Milestones — May 27, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Milestones: Siouxsie Sioux is 53 today; watch a complete Banshees concert from 1981

Today we observe another dark-hued milestone, as goth queen Siouxsie Sioux — aka Susan Ballion, erstwhile leader of The Banshees and The Creatures — turns 53. To mark the occasion, we present a full Siouxsie and the Banshees concert, a July 19, 1981, performance in Cologne, Germany, that was filmed for German television. You can watch the whole thing in the playlist embedded above, or, as always, check out the individual performances at Slicing Up Video.

See the setlist for the Banshees’ 1981 concert after the jump…

Setlist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Satory Saal, Cologne, Germany, 7/19/81

1. “Israel”
2. “Halloween”
3. “Regal Zone”
4. “Spellbound”
5. “Arabian Knights”
6. “Switch”
7. “Pulled To Bits”
8. “Head Cut”
9. “Tenant”
10. “Night Shift”
11. “Sin In My Heart”
12. “But Not Them”
13. “Voodoo Dolly”
14. “Hong Kong Garden”
15. “Eve White Eve Black”
16. “Happy House”
17. “Skin”




  1. this is EPIC!

  2. balletgirrl

    I love this site thanks so much for all the info!

  3. Even at 53 she’s still lookin (and sounding) good.
    BTW Uffie did a brilliant job of covering her Hong Kong Garden

  4. Just found this site. Love the tapes layout. Siousxie inspired me directing a Goth Hamlet using voodoo dolly as Ophelia’s dirge

  5. Actually, the correct date of birth is May 27. This is the date that I have seen for the past 26 years of being a fan.

  6. Paul Harvey

    My birthday is the same at siouxsie may the 27 I have see siouxsie and the banshee all my life the best based in my life she is still brilliant at the age go on siouxsie you are the best paulharvey

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