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Jane’s Addiction’s final U.S. concert with Eric Avery on new ‘Live Voodoo’ DVD, Blu-ray

Jane's Addiction, circa 2009

Bassist Eric Avery’s final U.S. concert with Jane’s Addiction will be preserved on “Live Voodoo,” a new DVD and Blu-ray release arriving this summer that captures the briefly reunited band’s 13-song set at New Orleans’ Voodoo Experience music festival last Halloween.

The film is due out Aug. 30 via Eagle Rock Entertainment, according to AltSounds.com, and marks the first time Jane’s Addiction has released a complete concert on video. The DVD and Blu-ray will include the band’s full Oct. 31 set, plus a pair of bonus songs — “1%” and “Ocean Size” — recorded at one of the group’s first reunion gigs with Avery in Los Angeles in 2008 (see full tracklist and video from the concert below).

Avery left the band for a second time earlier this year following dates in Australia, but Jane’s Addiction quickly enlisted former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan as a replacement. The band, which just wrapped up a short run of European gigs, currently is recording a new album, its follow-up to 2004’s equally Avery-less Strays.

See tracklist for Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Live Voodoo’ and live video after the jump…

Tracklist: Jane’s Addiction, “Live Voodoo” (DVD/Blu-ray)

1. “Up the Beach”
2. “Mountain Song”
3. “Ain’t No Right”
4. “Three Days”
5. “Whores”
6. “Then She Did…”
7. “Been Caught Stealing”
8. “Ocean Size”
9. “Ted, Just Admit It”
10. “Summertime Rolls”
11. “Stop!”
12. “Jane Says”
13. “Chip Away”
14. “1%”*
15. “Ocean Size”*

*Bonus tracks recorded in Los Angeles in 2008



  1. I loved these guys 20+ years ago, but talk about a band that’s milked every possible dollar from their early work. This set list is pathetic — it basically proves that this band hasn’t had a decent song or original idea since 1990. They were great back in the day, but come on!

  2. BB really? Avery would only play original Jane’s material, wasn’t interested in the songs they’ve written since without him. Are you saying there wasn’t a single decent song on Strays? Because I’d have to disagree.

    This performance wasn’t good, but the setlist was awesome. They should have filmed one of the earlier stops in the show, like Toronto.

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