all time favourite bands but please guys, RETIRE!!!! How many more god damn greatest hits collections do we need?? None!! As far as i’m concerned, it all came to a screeching halt on November 22nd, 1997.

  7. Roel van Broekhoven

    Hello, personally I find ‘The Swing’ period the best period. Period. Great tunes, clever lyrics, after that it went downhill, I think. With a few songs following that were also great like for instance ‘Kiss the dirt’ and ‘New sensations’. Although ‘New sensations’ didn’t sound new to me anymore… There are an awful lot of compilation cd’s nowadays and it can be a real time-consuming task to sort things out but if someone knows if the two live songs ‘Jan’s song’ and ‘To look at you'(=the two b-sides of 7″ Original sin) are on this cd please let me know.

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