Album News, Video — June 8, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Video: Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes promises ‘we will have a record done this year’

Monday, Duran Duran co-founder Nick Rhodes — who today celebrates his 48th birthday — posted a video update on YouTube to bring fans up to speed on the recording of the band’s 13th studio album. Rhodes admits “it’s been tougher than we thought,” but said 9 of 12 songs are “pretty much done.” He pledged that “we will have a record done this year and out in the first quarter of next year.”



  1. Nick sounds very stressed out by this album, and he looks like he has lost weight. An ‘uphill battle’, lol.

    Gee, maybe Duran Duran actually put some ‘effort’ into this album because Red Carpet Disaster was the worst piece of filth that band ever put out. Even ‘Asstronaut’ was pretty bad compared to the 80’s releases.

    I really hope DD actually have a decent song left in them, personally I haven’t heard one come out of them since Medazzaland. And I really hope they dropped the whole ‘urban’ theme and stick to their guns this time around. These guys blew it with Pop Trash, Astronaut, and Red Carpet Filth…let’s hope they actually did have a hard time making this one because that usually means the album will be decent.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more — while I didn’t think “Red Carpet” was amazing, it had five or six good songs. And I think you’ll find the majority of Duran fans quite rate “Astronaut.”

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