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Elvis Costello reveals tracklist for ‘Pomp & Pout: The Universal Years’ compilation

Elvis Costello, 'Pomp & Pout: The Universal Years'

A few weeks ago, we posted an item about two new Elvis Costello projects on the horizon: a new compilation called Pomp & Pout: The Universal Years, due out June 29, and a brand-new studio album, American Ransom, expected Oct 5. This week, thanks to The Second Disc, we know more about the first album — namely its tracklist. While the 18-song disc features no previously unreleased material, it does nicely span the years between 1988’s Painted From Memory and 2008’s Momofuku.

See tracklist for Elvis Costello’s ‘Pomp & Pout’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Elvis Costello, Pomp & Pout: The Universal Years

1. “Bedlam” (From ‘The Delivery Man,’ 2004)
2. “Stella Hurt” (From ‘Momofuku,’ 2008)
3. “No Hiding Place” (From ‘Momofuku,’ 2008)
4. “This House is Empty Now” (From ‘Painted From Memory,’ 1998)
5. “Impatience” (From ‘North,’ Japanese edition, 2003)
6. “Tart” (From ‘When I Was Cruel,’ 2002)
7. “The Sweetest Punch” (From ‘Painted From Memory,’ 1998)
8. “My Mood Swings” (From ‘The Big Lebowski’ soundtrack, 1998)
9. “When I Was Cruel No. 2” (From ‘When I Was Cruel,’ 2002)
10. “Ascension Day” (From ‘The River in Reverse,’ 2006)
11. “Dust” (From ‘When I Was Cruel,’ 2002)
12. “Country Darkness” (From ‘The Delivery Man,’ 2004)
13. “45” (From ‘When I Was Cruel,’ 2002)
14. “In the Darkest Place” (From ‘Painted From Memory,’ 1998)
15. “The River in Reverse” (From ‘The River in Reverse,’ 2006)
16. “Monkey to Man” (From ‘The Delivery Man,’ 2004)
17. “In Another Room” (From ‘The Delivery Man: Deluxe Edition,’ 2005)
18. “Still” (From ‘North,’ 2003)



  1. Marc Gerson

    Some odd selections here. No “She”? Also could use more tracks from “Painted From Memory.”

  2. Rob Arrow

    Missing hits: “She,” “God Give Me Strength,” and “Tear Off Your Own Head.” Elvis’ choice.

  3. “God Give Me Strength” and “Tear Off Your Own Head” would’ve been far preferable to the two tracks from NORTH. Also “There’s a Story in Your Voice” would’ve been equally welcome.

    I suppose “She” should’ve been included since it was a hit single, but personally it doesn’t do anything for me.

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