Video — July 22, 2010 at 9:12 am

Video: David Byrne and Crowded House play Talking Heads songs in New York City

Fans at Crowded House’s third-of-three shows at New York’s Bowery Ballroom last night got a rare treat: David Byrne joined the band during its encore to perform the Talking Heads classics “Once in a Lifetime” and “Road to Nowhere.” As the person who posted the clip above writes, “I went to see Crowded House and a Talking Heads concert broke out.”

Above, we’ve got “Once in a Lifetime,” and below you’ll find both “Road to Nowhere” plus a different take on “Once in a Lifetime.” The video’s not as great on the second version, but it shows how the band segued from “Weather With You” into the Heads song — with Byrne joining the band mid-stream, to the delight of the NYC crowd.

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  1. Is it just me or does it seem increasingly clear that David Byrne will play with just about ANYONE except his former band mates?

  2. @ Nick O’Riley: Probably because his former bandmates still can’t tolerate his bloated ego. Great musician, but huge ego.

  3. You are correct Jason. Correct, correct, correct! I think there was a time, however, when they would have put up with him, but since their appearance at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame ceremony I think they no longer see any worth in pursuing a reunion.
    I sometimes read the forum at and occasionally one of them posts some info or news item. During the ’08 elections Byrne wrote about how important it was for every American to vote. Later in his post he wrote that he himself can’t vote because he’s not a U.S. citizen (born in Scotland). Chris Frantz chimed and basically called him out for never becoming a full-fledged citizen. He didn’t exactly flame him, but you could tell that any common ground or shared fondness they once had has definitely shriveled up.

  4. When you say ‘just about ANYONE’ it makes it sound like Crowded House are just some schmucks…Neil Finn is widely thought of as one of the better songwriters alive. Seriously, look it up.

  5. Tommy Tom, Tom-Tom – please don’t take offense as none was meant. I was only trying to make the point that Byrne appears willing and happy to play with any band or solo artist as long as their last names aren’t Harrison, Weymouth and Frantz.
    The strange thing is, I still like and admire him as a musician. I can understand growing tired of playing with the same people after so long, but come on, it’s been something like 16 years since they last recorded together.
    As for Crowded House, I couldn’t be happier that a band I loved in 80s and 90s is back and making music again. Their debut ranks up there with R.E.M.’s Murmer and The Specials’ first.

  6. MuzzikLvr

    David Byrne joined Crowded House on stage in New Zealand too. So, what do you think the chances are that he’ll be in San Diego next month ;)

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