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Soundgarden preps ‘Telephantasm’ best-of with unreleased ‘Badmotorfinger’ outtake

Soundgarden, circa 2010

The reunited Soundgarden this fall will issue Telephantasm, a new best-of spanning the band’s debut on the seminal 1986 proto-grunge comp Deep Six to its final album, Down on the Upside, a decade later — with a previously unreleased Badmotorfinger outtake thrown in for good measure.

Due out Sept. 27 in Europe and Sept. 28 in the U.S., Telephantasm will be released in three different editions: as a 12-track single disc, a deluxe edition featuring 24 songs spread over two CDs plus a limited-edition DVD, and a super-deluxe set featuring the 2CD/1DVD release plus “three heavy vinyl discs” and more (see tracklists below).

However, the single-disc edition — which features almost all A-sides, plus the “Singles” soundtrack cut “Birth Ritual” and unreleased outtake “Black Rain” — will only be available in the U.S. for the first week of its release as part of the video game “Guitar Hero: Warriors or Rock”; it will be released separately on Oct. 5.

Soundgarden performed for the first time in 12 years at a “secret” gig in Seattle this past April. The band is set to play a sold-out Chicago warm-up club gig on Thursday before its big coming-out party Sunday when it headlines Lollapalooza.

See the tracklist for Soundgarden’s ‘Telephantasm’ after the jump…

Tracklist: Soundgarden, Telephantasm

1. “Hunted Down”
2. “Hands All Over”
3. “Outshined”
4. “Rusty Cage”
5. “Birth Ritual”
6. “Black Hole Sun”
7. “Spoonman”
8. “My Wave”
9. “Fell On Black Days”
10. “Burden In My Hand”
11. “Blow Up The Outside World”
12. “Black Rain” *

*Previously unreleased


1. “All Your Lies”
2. “Hunted Down”
3. “Fopp”
4. “Beyond The Wheel”
5. “Flower” (BBC Session) *
6. “Hands All Over”
7. “Big Dumb Sex”
8. “Get On The Snake” (Live)
9. “Room A Thousand Years Wide” (Single Version)*
10. “Rusty Cage”
11. “Outshined”
12. “Slaves & Bulldozers”

1. “Jesus Christ Pose” (Live)
2. “Birth Ritual”
3. “My Wave”
4. “Superunknown”
5. “Spoonman”
6. “Black Hole Sun”
7. “Fell On Black Days” (Video Version)
8. “Burden In My Hand”
9. “Dusty”
10. “Pretty Noose” (Live on SNL) *
11. “Blow Up The Outside World” (MTV Live ‘N’ Loud) *
12. “Black Rain” *

*Previously unreleased on CD

1. “Flower” *
2. “Hands All Over”
3. “Loud Love”
4. “Jesus Christ Pose” (Original Version) *
5. “Outshined” *
6. “Rusty Cage” *
7. “My Wave”
8. “Spoonman” *
9. “The Day I Tried To Live” (Uncensored)
10. “Black Hole Sun”
11. “Fell On Black Days”
12. “Pretty Noose” (Uncensored) *
13. “Burden In My Hand” *
14. “Blow Up The Outside World” (Uncensored) *

1. “Spoonman” (Mash-up Version) *
2. “The Day I Tried To Live” (European Version) *
3. “Superunknown”
4. “Pretty Noose” (International Version) *
5. “Pretty Noose” (Alternate Ending) *
6. “Blow Up The Outside World” (Censored) *

*Previously unreleased


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  1. Tommy Chong is in Soundgarden? Cool!

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