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INXS re-enlists ‘Rock Star’ winner J.D. Fortune for summer gig at Australian auto race

INXS with J.D. Fortune

The on-again, off-again relationship between INXS and frontman/reality show winner J.D. Fortune continues as the band this week announced the singer “will again join” the rockers for a major outdoor concert at the Sucrogen Townsville 400 auto race this summer in Queensland, Australia.

While there’s been some dispute as to whether INXS fired Fortune last year — as he initially claimed — the band doesn’t act like he’s their permanent singer (“He was basically a contractor, and his contract had ended,” the band’s manager said last year). Yet the “Rock Star: INXS” winner did perform once again with the Aussies in February at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (see video below).

Yesterday, INXS — which this week released a new best-of in Australia and is re-recording its greatest hits with a series of guest vocalists — announced that “after an amazing performance in Vancouver, JD Fortune will again join INXS for their first big gig in Australia since 2007.” The one-off concert is set for July 10, and is included in the ticket price for those attending the auto race.

See video of J.D. Fortune and INXS at the Winter Olympics…

Videos: INXS with J.D. Fortune, Winter Olympics, Vancouver, BC, 2/24/10



  1. Let’s see how long he takes to blow it this time.

  2. Can’t stand JD Misfortune!

  3. I can’t wait to see JD in Townsville with INXS. I’m coming from the other side of Australia for this concert. The Vancouver Olympic Concert with JD and INXS was FANTASTIC! Thanks for the links back to the Youtube’s! Check out his website and myspace (Google) for JD’s Solo Music as well. Peace!

  4. Yeah…JD. You are riding high on your
    GOLD MEDAL Olympic performance in
    Vancouver BC Canada in Feb. 2010.
    Beautiful sing were looking
    and sounding
    fan since the beginning

  5. Inxs, I grew up with your music and was unsure when the new lead singer came along BUT I saw you guys perform in Sydney under the big top. It was perfect! I do not know what went on but I love JD and want this amazing band to go on and on and on…etc. Please JD understand the role you are playing, the legacy you are fullfilling and we will let you make it your own. Please tour again, this rockin’ mum needs an excuse to get a babysitter!

  6. It’s interesting to see the mixed reviews of JD. The band states they did not fire him and he states they did. Then there’s position that JD was a contract singer…JD should consider this on any further albums with this band. JD does have talent and I consider myself skeptical. He gets the job done.

    However if I were in a position as a band member and they had given this young man an opportunity of a life time the position the band would have to be that he conduct himself in the best interests of INXS. Meaning JD stay the hell out of the drugs. I am sure they do not want to experience that again. Rock on mates!

  7. I love JD! – I think he is an asset to the band. Love his voice; his look; and unless he’s singing I will not buy the next album.

  8. I just love JD! I picked him to “win the lead” far before the end of the “Rock Star” show. He is soooo good looking, and has all the right moves as well as the voice! (Not in that order!) JD, I am rooting for you to keep your head on straight and for you to appreciate this 2nd chance. I went on “Google” tonight and asked where is JD Fortune today and was so happy to see him on stage again! Wow!!

  9. Marcus Brown

    This is all bullshit. No one fits to this band. The singer died. Its over. There is only one person in this world who could reclaim this glory and who said 10 yrs he wouldnt fill a dead mans boots, but you have to check out Steve Cooke. He is Australian, lives in LA and is the last REAL THING!

  10. Anastasia XX

    YES! STEVE COOKE is awesome! Saw him perform recently on a rooftop in LA. What a voice and what a cool guy. He is what they are looking for.

  11. JD Fortune has no talent. Sorry, the guy is dead boring to watch on stage. Who is this other singer then, this Steve?

  12. INXS was a washup once their lead singer died. The only reason they had a comeback and produced their last album was because of JD Fortune. Interesting how after all the drama they have asked him back to sing at cetain venues. Clearly they NEED him and they are complete fools not to make him their PERMANENT front runner. If I were JD Fortune, I would be making some rather significant demands on them in order to have him sing at their beck and call!

  13. YourConscience

    Hey Marcus and Anastasia, You two are obviously a few monkeys short of a barrel if you think Steve “I’m Ian Hunter” Cooke has ANYTHING on J.D. Fortune. If you two are big fans of Steve-o, tell him to try a haircut and maybe 10 years of vocal lessons and then to give it another shot. What an hilarious amateur!

    “Give me one more day in paradise….”

  14. I never heard of this Steve Cooke but I just checked him out on Y-Tube and I agree he has powerful good vocals. He doesn’t look the part but a Hollywood makeover could do wonders -besides there will never be another Michael. I honestly think INXS should have took a bit of time off and started a new band with a new name after Michael’s death. They will not go far with JD some of his vocal’s are just horrible!


  16. Those old guys had no choice…D J Fortune is exactly what they need. See you at Sirromet. And lets hope they pay you what your worth TO THEM!

  17. J.d. Makes me love the band more

  18. I loved JD also & my husband did too. We saw him in concert with inxs & he was really good! Wanted to see him go places, hope he does.

  19. It is pretty apparent that INXS selected JD because he sounds very much like Michael H. I understand them wanting to hang onto Michael’s sound….his voice made the band great. I watched the reality show and fell in love with Marty, so I am biased toward him. He was awesome…great sounds and style….but totally different than Michael H. So, Marty, while he should have won, wouldn’t have because he didn’t sound like Michael H.

  20. I saw INXS, among others at Annies Lane Winery 2011. For all the negative reports from just about everyone, I totally enjoyed it. You are a fine performer JD and have done INXS proud. One good thing is at least you are Canadian, and not American, where CBS produced the show Rockstar. I loved every minute of the show, you showed respect when the Farriss bro’s and Pengilly and crew sung By My Side…Very classy!. And to this end, you keep on causing love and mayhem where ever you go and in whatever you do….

  21. hi jd don’t changed anything your still hot sexy man.


  23. rich brigham rocks!!!!! He’s working w adrian an jd..good work buddy

  24. Inxs have become so boring and stale with the same singer jd fortune singing the same songs since that tv competition show in 2005. They have become a jukebox version of themselves. Either change the songs (make a NEW album) or change the singer. It is dull and repetitive and been done so many times with the same person singing that you don’t even have to go to the shows because they are all the same.

  25. Also ac/dc have used the same singer but at least they make new records and cd’s.

  26. I love JD they are great watched him live when he won and started touring live the old songs but yes make new music

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