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Milestones: World Party’s ‘Goodbye Jumbo’ was released 20 years ago today

World Party, 'Goodbye Jumbo' poster

Milestones is a periodic feature marking important album releases, concerts and figures in the history of ’80s college rock.

RELEASE: World Party, Goodbye Jumbo

RELEASE DATE: April 24, 1990

PERSONNEL: Karl Wallinger (vocals/most instruments), with Guy Chambers (drums, synths, piano), Jerod (guitars), Jeff Trott (guitars), Sophia Ramos (backing vocals), Chris Whitten (drums), Steve Wickham (violin), Martyn Swain (bass), Sinead O’Connor (backing vocals)

SINGLES: “Put the Message in the Box” (No. 39 on U.K. singles chart, No. 8 on U.S. modern rock chart), “Way Down Now” (No. 66 on U.K. singles chart, No. 1 on U.S. modern rock chart), “Thank You World” (No. 68 on U.K. singles chart)

BACKSTORY: Everything clicked for former Waterboys member Karl Wallinger with this, his second World Party album, and follow-up to 1986’s Private Revolution and its minor hit, “Ship of Fools.” With Goodbye Jumbo, Wallinger delivered a ’60s-soaked pop-rock gem, fusing his own sharp songwriting with generous nods to influences such as The Beatles, ELO and the Rolling Stones (most notably those “Sympathy for the Devil”  hoo-hoos on “Way Down Now”). The album remain a high point for Wallinger, who, having recovered from an aneurysm, is reportedly working on a follow-up to 2000’s Dumbing Up.

REISSUED? A digitally remastered edition of Goodbye Jumbo was released along with the rest of the World Party catalog in 2006, but it didn’t feature any bonus material.

See World Party’s videos from ‘Goodbye Jumbo’ after the jump…

World Party, 'Goodbye Jumbo'

Tracklist: World Party, Goodbye Jumbo

1. “Is It Too Late?”
2. “Way Down Now”
3. “When The Rainbow Comes”
4. “Put The Message In The Box”
5. “Ain’t Gonna Come Till I’m Ready”
6. “And I Fell Back Alone”
7. “Take It Up”
8. “God On My Side”
9. “Show Me To The Top”
10. “Love Street”
11. “Sweet Soul Dream”
12. “Thank You World”

Video: World Party, “Put the Message in the Box”

Video: World Party, “Way Down Now”

Video: World Party, “Thank You World”



  1. A couple years ago, I finally upgraded my cassette with an iTunes download. “Sweet Soul Dream” is one of my all time favorite songs EVER.

  2. Robinbrevard

    Although the reissued disc did not feature any bonus material, purchasers were able to download GJ-era bonus tracks. Karl Wallinger has been very generous with them over the years. Now, get ready for Arkeology the upcoming 5-disc box!

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