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Ministry preps ‘MiXXXes of the Molé,’ ‘trance metal’ remix of 2004’s ‘Houses of the Molé”

Ministry, 'MiXXXes of the Molé'

Breaking up two years ago hasn’t slowed Ministry’s output: Al Jourgensen’s defunct industrial-metal  juggernaut next month will release MiXXXes of the Molé, a track-by-track “trance metal” remix of the band’s 2004 album Houses of the Molé.

Due out Aug. 17 on Jourgensen’s 13th Planet imprint, the disc features 10 all-new remixes by Blownload frontman Erie Loch (see full tracklist below). For $25, fans can order a bundle from 13th Planet that includes the CD, a T-shirt, a free bonus remix of “Bloodlines” and a free hand-numbered vinyl copy of Ministry’s 2006 album Rio Grande Blood.

The original Houses of the Molé was the first of three anti-Bush records from Ministry; full-album remixes of Rio Grande Blood and 2007’s The Last Sucker already have been released as Rio Grande Dub(ya) and The Last Dubber, the latter of which also was released post-breakup, as was a live CD and DVD of the band’s farewell tour.

Despite the breakup, Jourgensen also released a new Ministry song — “Keys to the City,” a Chicago Blackhawks theme song — digitally this past March.

See tracklist for Ministry’s ‘MiXXXes of the Molé’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Ministry, MiXXXes of the Molé

1. “No W” (Adrenalenema Mix)
2. “Waiting” (Geiger Counter Mix)
3. “Worthless” (Get to da Choppa Mix)
4. “Wrong” (Blunt Force Drama Mix)
5. “Warp City” (Gimp in the Box Mix)
6. “WTV” (Boob Tube Mix)
7. “World” (Globogasm Mix)
9. “Worm” (Locate Consume Repeat Mix)
10. “Walrus” (The Pretty Mouth Mix)


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