Video — July 19, 2010 at 10:07 am

Video: Bryan Ferry’s ‘You Can Dance,’ first single off forthcoming ‘Olympia’ album

We reported last week on news of Bryan Ferry’s star-studded new solo album Olympia as well as upcoming Roxy Music reunion dates — and now comes the video for that disc’s first single, “You Can Dance,” which premiered at this morning. The video, set in a swanky nightclub, can be seen above, although you’ve got to sit through an advertisement first.



  1. Glad to see Bryan Ferry back on the scene. Love the homage to Avalon album’s True to Life in You Can Dance. Video is horrible. Not enough footage of Ferry and the ‘artists’ and too much of the club girls and their less than rhythmic hips.

  2. Hate to say it, especially as a Bryan Ferry fan, but this is pretty sterile and stale sounding compared to, say, anyhting off of BETE NOIR or even FRANTIC. Maybe I’m just getting old and expect too much.

  3. Love Bryan and would like to have seen more of him and less of the girls.

  4. Boudewijn

    If you start complaining about too many pretty girls blocking the view of Bryan Ferry then you must either be getting old or gay :-)
    I’m just glad to see Bryan Ferry still active and creating new things, even popular in the dance scene.

  5. Disappointing & not as good as the original Dave Stewart produced version on the excellent ‘Alphaville Demos’ CD. Despite the fact that almost all the Alphaville songs will now have been utilised (remixed or re-recorded as on Frantic, various compilations & the new Olympia album) they deserves to be released in their original form. Alphaville is one of the great unreleased albums by a major artist.

  6. I liked the DJ Hell version better.

  7. Having been a fan from the early Roxy Music days, I have to say this lapses into and beyond the territory of self-parody. This is already yesterday’s news before it’s even been officially released.

  8. Just my opinion
    I find this song goes on toooo long
    the beat is very repetetive. and it just seems to go nowhere I admit its a typical ferry song but maybe
    the wrong single to be released for the new album.
    but hay its ferry Im a nobody andjust becaouse they are remixing it in europe.. mean nothing as they will mix anything from uk good old british music. I myself was at number 1 in the charts for 11 weeks but only in Europe charts.

    Ray Morgan
    A ferry lover!

  9. I share my opinion with Ray.I’m sure North Americans would rather hear a different/always brilliant song from Bryan.Perhaps they are targeting the Euros but I believe they should use another song and take aim at the people with the dollars!This time Let an American pick the Song for America.

  10. steven john

    this is a remix version by dj hell. this is not ferry at his best.wait until you hear shameless it will blow your mind!

  11. You complainers are killing me. Think about the longevity of Bryan Ferry…he still kicks ass. Who cares if something or other was better…this is here, this is now. THIS ROCKS!!

  12. more bryan, less girls. hardly saw him at all.

  13. Every time life hurts, I just ask Bryan to sing to me and not only will he accommodate me beautifully and I can even pick the songs. His music is so wonderful and etheryal ,it takes me to another place every time.

    If I die and go to heaven, I will hear Bryan Ferry music on the way

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