Reissues — April 27, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Audio: The Cure’s ‘Delirious Night,’ previously unreleased ‘Disintegration’-era demo

The Cure, 'Disintegration'

With the long-awaited reissue of The Cure’s landmark Disintegration now less than a month away, fans are getting their first taste of the bonus material via a just-leaked nine-track promo sampler that includes the never-before-heard outtake “Delirious Night” — which you can hear in the YouTube clip below.

The track — a percussive, psychedelic tune with swirling vocals from Robert Smith and a dash of the “Plainsong” chimes — is one of three previously unreleased demos of songs that didn’t make the 1989 album included on the 3CD Disintegration reissue, due out May 25 (see full tracklist here).

“Delirious Night” is featured on a disc titled 9 Track ‘Disintegration’ Deluxe Edition Sampler that features three songs from each of the set’s three discs, including a “Prayers for Rain” home demo, a full-band demo of “The Same Deep Water as You” and live versions of “Lullaby,” “Fascination Street” and “Disintegration” from the Entreat Plus disc. Our friends at Chain of Flowers have found a link to download the promo disc.

Hear the Cure’s “Delirious Night” after the jump…



  1. Reminds me of Tomorrow Never Knows.

  2. i like it. sounds nothing like Disintegreation.

  3. love the band… this song is not that good. KUDOS TO THE CURE ON THE FINAL TRACK LISTING OF DISINTEGRATION!!!!!!!! RECOGNIZE!!!!!!

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