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Squeeze’s Chris Difford releasing new album, ‘Cashmere If You Can,’ one track at a time

Squeeze's Chris Difford

With Squeeze set to tour this year in support of a disc’s worth of re-recorded hits, band co-leader Chris Difford is offering up some brand-new music of his own — and in a novel fashion.

Difford’s third album, Cashmere If You Can, is being distributed one “chapter” at a time through the Saturday Morning Music Club. Subscribers pay £20 — about $30 — for a desktop app that each Saturday will receive a new multimedia bundle, featuring a new track from the album, plus B-sides, photos, video and more.

So far, Difford has digitally released the “Introduction Chapter,” featuring lead-off track “1975,” and yesterday delivered “Chapter One,” which includes the album’s second cut, “Like I Did (Cashmere If You Can)” (see full tracklist and promo video below). The full album is also expected to be released on CD later this year.

See the tracklist for Chris Difford’s ‘Cashmere If You Can’ after the jump…

Chris Difford, 'Cashmere If You Can'

Tracklist: Chris Difford, Cashmere If You Can

1. “1975”
2. “Like I Did (Cashmere If You Can)”
3. “The Still And The Sparkling”
4. “Back In The Day”
5. “Sidney Street”
6. “Cottontops”
7. “Upgrade Me”
8. “Who’d Ever Want To Be”
9. “Passion Killer”
10. “Goldfish”
11. “Wrecked”
12. “Happy Once Again”

Saturday Morning Music Club: Introduction Chapter

1. “1975” (Album’s lead track)
2. “‘Funky Dory” (Trip Hop session track)
3. “Polestar” (The Last Temptation of Chris session track)
4. “Battersea Boys” (original Geoff Martyn Demo)
5. “Cowboys Are My Weakness” (Live Video)
6. Lyrics and unseen photos from Difford’s private collection

Saturday Morning Music Club: Chapter 1

1. “Like I Did (Cashmere If You Can)” (Album’s second track)
2. “Velvet Zone”
3. “She Is The Walrus”
4. “Trippy Take Me”
5. “Tempted” (Live Video)
6. Lyrics, exclusive photos, weblinks and notes from Difford


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