Reunions, Video — August 30, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy, Japan’s Mick Karn reuniting for second Dalis Car album

Dali's Car, circa 1984

Former Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy shocked his fans today by announcing that he’s reuniting this September with ailing ex-Japan bassist Mick Karn to record a second Dalis Car album — the short-lived group’s first and only new record since 1984’s The Waking Hour.

In a brief video posted on his Facebook page, Murphy revealed that this summer’s Dirty Dirt Tour will “be continuing in small parts until November when we have to play South America.” The only new dates announced are Sept. 9 at the Festa do Leitao in Augeda, Portugal, and Oct. 31 at the Sinner’s Day Festival in Hasselt, Belgium.

Following the Portuguese festival, Murphy said he’ll travel to London “to continue writing,” and that one of the sessions he has planned is “recording with Mick Karn for a Dalis Car second album.” Murphy said the two are “going to spend a week or so writing and laying down tracks. That’s going to be fantastic — and Mick’s very happy to do that,” Murphy added. “It’ll be the first time that we’ve seen each other since ’83, and it’s going to be a pleasure. We’ve been talking and it’s been great.”

Murphy made no mention of Paul Vincent Lawford, who handled electronics and percussion in the group, which Murphy and Karn formed after they left Bauhaus and Japan, respectively. Nor did he address Karn’s health; the musician announced in June that he has been diagnosed with advance-stage cancer. Karn’s supporters are collecting money to help pay for his treatment here.

See video of Dalis Car on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ after the jump…



  1. OMG!!!

  2. ivana pavelić

    OMG,so excited for this 2 album of Dali´s Car…

  3. I actually like the Dalis Car album, seems I am in the minority though, for some reason.

    I am confused about a fundraiser for Mick Karn though. He lives in England, correct? They have the NHS which should leave him with no medical bills. If it is for general living expenses that makes perfect sense but he should not go bankrupt due to getting cancer. Unlike in the U.S. if you happen to get an expensive medical condition and have no insurance or inadequate insurance.

  4. I believe Mick lives in Cyprus.

  5. I confirm Mick now lives in Cyprus (his real homeland) and needed funds to move back to london, get medical treatments and allow wife and son to come along and support him.(sorry about my bad english, I’m french)

  6. rip mick.

    looking forward to the 4 songs that he and peter completed that are supposed to be released as an ep in 2011.

    always loved ‘the waking hour’…not a bad song in the lot.

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