Video — August 28, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Video: Robyn Hitchcock plays Elvis Presley’s ‘All Shook Up’ on Memphis streetcar

In the second installment of his new “Tram Watch” series, bent troubadour Robyn Hitchcock finds inspiration on a trip to Memphis, Tenn., and breaks into Elvis Presley’s 1957 smash “All Shook Up” while riding a streetcar — and then continues once he jump off, as seen above. You can also check out the first installment, below, which finds Hitchcock and Ruby Wright performing “Trams of Old London,” off I Often Dream of Trains, in an abandoned British subway station.

See Robyn Hitchcock perform ‘Trams of Old London’ after the jump…



  1. Dude, that was pretty sweet. He needs new moves, though!

  2. The Evis impression at the beginning is darn silly, but the rest is cool. Those kinda are new moves for Robyn.

  3. I really like the moves !! He can teach some other moves as well.

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