Album News — June 22, 2010 at 6:06 am

Lloyd Cole releasing ‘Broken Record,’ first full-band album in a decade, this fall

Lloyd Cole / Photo by Doug Seymour

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole plans to release Broken Record — the former Commotions leader’s first full-band album in a decade — this September, and reports that he’s “happy we got these songs finished because I’m not sure I’ll make another record like this again.”

The 11-track album, Cole’s first since 2006’s Antidepressant, finds the musician ending his “self-imposed exile as a would-be folksinger,” according to a note posted along with samples of three of the album’s songs (“Oh Genevieve,” “Like a Broken Record” and “Winters Retreat”) on the Tapete Records website. (Listen to the samples here.)

Cole enlisted the members of his “baby bluegrass band,” the Small Ensemble, as well as Joan Wasser, aka Joan as Police Woman, and ex-Commotion Blair Cowan. The project is being funded, in part, by 1,000 fans who paid $45 for the deluxe edition of the album before it was even recorded (they’ll get a second disc with 15 outtakes).

The experience of working with a band again, Cole writes, was “rewarding, perplexing, fabulously enjoyable and heinously stressful.” He adds that, “Singing with a rock and roll band in the studio I felt exactly as I did in 1987 or 1995, and then I would see my reflection in the glass of the gobo and wonder who this old guy was…”

Cole is planning to do press for the album in Europe in July and September and play solo dates during those trips; he’s also working to schedule a European tour with the Small Ensemble in October and November, plus he’s tentatively planning to play shows throughout the U.S. and Australia/New Zealand in early 2011.



  1. Thanks for the news. Slicing up the Eyeballs always keep us informed of Lloyd, and other music news. A great blog. New tracks sound brilliant. I can’t wait for the release in September and the extra bonus disk will be amazing.

  2. YAY! But no Canadian tour? Please?

  3. WOW!

    The post office just delivered my deluxe edition. Color me stunned.

    The beautiful packaging made it seem like I was opening a much-anticipated birthday present. It’s so awesome!!!

    I particularly like Doug Seymour’s photo on the front of the box. Night and day; very artistic.

    I’m listening to the bonus disc for the first time right now.

    This is worth far more than the $45 I paid. Thanks very much to Lloyd for allowing me to play a small part in the project through my “investment” one year ago.

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