Contests — May 21, 2010 at 7:23 am

Contest: Win The Cure’s 3CD ‘Disintegration: Deluxe Edition,’ promo sampler and poster

The Cure, 'Disintegration' poster

It’s contest time once again here at Slicing Up Eyeballs, and we’ve got a great one lined up this time: The fine folks at Rhino Records are providing us with five Disintegration: Deluxe Edition prize packs to give away to our readers to help the label celebrate the upcoming expanded reissue of The Cure’s 1989 masterpiece.

Each winner will receive: 1.) a copy of The Cure’s three-disc Disintegration: Deluxe Edition; 2.) a copy of the 3x3x3 promo sampler, with nine tracks from the Disintegration reissue; and 3.) a special Disintegration poster featuring Robert Smith (see image at left).

To enter, simply tell us the name of your favorite Cure song — and let us know why you picked it, if you’re so inclined — in the comments section below. Please use a real e-mail address when posting, because that’s how the five randomly selected winners will be notified. We’ll accept entries — from anywhere in the world — through noon Eastern time on Friday, May 28.

Also, don’t forget: The first 500 people to pre-order the Disintegration reissue directly from Rhino also will receive the 3x3x3 promo. The Disintegration: Deluxe Edition is due out Monday in Europe and June 8 in the U.S. See more details, including the tracklist, here.

UPDATE: Chain of Flowers is conducting a trivia contest to give away three of these same Disintegration prize packs. Details and questions are posted here.



  1. “A Strange Day.” The guitar. The guitar. The guitar.

  2. Jasmyn Widen

    My favorite Cure song is ‘Just Like Heaven’, for the lyrics…

  3. Comicallyhip

    Disintegration is by far my favorite Cure song. Its cliche’, but its also the whole Cure experience encapsulated in one great song, the angst, loss, self-pity, self-deprecation. Its all there.

  4. Fabricio Cannini

    There ain’t just one, but “Charlotte Sometimes” has a special place among them. It reminds me of a very dear friend of my teenage. And we’re still friends to this date. ;)

  5. My favorite Cure song is Jumping Someone Else’s Train.

  6. One Hundred Years. It perfectly sums up teen angst :)

  7. Ack! Forgot to tell you why I picked Jumping Someone Else’s Train. The song has such a sense of relentless movement and a wonderful moody tone. It fit perfectly with my angsty teenage self back in the day.

  8. lil mikey

    Why Can’t I Be You – loved it because at the time I was obsessed with this gymnast at my college and I wanted to be him, have his life.

  9. To The Sky is my favorite Cure song

  10. Jupiter 8

    I like “Subway Song” because I used to play it on my college radio show all the time and it still freaks me out…

  11. My favorite Cure song is 10:15 Saturday Night. It always brings back great memories for me because one of my old bands used to cover it live. The drummer from that band took his own life a short time after we broke up, and we all miss him very much.

  12. My favorite Cure song is the first one I ever heard: “10:15 Saturday Night.”

  13. Hellephant

    “Plainsong,” from Disintegration.

    This is an almost impossibly difficult question to answer, but I’ve picked “Plainsong” because Disintegration is my favorite album by The Cure (and, in my opinion, this was their best lineup — Boris is absolutely singular and, I think, critical to the band at its best), and while “Plainsong” might not always be my favorite song by The Cure — or even on Disintegration — on any given day, I’ve chosen it because no song in their catalogue gives me the same giddily euphoric rush when I’m seeing them live and I recognize the opening notes….

  14. Prayers For Rain.

    I just think that it encapsulates the “dark” side of the Cure so well, and if I had to play someone a track from Disintegration, that would be the one.

  15. Guillermo Palermo

    A Forest

    hard decision on this one, too many Cure songs are my favorites, this one comes up to mind because it is very uplifting, elevation in the mind.

  16. “Plainsong”. Best song off “Disintegration” and a great live opening song.

  17. Dean Vaccaro

    Inbetween Days

  18. Jason Baldock

    My favorite is “A Forest”. I remember seeing their “last show ever” near Boston in 1989 and Robert Smith’s guitar solo seemed to go on forever as the venue’s lawn turned into the venue’s pit of mud. Ah, memories. I wish something from that show turned up on this reissue, but maybe someday, right?

  19. fascination street. that was the first song i heard from disintegration, and i remember being immediately drawn to it’s badass bass line and dark overall feel, much like the disintegration record as a whole. great song.

  20. My fave is (for today, that is) The Drowning Man… one of their darkest songs…

  21. Since I have to choose only one song, I’m picking ‘Plainsong’. I remember seeing the ‘Fascination Street’ video on tv back in ’89 so on a whim I bought ‘Disintegration’ on cassette at my local record shop. I popped the tape in, laid on my bed, and once those twinkling wind chimes stopped and that opening flood keys, drums and bass shot through my speakers, I knew my life was going to be very much changed from that moment on…

  22. my favorite song is ‘a foolish arrangement’, as i think the bass line is super groovy and the lyrical melody floats on the music beautifully–very expressive and poetic.

  23. tom mulvihill

    its hard to have 1 favorite CURE song, but Id have to say “A STRANGE DAY” is a brilliant track that really draws me in, its such a up lifting song for me along with the rest of the PORNOGRAPHY album. Dark album or not A STRANGE DAY is the soundtrack to my life & I cannot wait to hear the new DISINTEGRATION remastered & expanded edition, plus to have the complete 2LP vinyl set for the first time. cheers!

  24. My favorite Cure song is “Untitled” (the last song off of “Disintegration”) because it’s the perfect end to a perfect album. I once had to read a poem for a class in college and I read the lyrics to this as a poem. Downright gorgeous all around.

  25. Lullaby – because I can play it really badly on the guitar and sing along even worse!

  26. Tamara Maldonado

    It’s really hard to pick just one cure song as a favorite; it’s hard to pick just one cure album aswell! I think my fav cure song is ‘how beautiful you are’from ‘kiss me, kiss me, kiss me’. It’s such a great song, inspired in a poem by Charles Baudelaire (Les yeux des pavres) It is about how people can be so self centered and be so wrong about others. Great music and beautiful lyrics, Robert Smith is definitely a genius!

  27. Pictures of You, because it does things you expect from a Cure song and much more. I fell away from the Cure after this album, in part because songs like this seem to have perfected the model and were never bettered.

  28. “Disentagration”. My favorite Cure song. I get lost every time I hear that song. So much emotion pouring out of it.

  29. “Disintigration” captures exactly what the end of a long term relationship feels like, and we’ve all probably gone through at least one of these. From the smashed mirror intro to the “stains on the carpet” and “stains on the memory” juxtaposition, this song really makes the listener feel all over again what this event is like. You can feel the self-loathing of the narrator when he describes leaving the former lover “with babies and everything.” He hates what he is doing, realizes the selfishness with which he is doing it, but seem powerless to do anything else, to stay.

  30. Zdenek Skoda

    The Same Deep Water As You… for its mood… sadness, lust and beauty in one

  31. Rich Cuiffo

    One Hundred Years

    It was the first Cure song I heard

  32. “Grinding Halt” – the reason, the lyric “No people”

  33. Tough one. “To the Sky,” I think. I loved all the dense moodiness then, but 20 years out, I’ve come to prefer the somehow-lighter songs. “To the Sky”‘s J.L.H.-ness does it for me, without actually being the ever-overplayed J.L.H.

  34. “The Same Deep Water As You”.. not only for the lyrics and the beautiful music, but for how it tied into a relationship I was having at the time. It will always be my favorite song because of her..

  35. Plainsong is my favorite (out of soooo many!!!). It starts with the humble and haunting chimes and explodes into a lush, orchestral soundscape with lyrics that flutter between happy and sad, hope and despair. The best opening piece ever, sets the tone for the 11 following songs to come……and hearing those chimes LIVE and waiting for them to walk on stage……just CRAZY!!!! “‘It’s just the way I smile’, you said.”

  36. “Killing An Arab,” because it led off the “Standing On A Beach” comp, which is the first Cure record (well, tape) I bought, and I played it until it broke, and the tape was and is amazing, because of all the b-sides. But those first several tracks blew my mind.

  37. Fascination Street. So dark, so growly, so passionate. I love pretty much every version of it.

  38. Casey Jacobs

    One Hundred Years is my favorite Cure song because it was the first to break me away from the group as a pop band. Like most kids born post-eighties, you pick up their songs here and there as you grow up, but seldom are you exposed to their dark masterpieces. This is the track that really made me a fan. I spent a miserable year abroad teaching and this came on my iPod. Its repetitious drumming and increasingly wailed vocals represented the growing monotony and anxiety I had with my life in Korea.

    Casey Jacobs

  39. 10:15 Saturday Night for the hi-hat/bass break and the killer guitar solo.

  40. Boys Don’t Cry … because I was a teenage boy at the time the song came out and was really getting into new-wave and punk music at the time. It resonated. The Cure rules.

  41. “A Forest” is my favorite…jajaja. I remmember listening to this song on my way to a chemistry class back in college. I decided to miss a few minutes of my class until the song was over….those college radio days where none of the wi-fi stuff existed. College radio was God to many of us.

  42. Rajiv udani

    My Favorite Cure song (hard to choose) is “Catch” from Kiss Me Kiss Me because it brings me back to 1987.

  43. Faith, the live version on the Charlotte Sometimes 12″ B side to be specific.

    The spacing in the song and the emotion/emotionless feel are just so incredible

    “…. and still you put your trust in me”

  44. Darren Miller

    My favorite would be “The Exploding Boy.” I had the “Standing On a Beach” cassette and played that track over and over again.

  45. “a few hours after this” is my favorite…why it wasn’t included on “head on the door” is beyond me…i loved it for the line “just put your hands around my heart
    and squeeze me until i’m dry” and the odd production…

  46. Sinking. Having seen them live on numerous occasions, I have only seen this song performed live once. I just remember being blown away when it was played.

  47. “Lullaby” since it was my 1st

  48. inbetween days is my fav. i think everyone can relate to it a little bit. :)

  49. Primary, for the guitar effects, and general over-production. Followed closely by The Kiss, for much the same reason.

  50. My favorite Cure song is “Pictures of You”. It’s actually one of my favorite songs by anyone. It is my automatic go-to song whenever I am feeling down. There is just something about it that helps me escape….

  51. “Disintegration” is just an amazing song, and I was blown away the first time I heard it. The track is a whirlwind of sound that keeps driving forward, and it makes use of the band at their biggest and best. There’s so much emotion in Robert’s lyrics and his performance. It really does distill the band into one song.

  52. This is a toughie, but I think I have to go with Inbetween Days…

  53. My favorite song and video is “Let’s Go To Bed” I remember seeing this video for the first time on MTV, think wow how cute is that guy in the PJs! Robert is a “Love Cat” for many young gals in the 80s!

  54. Eric Latulippe


    just listen to the song. You’ll know why its the best Cure song.

  55. Monica Miller

    Close to Me–I love the heavy breathing in the background.

  56. I’m gonna go with “Catch” from Kiss Me… nearly three minutes of sublime perfection.

  57. A Letter to Elise!!!

  58. “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”. I’ve always been told by everyone that I’m “unique” and “different” in my tastes, dress and the way I live my life. I’ve always marched to my own beat, and I’ve tried never to follow mainstream trends or “be like everyone else”.
    The song I picked, although it’s very short, perfectly sums up my attitude towards life.

  59. Very hard to choose and this would depend on the day and my mood, but A Forest is one of my favorites and probably the song that made me a fan. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea is my current favorite–I love the lyrics.

  60. Really tough, but…One Hundred Years, because it’s got amazing guitar & lyrics.

  61. Daniel Kyle

    A Forest – don’t really know why, great all round song I suppose :)

  62. Lew Breeze

    Yes, an impossible question really, a toughie. And subject to change…but rules are rules…..

    And while I do believe Disintegration is my favorite album, I’m going to do something different and say something off of “Bloodflowers”, that something being “There Is No If”. Just for the reason that I can not identify on a subconscious level.


  63. Favorite song would have to be ‘Push’ – love the guitar on this one and a great live track too!

  64. Fascination Street! Takes me right back to my club days! One of the best dance songs EVER!

  65. Colin from Calgary

    “Close To Me” even though it seems obvious but to my ears it sounds so joyful and I always loved the percussion both on the original and Paul Oakenfold’s remix (Closer Mix) with the Kool & The Gang breakbeat.

    But Disintegration is my favorite album and Rhino is so sick for releasing this!!


  66. My favorite song is Plainsong, the opening track from Disintegration. It is the perfect album opener – a slow build, an awesome climax, and a great intro to the rest of the album.

  67. So many songs to love by The Cure – actually named the tables at my wedding after titles (my husband and I sat at “Just Like Heaven,” while the cool friends sat at “Fascination St.” My favorite tunes would be a toss up between “A Night Like This” – just because because it’s passionate like a thunderstorm, and “Pictures of You” because I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song so perfectly express what you go through when you lose someone. The repetitiveness in the instrumentation is also sad but still manages to convey a certain hopefulness.

  68. Cold.

    The lyrics completly match the sounds coming from the band. I just wish they played it more live or would do a whole tour of Trilogy.

  69. “A Strange Day”

  70. This is a tough one, probably “A Night Like This” because of all the crazy memories it conjures up from High school.


    My favourite son is “Faith”. It could be “One hundred years” or “Sinking” or “The kiss”, but 1998 i met Robert before the concert and asked him to play that song and he did, so i think that’s a good reason to select it!

  72. Plainsong is so beautiful it gives me chills every time I listen to it. I can’t get enough.

  73. Ronnie B.

    I would have to say my favorite Cure track (not an easy task to narrow down) would be Like Cockatoos off Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

    Very well written song, just close your eyes while listening to this gem. It’s very cinematic. You can visualize every word as it tells a story of breaking-up.

  74. One More Time

    A 1987 high school field trip to Spain, a foreign crush, and this ethereal masterpiece playing in the background. Enough said.

  75. My favorite is “Charlotte Sometimes”

    Like it so much that I named my daughter Charlotte Sometimes.

    The mood it creates is exactly the mood created by the Penelope Farmer story the song takes its lyrics from. Brilliant!

  76. Like Cockatoos…no wait, Charlotte Sometimes. Just because it reminds me of old friends and great times.

  77. Push from Head on the Door – brilliant. I also like the version they do of this in the Cure Festival DVD.


  78. My favorite is A Forest…it was the first song i ever heard from the cure and have loved it and them ever since

  79. Strange Day, because it’s rough & raw, and tells the story of a very strange day indeed.

  80. My favorite Cure song is “The Same Deep Water As You.”

    It haunted me the first time I heard it. And it still can give me shivers. It’s dark and beautiful and no other song has ever affected me in the same way.

  81. Jeff Partain

    “A Letter to Elise” is my favorite Cure song. The strong sense of regret, ennui, and sense of longing. Smith’s lyrics added to music transcend mere pop. “I thought you were the girl I’d always dreams about / But I let the dream go / And the promises broke / And the make believe ran out” Simply brilliant and perfect.

  82. Fave song right now is Same Deep Water As You. Will always remind me of the summer of ’89.

  83. Difficult to choose just one, of course, but probably All Cats Are Grey. I love the fact that something so minimal can be so emotional.

  84. Nearly impossible to choose 1 favorite song.

    But I’ll choose “The Figurehead” for personal reasons that would make no sense to anyone else. Although “100 Years” and “Same Deep Water as You” are incredibly great. Oh and “Push” is awesome in a totally different way. Man I love The Cure!

  85. Jerry Delgado

    The Big Hand. Something about that song that always makes me feel good inside.

  86. Favorite Cure song? Is that even possible? I love so many. I guess I would have to go with Disintegration from Disintegration. It has a great ebb and flow. Its nice and long and has great lyrics.

  87. Pictures of you…great song and great vid!

  88. 2 late. A “b side” but a perfectly crafted tune, gives great memories for me

  89. Love Cats, cause the 2 alternative girls in junior high lip-synced this song for a speech project!

  90. My favorite is “The Funeral Party”. It’s beautiful and haunting…

  91. Antti Hietamaki

    a strange day.

    the words, the sound, roberts vocals are all perfect. and pornography is the greatest record ever made.

  92. It’s between 3 that happen to be on Disintegration, but I’ve narrowed it to “Pictures of You.” The line “There was nothing in the world that I ever wanted more, than to feel you deep in my heart” says it all and that hits me hard. I think it’s a perfect song. I also prefer the album version which is much longer. Just beautiful.

  93. Pictures Of You because it does everything The Cure can do in one song so you can dance to it while crying your eyes out at the same time. Sublime.

  94. My favorite Cure song is probably “Open.” It kicks off the most inconsistent, in a good way, Cure record with this long, semi-drab rhythmic track that stabs you in the chest with its choruses and big “meaningful” parts. It’s a summation of what the Cure is, in a way.

  95. “A Man Inside My Mouth” – ’cause nobody else I knew had the Quadpus EP.

  96. Mi cancion favorita es “Disintegration” por su melodia y su letra.

    Saludos desde Argentina a todos los fan’s de The Cure
    Cure Kiss!!

    My favorite song is “Disintegration” for its melody and lyrics.

    Greetings from Argentina to all fan’s of The Cure
    Cure Kiss!

  97. Kent Butabi

    For me, one of the best is THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN.

    I think this song say a lot for THE CURE; it shows how serious they take their b-sides, and it shows how beautiful their work can be. Mainstream media likes to label them as goth, or dark – we know better!

    Thanks for the contest, and I hope to hear from you.

    Mike Cusimano

  98. lumpy gravy

    strange day. great guitar work.

  99. Last Place

    “Pictures Of You” reminds me of my high school girlfriend, and taking her to see the Disintegration tour.

  100. the queen of siam

    my favorite cure song is the upstairs room!
    it reminds me of being 17 and not having one damn care in the world…

  101. My favourite curesong is just like heaven… because the feeling of the song!!!

  102. Dave Lossing

    My favorite band…so this is tough.

    Have to go with “THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU.” It’s a hauntingly beautiful track—the kind of song you can’t forget after you hear it for the first time. It transports me back to the summer of ’89. In addition to having great lyrics, the 6 string bass part/melody is amazing.

  103. Dave Lister

    Easy, Plainsong it’s simply one of the best constructed pieces of music ever done. Strikingly dark and beautiful, it’s moving like Ray Lynch music with a bit of a kick.

  104. My favorite Cure song is “Disintegration,” the title track of the upcoming reissue. It starts out with a steady beat and yet still manages to build to a crescendo by the end. It’s got angst and longing. It’s a great song!

  105. Jimmy Joe

    After the last few tours I’ve been rocking out to “One Hundred Years.” Something about the energy of the song and the presentation during the shows make me want to boogie every time it comes around on one of my playlists.

  106. My favourite Cure song changes all the time… Today it’s The Caterpillar because it’s springtime!

  107. First thought would be “A Chain of Flowers” for it’s very effective and emotional portrayal of the terrible fear of losing someone.

  108. “One Hundred Years” – possibly their darkest, most powerful song.

  109. my favourite song is sixdifferent ways, more fr the message than the music(although its a lovely song too) i first got head on the door when it was released when i was 11 and the lyrics had a huge impact on my developement as a kid lol.. six different ways made me feel it was ok to live in my own world and not give a shit what anyone else thought.. a great message fr any youngster – thankyou robert smith :)

  110. Craig Smith

    Favourite Cure song? I have a soft spot for “Disintegration” as it reminds me of a time where my flatmate would come home after an unsuccessful date/night out, throw his shoes against the wall and loudly put this track on to unwind. It seemed to adequately sum up how he was feeling and also erect an audio warning sign that said loud and clear ‘do not disturb’. Aside from that, it’s one of the most electrifying, revealing, and disturbing tracks The Cure have ever recorded.

  111. i have a few songs that i consider my favorite… one is “More than This” from the X-files soundtrack… the other is “100 Years”… i got to hear it live with one of my best friends at the Curiosa show in NYC. i also really love “A Night Like This”… okay, so i had to narrow it down to 3 songs. that’s pretty good. :)

  112. I’d have to say “Same Deep Water as You” because it seems as if it’s not just a song, it’s an emotion made real, like listening to something that’s inside of yourself.

  113. Although I go through phases of listening to certain songs scores of times in a month, my overall favourite is ‘Faith’. I like the atmosphere it creates, the repetetive drum beat, the lyrics etc. Used to enjoy listening to it while hammered when I was younger.

  114. Its hard to pick just one, but I am going to go with 2 Late. I have always loved this song and the demo on the Cure’s Disentegration web site is great. I love the lyrics and the tempo of the song. And I always think 1 day that once spent out on me and up til late…

  115. It’s way too hard to pick a single song in this category, so how about a Top 10?
    1) “Play for Today”
    2) “In Your House”
    3) “The Drowning Man”
    4) “Fire in Cairo”
    5) “Dressing Up”
    6) “Kyoto Song”
    7) “The Baby Screams”
    8) “The Perfect Girl”
    9) “Disintegration”
    10) “Just One Kiss”

  116. easily the best cure song for me is perfect girl off kiss me kiss me kiss me. it exemplifies what robert smith can do best, and that’s write a shimmering, happy pop song. he stepped out of his goth phase and ended up writing one of the happiest albums in his career. I love his darker stuff as well…but the transition between kiss me kiss me kiss me and disintergration…it goes from the happiest time in his life to his seemingly darkest time in his life. How can I possibly choose only 1 cure song? I have 2, The Perfect girl, and the complete polar opposite, Disintergration. 2 PERFECTLY written songs that will stand the test of time for me.

  117. “Treasure” because it came out the day after my best friend died. so, it meant a lot to me @ the time.

  118. “Close To Me” Acoustic version from the Greatest Hits Bonus CD. The instrumentation is great as it is on all the acoustic tracks. Great stuff.

    i’ve waited hours for this
    i’ve made myself so sick
    i wish i’d stayed asleep today

  119. William Kilby

    My favorite Cure song is A Letter To Eluse. I think it is the definitive Cure song and a great representation of everything The Cure is about. It talks of longing and is just a beautiful, perfect song all around

  120. Too many good songs to really choose from, to be honest. Currently, it’s ‘Another Journey By Train’. The song is completely tight, solid bass work, tip-top drumming, decent synth work, and guitar that doesn’t need Robert’s voice behind it. I listen to it on the way to and from work, on the subway…

  121. To The Sky

  122. The Kiss, because it reminds me of when I was 18 and started college. Freedom!!

  123. The Same Deep Water as You – Because the shallow drowned lose less than we.

  124. My favourite cure song changes continually but for the purposes of this competition it is ‘The Only One’ because it was the first release as a fan, and it made me so excited for the new material!

  125. Even though it’s almost a cliche, I’d say “Just Like Heaven” – it’s really just a perfect song, the lyrics are detailed yet vague enough for the imagination, the vocal delivery is both joyous and heartbroken, and each instrumental part fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Fantastic.

  126. One Hundred Years

    Seems to be a popular one, but for good reason – The Cure have often been gloomy, but that song is downright primal – it dives right into the heart of depression, with none of the distance most songs (by any band) favor.

  127. i have a soft spot for push, but same deep water as you is my absolute favorite!

  128. Joseph DeCuire

    My favorite Cure song is The Same Deep Water As You because it reminds of a tragic love scene.

  129. Alvaro Gauna

    My favourite song is From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea…

    I choose it because it reminds me of a girl who has been my girlfriend for 4 years, we met when we were 13, and also she was my partner at school. we’ve started dating since a party of a friend we had in common.
    we usually heard ‘The Cure’ in my house and we enjoy dancing Why Can’t I Be You?, it’s pretty silly but it’s true.
    this year in january she left to buenos aires to study journalism.
    she is not my girlfriend anymore… but we still in contact by messenger (Thanks God For The Internet).
    She used to love me, but I’m still loving her…
    althoug i couldn’t had let her go… i’m 18 now and when I hear FTEOTDGS I think I could have 13 again and begin everything from the start.

  130. Andy Mullen

    Faith, because there’s nothing left but…

  131. “Disintegration”, if only for the section that starts with “So it’s all come back round to breaking apart again” and for the next minute and a half the song turns into this verbal and musical assault that just holds you under and never lets you come up for air. Incredible.

  132. Favorite Cure song of all time has to be “Close To Me”. The reason is simple: besides it being one of Robert Smith’s best uptempo “gloomy ” songs, it has an incredibly great video (all the band members stuck in the wardrobe that’s rolling downhill while singing the song). Great stuff!

  133. High – Even after nearly 20 years, it still brings the same vibe of joy that it did the very first time I heard it.

  134. Mark Reeves

    “Prayers for Rain” ….because it still sends shivers down my spine

  135. andrea dalle rive

    FAITH (absolutely the best)

  136. andrea dalle rive

    FAITH (i don’t know exactly why, but really inspires me)

  137. PUSH – the 2+ minute intro and because everyone loves a song about wearing a dress and traveling on a train (from In Orange).

  138. This Twilight Garden – because it´s a pure and tender Lovesong. It´s The Cure

  139. Fascination Street

    Simply love that song!

    Turn off the lights, sit back, relax and just listen….

  140. Favorite Cure song? A Forest…watching them stretch it out in concert sometimes to 10 minutes plus is always a highlight

  141. My favorite Cure song has to be “A Forest.” It has a certain magical, timeless charm to it that will never be lost.

  142. Disintegration in the best . . . the definition of a masterpiece!

  143. Simply “Disintegration”, because of its lyrics, they are really powerful.

  144. You’d think my fave song would be halo based on my email address, and it’s definitely a good song, but the one Cure song I can’t live without is A Forest, particularly the Tree Mix version because the beauty of the song lasts longer. The reason I love the song so much is that it’s got the best guitar sound. It’s also often used to close out an amazing live show.

  145. Johnnakis

    “A Forest” – it just changed my life when I first listened to it and saw the video. It was this special moment in one’s lifetime, when everything seems to momentary stand still in time and space, you watch everything in slow motion and you KNOW something is different now in yourself…

  146. Christian C

    Jupiter Crash… the lyrics… not only does it reflect upon a specific moment in time we can all remember and thus relate to… I can put on headphones close my eyes and picture it all… the lyrics are so descriptive… lines like “she brushes my face with her smile” , I’m there… looking down upon her as she lays in the sand and smiles… a smile that starts with a twist upon her lips and travels from there up to the infinite sky above, brushing past my face on it’s way… after the disappointment of the event as she stand up from the bed of sand we saw the display from the line… “she stands up slow and ‘round her the night turn”… I’m so freaking there… this time the rolls are reversed, she standing up and as I still lay on the sand looking up at her face against the night sky as the slow rotation of the earth and my dizziness from her beauty makes that star lit night seem to revolve in the background… dang… freaking love it!!!!

    HARDEST CONTEST EVER!!! To pick ONE song… tough… you could have made this easier… like, pick 10 or something… at least…

  147. ‘Homesick’ because of the good sound & intense lyrics

  148. My fave song is Kyoto Song! From the moment I heard the song, I knew I was gonna in love fully. I studied Japanese and learn more about Kyoto culture ever since. And now I have few friends from Japan and apparently they are The Cure fans too! So thank you to Kyoto Song for continuing my journey of improving my Japanese.

  149. Many favorites, but for today it will be Happy The Man.

    It’s SEXY.

    Thank you!

  150. My favorite song is The Same Deep Water As You, because of the atmosphere/mood of the song and the haunting lyrics. I feel it is a microcosm of the entire Disintegration album. Its not only my favorite Cure song, its my favorite song of all time, period!

  151. Plainsong, one of the best album openers of all time. I never get tired of it.

  152. “A Forest” is my pick. I think it’s one of the key songs that created the signature dark mood of The Cure’s music. The live version performed on the “In Orange” video immortalized it for me.

  153. “Plainsong” – the most glorious music coupled with some of most beautiful lyrics Robert Smith has written.

    “I think it’s dark and it looks like rain, you said.
    And the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world, you said.
    And it’s so cold, it’s like the cold if you were dead.
    Then you smiled for a second…”


  154. Included in my top five is…

    A Night Like This

    …for reasons that I should not reveal. :)

  155. I’ve always been a fan of “I’m Cold” the B-Side to “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” which I heard first on the Standing on the Beach B-Sides compilation that was the flipside of the cassette version. Of course, it’s now part of the “Connect the Dots” Cure B-Sides comp from Rhino.

  156. SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU………..particularly the live recording from dallas, a warm blanket for 2

  157. lisalovecat

    My favorite Cure song , well is hard to choose, but being as I am listening to Disintegration so much lately… I have to say The Same Deep Water as you as it’s so hauntingly beautiful.

  158. Prayers for Rain!!!!!

    I am curesed since they never ever play this when i see them live :(

  159. I don’t think I could name one singular favorite. It’s like picking one single desert island favorite album…it could change on any given day. On Monday I might say “A Forest”, Tuesday it could be “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”, Wednesday I might recall an interview that Robert Smith conducted in 1992 where he said that he couldn’t imagine himself writing songs and touring at the age of 40…then I think of the Bloodflowers track “39” and the lyric “well the fire is almost out and there’s nothing left to burn”…and I think how many people connected the dots between the two. <- connect the dots…get it? B-Sides box set title…anyone? Ok, time for a nap.

  160. “Six Different Ways” is an underloved gem of a song from The Head on the Door. I love the melancholy, but it also has such a seductive groove to it.

  161. The Exploding Boy is my fav Cure track….

  162. Too difficult to choice… mmmmm… In this moment THE song could be A LETTER TO ELISE… because it’s simply “perfect”. Thanks a lot

  163. I love, love, love “Why Can’t I Be You?” It just makes me wanna dance!

  164. Jason Azzopardi

    The one Cure song that touches me the most is “How Beautiful You Are” from KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME, not necessarily for the lyrics (which may be the most honest account of blind, naive love), but for the piano which cuts into my heart three quarters of the way through every single time.

  165. Faith, from the Charlotte Sometimes 12″ very first Cure song i heard and it is still amazing.

  166. Charlotte Sometimes.

    Can’t really explain it. I don’t think it’s their best song, but I sure love to hear it.

  167. If i had to choose, i’d say “The Lovecats”, because singing it in parking lots outside clubs gets guys from moderately popular bands to come up to me and say “Hey, what’s that song?” while i giggle at him internally for not knowing.

  168. bscottmatthew

    ‘A Pink Dream’ is my favourite. It brings me back to the sun drenched leaves of when I almost failed at life, but didn’t. Thankfully..

  169. A Night Like This although i like the live version from SHOW a lot better than the album version, such a classic song from the cure.

  170. The Same Deep Water As You.
    This song doesn’t need explanation. If you can’t tell how amazing it is just by listening, I can’t help you…..

  171. Jeremy S.

    It’s hard to pick just one, but near the top would be “Prayers For Rain” off of Disintegration. It captures the album perfectly I think, dark and epic, building more and more tension each riff. When the whole band kicks in near the start and that keyboard riff begins, I feel a chill down my spine. No chorus; Just builds more tension after each verse and never lets down. Some of Robert’s best lyrics I think.

    I wanted to see them play this live when I saw them (In Las Vegas, April 17th 2009), and it was the second song they did. One of the best live experiences for me.

  172. AndyTheCureFan

    My favorite Cure song is The Big Hand. It’s just an amazing track. Musically it lures you in and when the words hit, they hit close to home. I feel as though the big hand is God or some force that we can’t perceive but that he is in charge of everything.

  173. plainsong…because it is so not that! such an understated masterpiece…it is extremely uplifting, anticipatory, and just an all around beauty. images of blue and wind chimes.

  174. Close to Me

  175. I’m an amateur astronomer and I have to say that “Jupiter Crash” is my favorite- the perfect blend of sex and astronomy, wistful lyrics and a beautiful melody perfect for stargazing!!

  176. ALL OF THEM.

    Must we really choose ONE?

    The Exploding Boy – it has been my favorite since I was a young new fan 20+ years ago.

  177. “how beautiful you are” from kmkmkm is probably the song that i never grow tired of hearing.don’t what its about or means but just makes ME feel good.

  178. figurehead

    Difficult one …it depends on my mood,so it changes from hour to hour.So…I will give one fron my favourite album (which is DiSiNTEGRATiON) & the track will be ‘The Same Deep Water As You’.
    Cheers everyone & don’t forget …

  179. My favourite song is disintegrtion because it always makes me vibrate on album and in concert

  180. A STRANGE DAY since I always seem to repeat it at least twice when listening to pornography.

  181. push from head on the door is probably one of the most epic songs ever – great drums, great guitar break. this one just keeps on building up and up goes low down then up again.[ i’m not a music journo ]
    a cure song for big stadiums.

  182. My favorite Cure song is last dance

  183. My favorite Cure song is Fascination Street.
    The pulsating sound that drives through it, guiding you out of yourself and into the world the lyrics and music create. The song is sexy and mysterious, brooding and dark. Almost desperate in it’s maddening and beautiful sound scape.
    I think that’s a quality that a lot of Cure songs have, which is what makes them such an appealing band. They have such a unique sound paired with wonderful lyrics.
    But of all of them Fascination Street is my favorite.

  184. You ask an impossible question for anyone who was a fan in the 80’s attending grade & high school, but here I go.

    Primary has a soft spot for me. The bass/guitar driving strum is perfect right from the start and only intensifies throughout the song.

    I also agree with the comment earlier on Plainsong. I was a senior the year they toured Disintegration and saw them a few times then. When the light would go down and the bells started, it can still give me goosebumps today.

    Best few years (late 80’s)in concert touring. REM with 10,000 Maniacs, New Order/PIL/Sugarcubes,Jesus & MaryChain with NIN opening (a few weeks after Pretty hate was released & no one knew who they were.)

  185. Plainsong. With Homesick a very close second.

  186. “Faith” in all of its’ wonderful desperation.

  187. Friday I’m In Love? I kid, I kid.

    I do agree with those that think it’s impossible to pick a single song as the lone favorite. Today, it’s One Hundred Years.

  188. I’ve been listening to The Cure for almost 30 years, so I can’t imagine trying to narrow my favorites list to just one song. Lately, “Seventeen Seconds” has been in heavy rotation at my house, and currently my favorite track off that album is “Secrets.” There is an intimacy to that song that gives me chills. Play it when you’re alone late at night — it’s like Robert Smith is in the room with you, whispering his secrets.

  189. My favorite Cure song would have to be The Same Deep Water As You, simply because its so beautiful in a dark and mysterious way. It envokes so many feelings and Robert Smith just pours his soul into every song he writes.

  190. Ohhh so many to choose from. Pictures of you would be up there as it has plenty of memories tied to it.

  191. I’ll go with “The Big Hand” for a couple of reasons. The Cure’s B-sides were as strong as anything that made their albums for the first fifteen years of their existence. And the guitar line that opens the song and runs throughout remains, for me, the quintessential Cure sound.

  192. All the songs are the GREATest.
    But My Favorite Cure Song is CLOSEDOWN because I can relate to the lyrics and it has a great sound to it.

  193. Pictures of You
    While there are many The Cure songs that have special memories associated with my teenage years, this is the only song that truly took on new meaning to me as an adult.
    I’m a single father and during the last few months of my year long deployment to Iraq in 2004, I missed my two daughters immensely. So much that I had removed their pictures from around my bunk because it was too difficult falling asleep. Even though I had removed the pictures, memory clips played in my head as a laid to rest and Pictures of You helped me fall asleep.

  194. Just Like Heaven

    I’d like to be cool and pick something less popular, but it’s CLASSIC. It’s all going on…lyric, vocal, music…can lift me up every time.

  195. Bloodflowers

  196. Adam Nachand

    “A Forest” has been and will always be my favorite Cure song. The version from In Orange is my favorite version for the dynamic of “and again and again AND AGAIN!!!!” Truly epic!

  197. eroc eaton

    Wow. My absolute favorite cure song… ever? This is actually an unanswerable question, really. The Cure is like a multi-headed monster who exists in multiple dimensions. They are responsible for pulling me through so many obstacles (even if most were simply drug-induced self-pity parties or simply youth angst/rebellion phases) over the 25 years of my infatuation with them. The eclectic nature of pre “wish” cure is enough to hold my attention for the rest of my life…. so asking me what my favorite song is, is impossible. I couldn’t even settle on an album. It really depends on which one is playing. I still shed tears to seventeen seconds, pornography, disintegration, faith, the top, kiss me X 3, sheesh… I get goosebumps still to three imaginary boys… As much as I would love the new boxset, I just can’t settle… so here’s 3 songs and why: “jumping someone else’s train” – it’s lyrical content speaks volumes to my whole childhood view on punk(post) culture and the generic name-dropping robots surrounding the next new thing. Damn great tune too.: Next, i’d say “A Strange Day” – it carried me away on countless occasions… and still does. If I could, i’d give robert a hug for it.: Lastly (and definitely NOT last) “Disintegration” – the title track to an entire era for me. I’ve fallen in love to it, I’ve broken things to it and I’ve danced around screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs with tears of joy streaming down my aging face. I cannot thank them enough for writing it…. Can’t wait to hear the box, the series has not dissapointed me thus far. :)

  198. “The Same Deep Water As You.” Nearly nine-and-a-half minutes of plaintive guitar lines and distant thunder, yet it’s still not long enough.

  199. M is my favorite song because it’s the one that made me a fanatic of the band. All the songs released before that were cool, but did not hit me the way M did. I carry my M sign with me to all the Cure shows I go to now. Robert’s mentioned it twice during shows. Yeah!

  200. Siamese twins: cos it is always like this…

  201. My favorite is “Boy Don’t Cry.” An easy pick, I guesss, but it’s the first song of their’s I remember hearing when I got into them in the early 80s.

  202. Todd Hills

    The Same Deep Water as You

    I have no words to explain, it’s just my favorite song of all time, from my favorite album of all time. The Big Hand is a VERY close second, however.

  203. “Disintegration” is my favourite song, because it’s the soundtrack of my life!

    Thanks Robert

  204. Pictures of You.

  205. «A Forest», because it’s reminds me Claude Rajotte…

  206. I’ll have to separate between Live song and recorded song. Live song hands down is 100 years, especially when I hear it played outdoors. There’s just something about that guitar riff blasting through the air and the fog and the moon and the sky that just gets me every single time.

    Recorded song (ouch do I have to pick JUST ONE?)….I’m going to go with Exploding Boy, my favorite B-Side from Standing on a Beach!

  207. My favorite Cure song?


    It’s the perfect pop song, and has all the elements that make The Cure so amazing. It’s darker, but whimsical. It’s lyrically deep, but done with a delivery that belies the content.

  208. I kind of hate it when my favorite song from an artist is a well-known single. It seems so uncreative. But my favorite Cure song is Close to Me. It captures perfectly the intersection of unease and fun that differentiates Cure songs from other artists.

  209. C. E. Powell

    My favorite Cure song is “Fascination Street”. I like the fact that Simon Gallup only plays one string on the entire song!

  210. S. Lawson

    Killing an Arab.
    I like the melody behind it plus it’s from one of the Cure’s best album,s by my opinion. And it’s one of the first songs i ever heard by the Cure as well.

  211. bananafishbones. it’s quirky, crazy and fun.

  212. Very hard to choose, but today I have to go with ‘Lament’. Two very different versions- the flexipop one with indecipherable lyrics and one that appeared on ‘Japanese Whispers’.

    Why? I love that this song has the Pornography-esque guitar yet at the same time gets away with a recorder, an instrument used by primary school children (the recorder also featured in ‘The Snakepit’ and ‘Burn’.) Steven Severin plays bass on the flexipop version.

    I wish they’d put it in their live shows.

    And tomorrow I’m sure I’d choose a different song- I have so many favourites!

  213. I do believe Disintegration would be the Flavor of the day. Mainly because of the great and varied versions played live!

  214. Favourite cure song?
    has to be Open + The Edge of the Deep Green Sea.
    It is a bit unorthodox to combine two songs, but I love these two and can never play one without thinking of the other.
    as for why: it sounds the same way I feel, and I cannot conjure words beyond that to express the extent to which I connect to this song.
    it blows my mind.

  215. Faith – because it is eerie, miserable and uplifting all at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and never gets old.


  217. Mark Thomas Horosky

    My favorite song by the Cure is Bird Mad Girl. “Oh I could be A polar bear, Oh I could be A polar bear,
    But it’s impossible.”

  218. My favorite song by the Cure is Caterpillar Girl because some girls are caterpillars.

  219. The Lovecats is probably my favorite track because it has some crazy lyrics and the video Robert looks like he’s just having fun. It’s a fun little song.

  220. “Another journey by train” for the bass riff… I’m still wondering how to play it!!! ;)

  221. Chris Kouzes

    It’s like being asked to name your favorite child. Disintegration is my favorite album. But song wise, it may be Inbetween Days. It just makes me feel better when I hear it. And I’m in the minority, but I love Mint Car as well.

  222. Oscar Antin

    Not very easy after such a career, but “All Cats Are Grey would be my favourite Cure song (if forced to choose one (as it is the case;-), it’s quiet and simple and hypnotic, yet powerful and dramatic, it really transports you to another place and time, somewhere deep inside your memories and imagination… its sound and atmosphere is warm and luminous, despite its sombre theme, this is a song that could last for hours, and even after 30 years still captures you and makes you feel that longing and sweet melancholy.. the single note is the sound of eternity?

  223. “Fascination Street”
    Great bass line, and the way the 2 guitars interact blows me away. Also, gotta love the guitar effects used, who does that better than Porl and Robert?
    Vocals … awesome, with catchy x-rated lyrics “but if you open your mouth then i can’t be responsible
    for quite what goes in or to care what comes out”

    Finally, the mood of the song. It invokes mental imagery of eeriness, danger and mystery. What more can you ask for from a song?

  224. “Just like heaven” – the complete Cureness of beautiful melodies, catchy poppy stuff and utter despair squeezed into three and a half minutes.

  225. 2 Late. Best b-side ever.

  226. Mine is definitely Just Like Heaven. The love of my life lives far away from me and it’s “our song”, since every time I get to see him it plays randomly.

  227. A Short term effect. ’cause it descrive perfectly the state of my mind of my youth

  228. “Friday I’m In LOve”
    It’s uplifting!

  229. Lullaby

    Sounds good on the radio, sounds good in the headphones, sounds good in the club.

  230. My favorite Cure song is To The Sky. It is just beautiful and makes me smile and feel all warm and relaxed and childlike.

  231. Disintegration is my favorite because of the depth and emotion of the lyrics mixed with the beautiful layered guitar parts.

  232. WeirdArtPerson

    Homesick is my favorite Cure song, because it is just gorgeous.

  233. My favorite song of all time is Untitled. It sums up how I felt a number of years ago when I was with the only woman I have ever loved, but I let it fall apart.

  234. Love Song – it was the “first song” at our wedding!

  235. My favourite Cure song is This Morning (an agonizing decision). It’s my favourite because of its pure power. The way Robert starts singing “Nothing left to lose” at the start sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. He does a little talky-sing-bit where his English accent is completely prominent. It can make me cry whenever I hear it. It’s pure perfectness.

  236. Christina Street

    Fav Cure song: Untitled (last track on disintegration)

  237. Push

    I’m a bigger fan of The Cure live than on the record. That’s not to say I dislike their work in the studio. To me, I just feel they are an amazing live act. Push is pure magic when played live. The “Go go go” chants from the crowd along with the fist pumps, Robert’s smile as he walks in front of his monitors and looks out into the crowd as the intro portion is played, the sound, the feel, the vibe, it’s all just makes for the most memorable moment of each show.

  238. From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea. Great lyrics and great music.

  239. Definitely Pictures of you…music just rolls and swirls and takes me in.

  240. Probably “A Reflection”, because that means the rest of my fave album (Seventeen Seconds) is being started. It creates an aural atmosphere.

  241. favorite Cure song – “Plainsong”
    the perfect opening to a picture perfect record

    favorite b-sides – “Breathe” and “A Chain Of Flowers”

    thanx for the opportunity

  242. Plainsong is my favorite – it entices me to listen as it starts so quietly, hooks me and then never lets me go until its over. Such a beautiful song.

  243. push
    because of the first time i saw 120 minutes.

  244. “Never Enough” – because I never get enough of this group

  245. So hard to pick one~!! So I will just go with the first one to pop into my head: “The Caterpillar”.

  246. If I had to pick one, it would be “One Hundred Years”…simply awesome song, incredible album.

  247. I’m going with “Just Like Heaven,” which is one of the best singles of all time.

  248. Big hand live in Olympia 92 was very great. Wish everybody a nice day from the Norwegian cure clan

  249. EdgeOfTheDeepGreenSea***PutYourHandsInTheSky

  250. CatsAndClouds

    Closedown. Whenever I listen to it, it makes me feel all strange, in a good way. It’ll always remember me of this summer years ago.

  251. Daniel Mitchel

    “Siamese Twins” – this song, for my, typifies everything wonderful about the cure: abrasive guitars and bass, tribal drumming, seemingly ambiguous lyrics chock full of metaphors and symbolism, and a sense of defilement and confusion. In addition to this, the utter hoplelessness of lyrics typify the Cure at their most brilliant and unique:

    I chose an eternity of this
    Like falling angels
    The world disappeared
    Laughing into the fire
    Is it always like this?
    Flesh and blood and the first kiss
    The first colours
    The first kiss

    We writhed under a red light
    Voodoo smile
    Siamese twins
    A girl at the window looks at me for an hour
    Then everything falls apart
    Broken inside me
    It falls apart

    The walls and the ceiling move in time
    Push a blade into my hands
    Slowly up the stairs
    And into the room
    Is it always like this?

    Dancing in my pocket
    Worms eat my skin
    She glows and grows
    With arms outstretched
    Her legs around me

    In the morning I cried

    Leave me to die
    You won’t remember my voice
    I walked away and grew old
    You never talk
    We never smile
    I scream
    You’re nothing
    I don’t need you any more
    You’re nothing

    It fades and spins
    Fades and spins

    Sing out loud
    We all die
    Laughing into the fire

    Is it always like this?
    Is it always like this?
    Is it always like this?

  252. “The Exploding Boy”– That title, that sax, that high on mezcal guitar, all that energy going in all the right directions…

  253. favourite cure song–disintegration–simply brilliant

  254. “Homesick” is my far and wide favorite. It’s the best ensemble track they ever recorded. There isn’t one wasted note in the whole thing.

  255. David Rangel

    My favorite cure song is “the same deep water as you! Sad and atmospheric…

  256. “plainsong” – there is no better opener to any other song out there…

  257. favourite cure song is ‘the exploding boy’….unmistakable cure guitar/bass work, and classic melodic hooks.

  258. Fascination Street.

  259. Sebastien M

    “to wish impossible things” is my favourite cure song.I love the violin in it.Such a beautiful sad song.

    “It was the sweetness of your skin
    It was the hope of all we might have been
    that filled me with the hope to wish
    impossible things…”

  260. “How Beautiful You Are” because of the beautiful, painful story that it paints with such clarity. It resonates with me deep inside.

  261. The Big Hand is one of my most favourite songs.. :-)

  262. There is no Cure song I’ve listened to more often, and more closely to, than “Faith.” It wrecks me.

  263. Araselle Vivenza

    I’ll go for “Open” off the Wish album. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite but I always have so much to say about it. I love how it blooms into an entire atmosphere, fleshing out the noise in the air. It takes a strand of a simple melody, winds it around a few times then uncoils it, turns it over every which way. That one melody is interpreted in so many ways, so thoroughly developed, and Roberts voice blends in perfectly, not demanding to much attention, yet still so spectacular, truly an element of the song and not just lyrics paired up with instrumentals. For me, “Open” touches on this middle ground of two definitive Cure sounds, blending their earlier, more thought-invested post-punk foundation with their later unconventional investigations of pop music. And– Okay, I’ll stop now.

  264. “Disintegration” is my favorite Cure song, and two days ago I celebrated the first time I was lucky enough to (finally) hear it live!

  265. Hmm, my comment above was supposed to say that two days ago I celebrated the *tenth anniversary* of the first time… :) Oh well!

  266. The Same Deep Water As You is my favorite. Why? It’s the most beautiful and haunting song ever written. Simple as that.

  267. inyourroom

    I would pick A Forest – simply amazing in so many variations


  269. Just Like Heaven for the simple reason that it is the perfect love song, and while not typical Cure, it’s a beautiful song that made the perfect first dance tune at my wedding.

  270. marcusbacus

    Cold. Ice in my eyes and eyes like ice don’t move.

  271. Jared Smith

    Close to me – reminds me of when my girlfriend and I used to skip school…

  272. If I have to pick a favorite, I will have to say, “The Same Deep Water as You” is my favorite Cure song. As a teenager, I bought this album and took it on my first trip to the Oregon Coast. I had step siblings that I desperately wanted to tune out, so I put my headphones in, turned the volume up on my cassette player, and I got lost in this one song for hours. It was worthy of many repeats then, and it still is today.

  273. Out Of This World.

  274. Cloudberry


  275. “Pictures of You.” All I have to do is hear this song and I’m instantly transported back to he 7th grade. I open my eyes and the cafeteria’s been converted into my first junior high dance. Wow…

  276. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

  277. “Doing the Unstuck” – such a powerful, positive, energetic song…

  278. “Faith” is my favorite song. The studio version is haunting, and leaves a bit of light at the end of a dark album.

  279. the dark mood of “SINKING”… my favorite Cure song.

  280. “Without you”, the lyrics are incredible

  281. I have always loved, “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”…it’s amazing live! Gorgeous visuals!

  282. Love Cats – it’s 2 a.m. in 1987 and I’m drunk in a rose garden with a group of friends including a purple haired senator’s daughter and we’re singing this song as we try to figure out our way from the flowers to the parking lot. Blame it on the strawberry boones farm and the Natty Bo.

  283. Tough call but I’m gonna have to go with “A Short Term Effect” from Pornography. “Draped in black, a static white sound.” Brilliant!

  284. “All Cats Are Grey” – This has been my favorite Cure song since high school (18yrs or so). I love how it drones. It’s just a great song all around.

  285. My favourite song is “A Strange Day”, because of the best guitar solo Robert ever made.

  286. ‘Catch’ – it’s really hard to pick a favourite Cure song, but on a baking hot weekend such as we’ve just had ‘Catch’ just makes me glad to be alive.

  287. Ted McIntyre

    My favorite song is different all the time, but right now it is Open, not sure why, but that is the song that came to mind when I thought about it this afternoon.

  288. My favorite Cure song, while cliche, is ‘Killing an Arab.’ I love it because it is (loosely?) based on a book that is, was, and always will be my favorite: Camus’ ‘The Stranger.’

  289. Really hard to pick one…but Boys Don’t Cry so I’ll shut up.

  290. My favorite Cure song would be “High”.
    every time i hear it takes me back to 1992 when i first heard it and saw the video. it also makes me think about the girl i love. that is all….

  291. Bleddyn Williams

    “A Forest” – it sounded so haunting and I was never able to track down the 12″!

  292. My fave song must be “harold and joe” as it’s the only song I can think of that references the ever so naff but heart warming aussie soap drama “Neighbours”. And who thought Robert Smith was a miserablist? :D

  293. Favorite Cure song? Hard to say, but have to go with a track from Wish – my first conscious Cure experience – just can’t decide between From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea for the words or A Letter To Elise for the guitars . . .

  294. cut here – just the saddest lyrics ever but backed with pure pop happy music.

  295. Mark Steele

    same deep water as you, an elegiac beauty

  296. Lasse Johansson

    Very, very hard to pick one cure-song, but i will try my best;)

    I will say Bloodflowers,it is a wonderful romantic song.Robert Smith has a dynamic voice as usual.Quite a beautiful song that has everything! Bye from SWEDEN:)

  297. “A Forest”. The sound of the drums and the bass ending are great!

  298. My favorite Cure song is definetly Homesick! The combination of bass and piano is so beautifull! The intro and outro are simply amazing! Also, when Robert sings, Roger adds some notes, while Simon is using the whole neck of his bass… Simply amazing!

  299. J.M. Ladd

    My favourite song would have to be “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep” for it’s seemingly other worldliness. Laced with texture. God, that song is so pretty.

  300. hard to choose just one track, but for me it’s gotta be Fascination Street. The combination of the rhythm, thundering bass, atmospherics, great lyrics and terrific vocal… just a killer tune.

  301. My favorite cure track alternates depending on my mood, but I’ve always had a soft spot for “Plainsong,” which is one of the most spectacular, sweeping and moody pieces the cure ever wrote.

  302. My favourite Cure song is by far Just Like Heaven… I love the lyrics, the music even the video is perfect on that song. I love the way it starts (first drums, then bass etc) and everytime I hear it I found out something new on its music…

  303. Just Like Heaven. Perfect lyrics and music.

  304. Just Like Heaven… perfect song for the time (even though I wasn’t old enough when it was released to truly appreciate it.

  305. Ryan Drake

    Just Like Heaven

  306. A Forest – love the 15 minute concert version, brings back great memories

  307. chris cummins

    “All Cats Are Grey” because it is atmospheric, gloomy and oddly hopeful in some indescribable way.

  308. Bradley P.

    It’s gotta be A Forest, or Charlotte Sometimes. They’re all so good, and I’ve been listening for so many years, that it’s really hard to pick a single fav.

  309. My favourite The Cure song is The Perfect Girl because my boyfriend put it on the very first C90 compilation tape he made for me nearly 20 years ago.
    He still calls me strange nowadays and I still have the tape in our loft somewhere.

  310. It’s hard to pick just one but for me it would have to be “The Kiss”. Love the long intro and when the vocals kick in it’s so angry and venomous it would make you shiver…. amazing. Such a powerful song…. just stuck it on, brilliant! :)

  311. Well that’s not an easy question… I’d have to go with “The Exploding Boy”, as it’s probably the quintessential track from the HoTD era, and the perfect stepping stone between “The Top” and “KMKMKM”, yet was somehow relegated to B-Side status. Nutty, fun, catchy.

  312. Plainsong is my favorite Cure song because I lost my virginity to it. Yes, it was a short first time :)

  313. A Night Like This – the line

    Your trust the most gorgeously stupid thing
    I ever cut in the world

    and Porl’s simple power chord progression.

  314. My favorite Cure song would have to be ‘Plainsong’. It was the first song I heard the band play live at their Houston date in 1989. It just stands out as a perfect album and concert opener in every way.

  315. carnage visors…because it goes on and on and on and on…just like the cure.

  316. francisco miranda

    so many songs….
    but this time i would pick ‘cut here’… because i miss her, i miss her, i miss her so much

  317. Untitled on Disintegration.

  318. Charles Sawyers

    Favorite Cure song? Chain of Flowers. Last song on the best cassette maxi single I ever bought.

  319. A Japanese Dream…it was the first Cure song that I ever heard and really turned me onto them.

  320. Derek Hartley

    “Disintegration” is my favorite Cure song.

    The words, the music, everything… it’s just such an intense song, and is AMAZING live.

  321. “Just Like Heaven”. It’s simply a great pop single, one I never tire of hearing.


    My favorite Cure song would have to be LULLABY. The first time I heard this song was in high school and it was mesmerizing. The sound of his whispering voice and orchestral dark sounds was nothing I’ve never heard before. After all these years LULLABY still has it’s magic whether I hear it live or on vinyl. LULLABY IS SIMPLY CLASSIC!

  323. “The Same Deep Water As You” would have to be my favorite Cure song. The very first time I heard it I was captured by the unique and and achingly sad sound of it. The true meaning behind the lyrics are up for personal speculation which makes it even more mysterious and adds to the whole atmosphere of the song. One of the most emotional songs I have ever heard.

  324. My all time favourite Cure song is the monolithic, yet sensitive and somehow romantic, “All Cats Are Grey”, a track that was never issued separately as a single but, still, is the epitomy of what The Cure were al about, back in the early eighties….desperation, isolation, fear, hopelessness, accepting the unavoidable reality of ultimately existing all by yourself…a reality that you have to cope with and assimilate, in order to move on…

  325. Untitled from Disintegration. I was a fan before hearing that song, but that was the first one that hit me on a really emotional level. Still makes me think of one person…

  326. Satrange day is all time fav from the cure, it is so dark and methaphorical

  327. Christian LeBlanc

    “Burn” – sounds unlike (but quite like, at the same time) anything they’ve done, it has all the memories of The Crow movie attached to it, and it’s just a shining example of rock music.

  328. “A Forest” for the long intro to the live version.

  329. Impossible, given the size and depth of the catalog (not to mention Robert’s various styles and ‘wild mood swings’). But I’ll throw one out that I’m guessing no one else has mentioned – “The Upstairs Room.” This song includes it all – the playful pop code Robert loves to use, the moody chord changes, the irresistible hooks. And all on a B-side!!! The man is brilliant.

  330. J. Lehnemann

    It’s very hard to pick one… But, Plainsong holds a special place in my life. When it begins, those first notes, it’s like a portal that takes me to another dimension. Whenever and wherever I hear it, I still feel like the first time I heard it… I still remember that day, the day I fell in love with music.

  331. I have many favorites, but if I have to chose one I prefer “The Same Deep Water As You” because I love the music, the lyrics and the way robert sings it, it’s a perefect song!

  332. I love a lot of ’em… the one that I never get tired of though is “Close to Me”.. simply brilliant.

  333. My favorite Cure song is ‘Underneath the Stars’. It’s the most romantic song I’ve ever heard. It’s a timeless classic that gets better and better with each listen. In my opinion, it is the quintessential romantic Cure song.

  334. Charlotte Sometimes is my favorite, for the same reasons Jon mentions above. It’s just an amazing song.

    And I’ll throw in Burn as well; the mood and his voice are perfect and it plain rocks.

  335. “Pictures of you”

  336. dale schmucker

    how beutiful you are… a beutiful wriiten song listen to it all the time.

  337. leanahtan

    close to me, because i’ve discovered the cure with this song in septembre 1985 when i was 12 years old. This song changes my life forever.

  338. My favourite is “Close to Me” because this song is the first the Cure’s song I’ve ever heard. The first expression of this song was really fresh and new. And I started a deep love for the Cure after the first time that I listened “Close to Me”.

  339. Tough to pick just one, but I’ll go with “Pictures of You” simply because of the personal history I have with that song.

    Thank you so much for all the posts, news, tweets, and links. You’re awesome.

  340. This really is an impossible question to answer. So many candidates so different from one another. I’ll have to go with “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” as it was the “Standing on a Beach” compilation where I first discovered the band (yes, that’s the cassette version), and that song summed up high school quite nicely for me at the time.

    Reminds me I should pick up “Join The Dots” at last.

  341. Andrew Larson

    My favorite song by the Cure is ‘A Forest’. Not only is the studio version great, I love the life it takes on when performed live. In 1992 in IL, Robert was so into it that he threw down the mic stand.

  342. Just one?

    2 Late. Probably because it’s a fun b-side that hasn’t been played to death.

  343. “Just Like Heaven.” For the dreamy lyrics, the build of the intro, the atmosphere, the beat. I’d say it’s my favorite song period, not just my favorite Cure song. It just works.

  344. Michael D. Fellows

    “Same Deep Water As You”
    the last song a friend of mine heard before he died
    sad I know but true.
    I cry when I hear it now.

  345. It’s probably not cool to pick a later era song, but my favorite song is “Open.” And it’s probably my favorite song period. I love the imagery and the story told in the lyrics and the rich music of the whole album.

  346. Today it’s ‘This. Here and Now. With You.’

    pornography-esque bass mixed with pure cure pop. Gorgeous!

  347. Colonel32

    My fav song is “A Forest” — has the best bassline and mood and what other song does The Cure jam out for 20 minutes?

  348. It depends on my mood – but “All Cats are Grey” is always up there for me.

    I can choose to sit and listen to it – or have it just be there in the background while I work, like many other (older) Cure songs . . .

  349. So many swirl in my head but A Forest remains as “the one”. It’s visceral for me…it’s the bass…it’s a dream-song. Runners up: A Strange Day and Edge of the Deep Green Sea.

  350. “Harold & Joe” is my favorite. I find it hard to articulate why, exactly, except I can say the instrumental passages strongly resonate with me. There is something about the tune, and particularly those single, individual organ notes (so clear and shining, like a star on a clear winter night), that strike an emotional chord more so than any words can do.

  351. Picking an album might be easier than a song, but lets go with ’39’. I always jump to that song when I pull out ‘Bloodflowers’.

  352. Pictures of You

    Every time I hear the opening guitar it takes me back to a special time and place.

  353. Jonathan Chard

    My favourite Cure song is In Between Days, the bit where the synthesizers kick off in the intro gets me every time. And the upbeat music so belies the lyrics! I remember buying the 7″ in Brighton 1985 where I lived and was in love, my girlfriend and I saw them on the accompanying tour at Brighton Centre. Great memories!

  354. David kelber

    “LOVESONG” has probably always been my favorite song , it really has a lot of emotion , the Guitars sounds are really great , It’s just a song i never get sick of .

  355. Karen szcsur

    I have to go with “Fascination Street” , always been a great song & it’s one of those when it comes on in a club the bass always sounds so perfect .

  356. Billy Cramer

    “Plainsong” … Simply put, one of the greatest opening tracks ever.

  357. My favorite Cure song is “Open”. It’s one of the best intros to any live album by any band that I’ve ever heard.

  358. Harold Grey

    A Strange Day: this song, which I first heard via the vinyl version of Pornography that I bought upon its original release from a great record store on Avenue U in Brooklyn, perfectly documents a period of my life when I was 19 and things were not looking so rosy. This song kept me going through some very dark times.

  359. My fav is The Kiss, because of veeeeeeeeeeeeery long guitar intro. That song helped me in a bad moment of my life as well (some time ago). Take care!

  360. It’s hard to pick only one song, but for the moment I choose “All Cats Are Grey” cause it touches me deep inside everytime I listen to it and it is just perfect in its simplicity … the few lyrics have so much intensity and meaning and the melody includes so many different feelings from sadness, sorrow and loneliness to solace and hope. And it’s a classical Cure song.

  361. 10:15 on a Saturday night….classic. simple.

  362. It might be impossible for me to pick a favorite, as my tastes change with time yet sentimental favorites remain. I’ll go with “Fascination Street,” because that’s the one I think of when I think of what makes this album great.

  363. Disintegration is my favorite. The repetitiveness of the guitar makes this song epic. It’s just all around beautiful and I never get sick of it.

  364. Linda Bica

    It has to be Pictures of You. I still play that song over and over. I feel like im 16 again every time I hear it and it makes me feel so amazing! it will always be my favorite song by anyone.

  365. Michael V.

    I always have to say 3 faves:

    “Just Like Heaven” ~ Pure & perfect alterna-pop joy. Makes me bouncy.

    “The Blood” ~ A song like no other Cure song. The Spanish guitars, the wine, the mirage. Haunting.

    “A Strange Day” ~ That guitar riff takes me on a journey.

  366. Jotafrisco

    A Forest. Darkness found in simple melodies, simple lyrics, simple bass line. Post punk in its entirety.

  367. “One hundred years” because its lyrics and its music are perfect.

  368. “Just like heaven” is the dreamiest song ever…

  369. My favorite song is ‘Picture of you’

    Thank you !

  370. Adam Rosenberg

    “Disintergration” has to be my favorite Cure song. It’s epic, grandiose, urgent and perfectly captures the best of The Cure during that phase.

    Rounding out the favorite Cure list includes “Friday, I’m In Love” because my wife loves it, and “The Kiss” because I used it as the background music on a radio show I used to host.

  371. Christine Broglio

    Caterpillar Girl, brilliant & fun to sing along to!

  372. The Same Deep Water As You.
    I can sometimes hear waves crashing in the intro.

  373. dave hayden

    “the kiss”

    its opening swirling guitars
    robert’s passionate vocals
    it is a song of lust
    it is a song about sexual power
    and confusion
    it is a song about rape
    physical and mental

    it devastates me every time i hear it.

  374. AmandaCorrin

    a Forest…it’s been with me thru good and bad thick and thin, good and evil, it creeps me out and makes me thrilled…i can forget anything the second i hear that bass line…again, and again, and again.

  375. Fave Cure song is a tough one, they have so many great ones, but I guess I’ll have to go with The Kiss from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me… I love the brain-melting guitar, the poisonous lyrics, the relentlessness of the song. Great stuff!

  376. Chain of flowers makes me cry

  377. Bill Evans

    “Lullaby” is my all time favorite Cure song. The lyics, the music, and the video are all fantastic.

  378. Time’s up, pencils down. This contest is now closed.

    I’d like to thank everybody for entering. It’s been a blast reading everybody’s favorite Cure songs, and why — it turned out so much better than I imagined.

    Winners will be drawn early next week and notified via e-mail, at which point we’ll be able to ship out the price packs.

    Thanks again, everybody…

  379. ohsparrow

    A Few Hours After This <3

  380. Inbetween days because it got me into the cure when it came out being a teenager

  381. ‘how beautiful you are’ – because he basically reads a betch in the song…usually it’s all flowers and love…but this chick was a wanker

  382. It has to “A Forest” — never really liked song until a certain blog writer and I went to a show in ’96. It was mind blowing and rose to the top instantly…

  383. Jaimi Coston

    I have soo many favorites. I guess I would have to pick Boys don’t cry. I love the guitar riffs in this song. :-)

  384. todd ritchie

    in between days is one of my faves. it just brings back so many memories of geat times with y friends. good times.

  385. tree branch

    I’d have to say “A Strange Day.” It’s the song that changed me from being a fan to being a total obsessive.

  386. Christina

    My favorite Cure song would have to be ‘Friday im in love’ it’s the first song by The Cure that I ever heard and its what made me love them.

  387. My favorite Cure song is Plainsong.
    It was one of the first songs my now wife and I spoke of when we first met and spoke about how much we both love The Cure.

  388. Michael C

    For me – it’s Pornography. Because I’m skeevy like that.

  389. Easy: “Same Deep Water As You.”

  390. “close to me” (staring at the sea: the singles). smiths voice thrills me.

  391. btw, how can it be closed i JUST got the email? lol

  392. All Cats Are Grey, I love that song!

  393. I have a new fave……. “Another Journey by train”….
    Before the two reflections shows could of happily said, faith, all cats are gray, cut, a letter to elise, primary, hanging garden, strange day,edge of the deep greeen sea, baannafishbones, hey you, grindng halt,Mr alphabet says,how beautful you are, but now IF I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE, IT WOULD BE ANOTHER JOURNEY BY TRAIN”.. AS LONG AS THE HARMONICA IS TREATED THE WAY HE DID AT THE OPERA HOUSE… RS PUT IT TO GREAT USE….


  394. I have so many songs but my new favorite cure song is A boy i never new.

  395. Pablo E Briceno

    Birdmad Girl !! the music and lyrics makes me happy . I just dont know why since the first time I did heard this song it got stuck in my head

  396. Hungry Ghost, 4:13 Dream. (

  397. Siamese Twins…music of life, my number 1 ever

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