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Dream Syndicate’s ‘Medicine Show’ reissue to include ‘Not the New Dream Syndicate Album’

Steve Wynn and The Dream Syndicate

The previously announced reissue of The Dream Syndicate’s long-out-of-print second album, Medicine Show, will be released June 15 — and will be fleshed out with the full This Is Not the New Dream Syndicate Album… Live! EP.

The reissue — packaged in a new digipack and remastered from the original tapes — marks the first CD release of the 1984 album since its original issue in 1989, when it also featured the 1984 live EP as a bonus — but without that five-song record’s final cut, a nearly 10-minute blast through “John Coltrane Stereo Blues.”

Ex-frontman Steve Wynn, on his official site, notes, “I’ve made over 20 studio albums in the last quarter century and Medicine Show sounds unlike any of the others… Not only does it not remind me of any of MY other records, I can’t even think of anything else that sounds quite like it. I still play most of the songs live on a regular basis but the record itself is beautiful, unattainable, right and wrong in all the best ways.”

In fact, Wynn is slated to play Medicine Show in its entirety tonight at Atlanta’s 529 Club with his current band The Miarcle 3. Wynn and Co. return to the club Saturday night to play that album’s predecessor, The Days of Wine and Roses.

See full tracklist for The Dream Syndicate’s ‘Medicine Show’ after the jump…

The Dream Syndicate, 'Medicine Show'

Tracklist: The Dream Syndicate, Medicine Show

1. “Still Holding Onto You”
2. “Daddy’s Girl”
3. “Burn”
4. “Armed With An Empty Gun”
5. “Bullet With My Name On It”
6. “The Medicine Show”
7. “John Coltrane Stereo Blues”
8. “Merrittville”
9. “Tell Me When It’s Over”*
10. “Bullet With My Name On It”*
11. “Armed With An Empty Gun”*
12. “The Medicine Show”*
13. “John Coltrane Stereo Blues”*

*From ‘This is Not the New Dream Syndicate Album… Live!’


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