Milestones, Video — July 13, 2010 at 6:17 am

Milestones: U2 at Live Aid 25 years ago today

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Live Aid, the Bob Geldof-organized African famine relief concert that remains one of the cultural signposts of the ’80s. For readers of this site, the event — seen by more than 1 billion people worldwide — is perhaps best remembered as the tipping point in U2’s ascent from college-rock upstarts to global superstars. Above is the clip of U2 performing “Bad” at London’s Wembley Stadium, one of the group’s defining concert performances, and the moment, in many ways, that everything changed for the band.



  1. childoftheeighties

    thanks for posting. Brings back lots of memories. I was 14 at the time and a huge U2 fan. I remember watching and thinking that they screwed up by not playing ‘Pride’. Shows what I know.

    Still a big U2 fan although it’s ironic/dissapointing that they are definitely getting closer to what they railed against in the early ’80s: a pop group concerned with chart position.

    Love the website. Keep it going.

  2. Bloofer_Lady

    I started liking U2 right around that time when I was 14. I was a huge U2 fan back then and saw them twice during their Joshua Tree tour. They lost me after that however. I still love all of their earlier albums but their later ones leave a bad taste in my mouth. They have pretty much become what they were against all those years ago.

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