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Milestones: U2’s Bono turns 50 today

U2's Bono

Today we commemorate Bono’s 50th birthday, knowing full well the messianic frontman/global do-gooder, and U2 itself, are somewhat divisive forces in the annals of ’80s college rock. Sure, U2 was a key band during its early- to mid-’80s rise, but once Bono and Co. went supernova with 1987’s The Joshua Tree, some folks had had enough. Yet for others, U2 didn’t get truly interesting until the band’s wholesale — and now sadly discarded — reinvention in the ’90s.

To mark the occasion, we present, below, what’s arguably one of the band’s finest performances, a devastating take on “Sunday Bloody Sunday” that was filmed for “Rattle and Hum” on Nov. 8, 1987, at Denver’s McNichols Arena — the night of the Rememberance Day bombing in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. For fans who still long for the white-flag-waving Bono, this is a classic and highly emotional stage rant (“Fuck the revolution!”) from the peak of the U2’s early period; for haters, well, it’s typical Bono bombast (but still better than “Am I buggin’ you? Didn’t mean to bug you”). Enjoy!

See video of U2 performing ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ after the jump…



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    Congratulations, Bono! You created the Age of U2 and we are happy to be with you now.

  2. happy birthday b-dawg

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