Video — May 21, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Video: Bad Lieutenant’s ‘Twist of Fate’

Despite having held a contest inviting fans to make what would become the “official video” of Bad Lieutenant’s second single, “Twist of Fate,” Bernard Sumner and Co. have gone ahead and commissioned their own clip for the track. Maybe they had some time on their hands after two foiled attempts to tour the U.S. Anyway, check out the new video — directed by Steven Young, and featuring some kind-of-creepy, lip-synching  marionettes — above, and the contest-winning clip, by Warner Brown, below. Which do you like better?



  1. Browns by a MILE. As soon as the top one started I was like…”Interpol’s Evil video. Ok.” I highly dislike cheesy puppets (robots, etc) like that anyway. But that’s just me. To be fair though, I could only make it through half of the top one before ditching but was mesmerized by Browns when it was released.

    Maybe it got better after the first half, I’ll never know.

  2. This video was used from my short film “BREATHE” without my prior consent. I would like the so-called “Producer” of this video to contact me ASAP. The internet is not a “free for all” and it is disrespectful that I was NOT contacted for prior approval or consent.
    Own up man, I like the video but I was not contacted about this.

    Warner Brown

  3. I’m also sure this is in no way on “Bad lieutenant’s” part, I’m truly humbled that they chose the video.just a little protective about these things as any artist has to be.

  4. Warner Brown

    Got it all squared away between the individual and management. Thanks to everyone who liked the video!

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