Video, Vintage Video — May 9, 2010 at 7:19 am

Vintage Video: Depeche Mode performs ‘Behind the Wheel’/’Route 66’ in 1990

In honor of Dave Gahan’s birthday today — he’s now 48 — we present this clip as our latest Vintage Video installment: Depeche Mode performing its combo of “Behind the Wheel” and B-side “Route 66” during a World Violation Tour stop in Frankfurt, Germany, in October 1990. Yeah, the video’s a bit sketchy — you’d think by now DM would have released a live DVD from the Violator era — but it’s worth it for what arguably was the highlight of the ’90 tour. That, and Dave’s white pants.



  1. Inexplicably, the Violator tour was never filmed. A few years back the webmaster for their official site ran across an unmarked VHS tape crammed in a shelf at their management offices and discovered it was the Dodgers Stadium in-house feed that would have been shown on monitors around the venue. It mostly focuses on Dave as he’s singing but at least the audio quality (direct soundboard feed) and image quality are great. I wish they’d release that as-is in some capacity.

    Of course, my fantasy is that they’ll tour Violator front-to-back next year with Alan back on stage and no other musicians than the classic foursome.

  2. Kent Butabi

    Martin’s guitar is so off in the beginning.

    YES, YES — a real reunion (not just SOMEBODY). I’m all for that. I saw them during this last tour and the threesome was on absolute F-I-R-E!!

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