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The Stone Roses at Spike Island: Rare video surfaces of legendary 1990 concert

A trailer for what appears to be a full-length concert film of The Stone Roses’ now-legendary Spike Island concert surfaced on YouTube over the weekend, despite long-held beliefs the May 27, 1990, gig — performed in front of nearly 30,000 fans on a reclaimed toxic-waste site — wasn’t filmed.

UPDATE 5/20/10: The video is back up on YouTube (see above).

The three-minute preview of what’s apparently being called “Island of Lost Soul: The Stone Roses” — a title nicked from a John Robb review of the concert that appeared in Sounds — shows what’s likely home video footage of the Roses performing on stage (including the band first taking the stage), as well as crowd shots and set-up scenes.

The clip opens with Noel Gallagher’s quote, “It’s actually incredible that they never recorded it or filmed it,” followed by: “We did. We filmed it all.”

On YouTube, the user who uploaded the trailer, thepastisnow, writes:

“Sadly I do not have any other footage of the show, only this brief trailer which offers a wonderful look at what hopefully will be released in full to mark the 20th anniversary of the show at Spike Island. I would appeal to the collective who currently have the full footage to become legends in the eyes of the thousands of fans of this much loved band and freely make the show available on youtube on the 20th anniversary of the gig. It’s the right thing to do.”

A post this morning on the band’s site notes that, “There’s been rumours of footage circulating for many years, and little bits and pieces have appeared. To date it’s mainly been rehearsal and behind the scenes footage. This video is the first I’ve seen with actual stage footage from the gig itself.”

See the setlist for the Stone Roses’ Spike Island concert after the jump…

The Stone Roses, 'The Stone Roses'

Setlist: The Stone Roses, Spike Island, Widnes, UK, 5/27/90

1. Intro
2. “I Wanna Be Adored”
3. “Elephant Stone”
4. “She Bangs The Drums”
5. “Shoot You Down”
6. “One Love”
7. “Sally Cinnamon”
8. “Sugar Spun Sister”
9. “Standing Here”
10. “Fools Gold”
11. “Where Angels Play”
12. “Waterfall”
13. “Don’t Stop”
14. “Somethings Burning”
15. “Made Of Stone”
16. “Elizabeth My Dear”
17. “I Am The Resurrection”



  1. Yargh – it’s already been yanked from YouTube.

  2. ronnie mccoll

    since its been pulled from youtube does this mean that the owners of the footage didnt want this shown ? This is fkn disgraceful ! Whats the fkn point in that then ? The full footage should either be released for free or packaged and sold !!

  3. Victor Lahiri

    Truly hope it come out, too young back in the day, would like to see how it felt like!

  4. i have the trailaer saved on my laptop, its awesome!

  5. burnie can u e-mail the footage to me i’ve got to see it cheer’s

  6. Natural_Mystery

    You can download the trailer here plus all the other footage on youtube. FUCK ePaxB and his little collective! This should be released to the public. But we all know they want paid big and it’s never going to happen!!! So that being the case we’ll never see it!

  7. Natural_Mystery
  8. @M

    Thank you!

    Downloading now and wondering how well it matches my hazy memories…

  9. ye haaaaarrr,more copywrite infringements to persue!

  10. Cheers M ; )

  11. they played a few gigs in Japan too during their time

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