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Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry slams Peter Murphy: ‘He’s a sandwich short of a picnic’

Brendan Perry of Dead Can DancePeter Murphy of Bauhaus

A planned 100-date, joint Brendan Perry/Peter Murphy world tour isn’t happening this spring because of the ex-Bauhaus frontman’s undisclosed health issues, leaving the former Dead Can Dance member to deride his would-be tourmate as being “a sandwich short of a picnic.”

Posting on his official site’s message board as Lovegrove — after the Dead Can Dance song “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” — Perry writes, “There will be no Peter Murphy collaboration… the guy has too many albeit mysterious health issues to deal with and, to be honest, he’s a sandwich short of a picnic.”

Perry announced the trek last fall, reporting it would start in in March “in South America via Mexico to North America and then on to Europe.” In February, Perry announced a solo tour of his own, but said the Murphy co-headlining trek would begin in mid-April.

On his end, Murphy never announced the co-headlining tour, and his own official site has been under construction since a planned February webcast was canceled “due to poor health of Peter Murphy,” according to Murphy’s MySpace page.

On his message board, Perry elaborates on the cancellation of the Murphy tour:

“The truth of the matter is that PM wasted months of my time, energy and effort. It was he, after all, who invited me to tour with him and then reneged on our agreement not once, not twice but three times… can you imagine my frustration? … I would not have minded so much if he had shown some remorse by way of an apology, this would have been the very least I could expect from such an honorable and ‘spiritual’ man. Right? Well wrong… When I last wrote to him to enquire how he was and what the problem was, he basically told me to mind my own business… Cuckoo!”

Not surprisingly, Perry’s comments have riled up Murphy’s fans — see this thread on Murphy’s Facebook page — but Perry defends his statements to his own fans, writing on his message board: “I decided to give you my account of events in order to explain why this tour has not happened and will never happen.”



  1. What-what? 80’s (male) divA cat-fight – hilarious.
    Murphy may have been a prick, but just like with Siouxsie – you have to shut up and take it. He’s PETER FUCKING MURPHY!!!!!

    Brendon Perry is a character on 90210. (and I do like Dead can Dance)

    Sioux and Murph should work together? Maybe no.

  2. it really not a good match for a tour anyway and having to sit through peter murphy would have sucked.

  3. iwasthere

    I’ve seen both in concert many times, and I’d say without hesitation that Peter Murphy puts on a superior show.

    Any double-bill would need to have Brendan first, so all us aging Gen-x’ers can have a nap during his set before Peter hits the stage.

  4. Does it matter?

    Hilarious: “What-what? 80’s (male) divA cat-fight – hilarious.”

    “I’ve seen both in concert many times, and I’d say without hesitation that Peter Murphy puts on a superior show.

    Any double-bill would need to have Brendan first, so all us aging Gen-x’ers can have a nap during his set before Peter hits the stage.” Agreed.

  5. So Brenden Perry..Why did you say yes to the tour in the first place? Likely not because you ever previously disliked Peter Murphy in any way. Now you “Cut him up” because he has health issues? I’m sure he had hoped to make the tour. Put yourself in his place? If you had health issues and could not make the tour do you really think that he would make a mockery of you? I don’t think so! I’ve met some of his close friends and dedicated assistants. Peter may be a private person but he is known to be a lovely individual! If you were right in your mind…you might be concerned about his health instead of making it all about you!…Jennifer Murphy! P.S. Hello John! If you read this? Andrew Hissett says hello. Loved seeing you in Greensboro!

  6. HE SHOULD MIND HIS OWN BUISINESS! so because Peter Murphy didnt want to tell some douche bag about his personal medical issues that means Peter Murphy is “Cuckoo”? That doesnt even make sense! Ive never gotten into dead can dance personally so Im glad there not touring together…and Something tells me Peter Murphy is probably relieved to be off the hook as well especially after this stupid interview came out…It would have sucked having to sit through new age garbage dead can dance for an entire concert, so i for one am glad there not touring together…Peter Murphy is legendary and will always be able to headline tours on his own with great success…hes way better off without this idiot, this guys true colors came out in this interview, hes obviously catty, iggnorant and immature…Im not even gonna waste another moment on this douche bag and his retarded comments…

  7. I listen to both, although in Dead Can Dance, I preferred Lisa Gerrard.

    But Judy Tenuta RULZ!!!

  8. metamatician

    @ysbadaden if you prefer Lisa then WOW you have no brain or ears. DCD was awesome. Brendan solo is still awesome. Lisa solo? Er… wake me up when she’s done, she’s not moved on one iota and her interviews make NO sense. Her head is in la la land… Brendan made DCD what it was musically, lyrically, and half vocally. He shaped the whole sound through all its incarnations. Lisa? Just a nice voice singing gibberish. Agreed the two of them combining on songs was best, though.

    To the others riding Murphy’s dick, Peter Murphy may rule musically, but it doesn’t mean he’s not a jerk and unprofessional and just what BP says he is on a personal level. BP has every reason to be pissed off if PM keeps promising him things then breaking those promises, wasting his time. PM needs to form a band with Siouxsie, Moz, and Adam Ant. All are great musicians who are self-centered wankers in real life. I love all their music but wouldn’t want to be friends with any of them. Other hand, I WOULD want to sit down and drink some Guinness with Brendan, that guy actually has a brain and isn’t living in (off) the past like the rest I mentioned. Martin Gore is another guy I really respect. Neither of them live ever sought any limelight, just made great music.

  9. Having seen both performers in concert over the last six months and witnessing the personalities of both, I am finding myself siding with Brendan Perry on this one.

    I have seen Peter in concert 6-7 times over the years. While I always enjoy his music, this last tour was disappointing as his personality and stage presence have completely changed. He comes across extraordinarily narcissistic at his most recent shows. At two points during the show, there were over 10 minute lags between songs where he essentially soaked up attention from the front of the crowd and responded to all of the “I love you, Peter” calls. I’m sure it was nice for the people in front to get to profess their adoration and get his attention for 10 minutes but it was extraordinarily boring for the rest of the venue to stand around while he chatted with obsessive fans. He really just seemed to want to stand around and soak up the attention. He also mentioned his part in the Twilight movie multiple times which I found to be pretty sad.

    Brendan Perry, on the other hand, put on a mesmerizing and extremely professional show. Robin Guthrie opened for him and both performances were incredible. Brendan dealt with a couple of immature and obnoxious fans very humorously and came off as a very grateful performer. He played a mix of his own music as well as a few DCD favorites, at one point being joined on stage by Guthrie for a rendition of Song to the Siren.

    Between the two of them, I can’t wait to see Brendan Perry play again. As far as Peter, I think that might be the last time I see him. (it was THAT boring)

    • And RyanR…I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been a huge fan of both artists (for about 25 years)…and I have seen Peter Murphy perform live at least a dozen times (DCD about 5 or 6 shows). However, something seems to have changed in Peter Murphy. At the last live show I saw of Peter’s (back in 2005 or 2006), he appeared to be drunk and trampled on several lyrics (which is not that big of a deal). However, his mystique began to wear-off for me (which was sad, because I idolized the man). I’ve not seen Peter perform live since this point, however…I have watched several posted clips of PM’s most recent tour…and his comedy routines on stage…well…again, it seems to strip away the mystique he once held (and was very annoying). I will say this though…Peter’s voice still sounds amazing (based on the clips).

      As for Brendan Perry…I was at the show in LA (El Rey) and I agree with you a 100%! Brendan is the consummate professional and his show was spot on (and he dealt with the obnoxious audience members with humor and patience (far less than I would have shown).

  10. …seems as though PM’s ‘illness’ and the timing of all of it coincided with Mick Karn’s (dali’s car) illness. perhaps PM didn’t feel it necessary to share that MK was dying with a little prick like brennie perry…and honestly, it wasn’t any of his (BP) business. it was personal and absolutely none of his business.

  11. I only know one thing :I respect and love Brendan Perry for He gave me such unique and unforgettable moments I will never forget
    Those feelings came alive with the new album and I am flying in happiness to hear him again~

  12. Robert R Whitford

    I doubt Very much Any of this is true, ” They are both too Professional, ” More than likely the media, Ran away with the Ball, and completely distorted any part of the true; Event, just so” fanatic Goth Crooners could Bitch Over it; and’ ” the Publicity is Negative Publicity, keeps you on the Map! lol

  13. Saw p. Murphy a few years ago and he was just OK. The last time I saw him about a year ago, it was an all Bauhaus set. He was sick and sounded horrible! He couldn’t hit any notes and basically butchered all the songs I’ve loved for over 25 years. His band was even worse. He should’ve done the professional thing and rescheduled the show. Just like he should’ve done the professional thing and apologized to Brendan Perry, who I’ve seen twice in the last couple of years and always sounds amazing! Plus, what illness is Peter talking about? He’s been touring almost non-stop it seems for the last year or so. I just read he’s playing China, Russia and Australia, so I’m not sure how genuine these “health issues’ really are.

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  15. Abstructure

    Brendan Perry seem to lose his mind and sink into a blind hatred towards Israel (IE Jews). From radical left-wing links on his facebook to indirect terror organizations support and blocking anyone who dare to speak his mind – Perry has lost any form of respect and decency. His hatred will always distort his music from now on.

    As for Murphy – he has also lost it and kinda became a pale shadow of himself, but that’s another problem. I think both should have quit years ago.

  16. Justin Larsen

    I totally believe Brendan. Murphy is talented but an absolute jerk. He was selling CDs after flirting with women young enough to be his grandchildren then goes to a table and sells his Lion CD for 20 bucks. I ask for any autograph politely just the signature and he gets all pissed like how dare I have the gall to bother him. I just paid to see you and bought your product and taking 5 seconds to sign a CD is difficult? But you make sure to be a creep with young gothic cultists. Absolutely disgusting I threw all my bahaus stuff and would love to see dead can dance.


    I played bass in the early days for DCD and let me assure you Brendan treated me like a white slave, he’s a downright bully…. I left the band I couldn’t handle the abuse… I was never paid or acknowledge d for my contributions to the debut album

  18. At the end of the day we can only go by whatever is written in the media. None of us was there & there are two ingredients in this recipe that clearly do not belong. In other words both voices have their opinions as we also hold ours. There is no right or wrong only disappointment of broken agreements with spoken words by man… Love A

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