Video — September 1, 2010 at 11:00 am

Video: Crowded House’s ‘Either Side of the World,’ second single off ‘Intriguer’

As Crowded House nears the end of its U.S. tour, the band this week released an official music video for “Either Side of the World,” the second single off this summer’s Intriguer album. The whimsical clip, shown above, stars Neil Finn’s mustache accompanied by a lot of old film footage of people dancing.



  1. was able to see them live last month. this is a fantastic album.

  2. Awesome album and this vid should be on music shows all over the world, something fantastic to replace the rubbish most of those shows usually play

  3. And new footage of fans dancing, as invited to do so by submitting their videos via the website

  4. This is currently posted on the BBC messageboard:

    “The latest track from the new Crowded House CD ‘Intriguer’ to be chosen as a release to radio is ‘Either Side Of The World’, to be released on 13 September.

    Unfortunately the Radio 2 playlist committee have rejected the song, but I’d like to draw your attention to the wonderful video that has just been made available on the band’s official website to accompany the song.

    All comments (both positive & negative) welcome -should the track have made it to the playlist?”

    It appears the BBC has rejected this song from its Radio 2 playlist so you won’t hear it on the radio.
    Therefore If you like this video then pass it around to your friends and colleagues since that is the only publicity its going to get.

  5. Thanks so much putting this on your site! I love it! It’s so catchy and infectious! Let’s hope the video clip creates a Crowded House pandemic!

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