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B-52s’ Fred Schneider releasing ‘Destination… Christmas!’ holiday CD with The Superions

The Superions, featuring Fred Schneider of the B-52s

Ever-quirky frontman Fred Schneider will take a break from the long-running B-52s this fall to release Destination… Christmas!, a collection of 11 completely original and allegedly “party friendly” holiday tunes that he’s written and recorded with his Orlando, Fla.-based side project The Superions.

Due out Oct. 26, the disc features such potential Christmas chestnuts as “Santa’s Disco,” “Fruitcake” and “Jingle Those Bells” (see full tracklist and album trailer below). According to a news release announcing the project, “the response the Superions have received from playing this record for friends has been hysterical laughter.”

Schneider formed the Superions two years ago with keyboardist Noah Brodie and programmer Dan Marshall; the trio previously has released an EP and a limited-edition 12-inch single. As for the new Christmas disc, Schneider writes, “It’s hard to say who our musical influences for this project were, because we don’t want to get sued.”

See ‘Destination… Christmas!’ tracklist and teaser trailer after the jump…

The Superions, 'Destination... Christmas!'

Tracklist: The Superions, Destination… Christmas!

1. “Santa’s Disco”
2. “Fruitcake”
3. “Chillin’ at Christmas”
4. “Teddy and Betty Yeti”
5. “Christmas Conga (Jungle Bells)”
6. “Jingle Those Bells”
7. “Under The Tree”
8. “Crummy Christmas Tree”
9. “Laughter At Christmas”
10. “Christmas Tears”
11. “Santa Je t’aime”

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  1. It’s gonna be a fabulous Christmas! Yeaaaah! Lets… all… buy that ALBUM! Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh! It’s gonna be a party out-of-bounds, yeah!

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