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Beggars Archive prepping This Mortal Coil box set, plus CD, vinyl and Blu-ray reissues

This Mortal Coil

Reissue imprint Beggars Archive is readying a major This Mortal Coil re-release campaign, featuring a new 4CD box set, individual vinyl and CD reissues of the 4AD collective’s three studio albums, and a hi-def Blu-ray release that collects all of the band’s records and music videos on a single disc.

In a note posted Tuesday on Beggars Archive’s blog, the label reports that the reissues of 4AD label chief Ivo Watts-Russell’s mid-to-late-’80s cover-heavy dreampop collaboration — which involved members of Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and the Pixies — aren’t yet in production, so a release date hasn’t been set.

However, Beggars does detail the following four components:

CD BOX SET: Remastered editions of the This Mortal Coil’s three albums — It’ll End in Tears (1984), Filigree & Shadow (1986) and Blood (1991) — will be repackaged in Japanese paper gatefold sleeves with “re-worked” art by Watts-Russell and famed 4AD designer Vaughan Oliver, using photos from Nigel Grierson’s original sessions.

The discs will be sold together with a fourth CD called Dust & Guitars, which collects the band’s three singles and EPs, plus two recently discovered tracks that had been earmarked for the Rough Trade Singles Club in 1992 but weren’t issued: “Thais (Bird of Paradise),” a variation of the Filigree & Shadow track, and a cover of Neil Young’s “We Never Danced” recorded for Blood but not used (see tracklist below).

VINYL REISSUES: Each of This Mortal Coil’s three albums will be reissued on audiophile vinyl by Original Recordings Group, packaged in newly designed gatefold sleeves. The records have been “mastered from the HD audio transfers from the analog tapes.”

HD AUDIO BLU-RAY: All three albums will be included on a single Blu-ray disc in high-definition stereo (24bit/96khz), along with the band’s videos and both CD-quality FLAC files and MP3 files that can be ripped and burned.

CD REISSUES: After the box set sells out, Beggars plans to withdraw the current jewel-cased CDs and reissue all three albums individually in the Japanese paper sleeves. While Dust & Guitars won’t receive a “general release,” Beggars says “fans who would like it but don’t want to buy the box set will be catered for in some way.”

See tracklist of This Mortal Coil’s ‘Dust & Guitars’ disc after the jump…

Tracklist: This Mortal Coil, Dust & Guitars bonus disc

1. “Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust”
2. “Song To The Siren”
3. “Sixteen Days (Reprise)”
4. “Kangaroo”
5. “It’ll End In Tears”
6. “Come Here My Love”
7. “Drugs”
8. “Acid, Bitter and Sad”
9. “We Never Danced” *
10. “Thais (Bird of Paradise)” *

*Previously unreleased


  1. Daaaaaayum! You know how to treat the fans right. I almost went into a coma thanks to your Bauhaus releases… this is sure to do the trick.

  2. “Didn’t I dream, you dreamed about me”

    Love this so much!

  3. CalculusCat

    There goes a month’s salary I want all formats – this really is the best news, wonder if they will include the film that was shown during the “Carnival of Light ..and Other Tall Stories” at the Town and Country Club

  4. Hello Santa? I need this mortal coil…

  5. Joe Johnson

    Longtime lurker here. Love this site, but I have to comment on this. It’s amazing news. Cocteau Twins were the defining band of the 4AD label, but This Mortal Coil were its epitome. This was Ivo’s most important work and demonstrated what they could really do. I really hope Beggar’s don’t fumble this. I’ll hold onto my old 1993 box set just in case. Really excited about the Blu-Ray version, too. I’ll seriously purchase a Blu-ray player just for this release alone! Super excited! The only thing missing is that remixed track “Something Borrowed” that showed up on Ivo’s soundtrack to that 1998 Tobey Maguire / Benicio Del Toro film “Joyride.” I pray that a solid release date for preorders appear soon.

  6. Clearly one of the most artful, sensually enveloping bands/recordings to happen upon modern music… Never removed from my ‘repeat over and over again’ CD stack! Historically significant music that best introduces any of those lucky enough to open their ears, hearts and minds to the gift that is 80s’ 4AD!

  7. Joe Johnson

    Now if we could just get some Cocteau Twins available on Blu-ray and DVD. That would be awesome. Surely there must be some videos and other hidden gems buried deep with the 4AD / Beggars vaults?

  8. Molto Bene! Any chance of Beggars reissuing the “Originals” CD that came with the first boxset?

    And some decent, *affordable* prints of Nigel Grierson’s artwork would be very nice too. Cheapest price I’ve seen is $3000!

    Sort those two out and my life is complete ;-)

  9. Mister Christopher

    Can you still find the 1993 box set anywhere? I wonder.

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