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Ministry covers Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ on ‘Every Day is Halloween: The Anthology’?

Ministry's Al Jourgensen

Defunct industrial heavyweight Ministry continues to roll out fresh product, despite having called it quits two years ago. Next up: Every Day is Halloween: The Anthology, a 12-track compilation that appears to mix some of the band’s best-known singles with new covers of classic songs by AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones — and Amy Winehouse?

The disc is due out Oct. 5 on Cleopatra Records, yet aside from listing the title on its site, the label hasn’t formally announced the set, nor has Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen. In fact, the comp may actually be called Every Day is Halloween: Greatest Tricks, based on the alternate artwork displayed by

According to a tracklist posted at and, the disc opens with some of Ministry’s biggest hits: “Every Day is Halloween,” “N.W.O.,” “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” and “Stigmata.” The Billboard tracklist labels “Every Day is Halloween” as the “2010 Hard Version,” which presumably is the version that, a reader points out, Amazon already is selling here — a mix that sounds like it might feature new vocals from Jourgensen

To further confuse matters, electro/industrial artist Razed in Black posted his own new mix of “Every Day is Halloween” on Facebook recently, labeling it as “upcoming on Cleopatra Records,” and writing, “The other remixes from other artists for this track are aggressive and much faster than the original” (hear a 30-second sample here).

The disc then segues into what presumably are covers of classic tunes by Ted Nugent (“Stranglehold”), ZZ Top (“Sharp Dressed Man”) and Black Sabbath (“Iron Man”), among others (see full tracklist below). There’s also, somewhat inexplicably, an appearance by Ministry’s “Khyber Pass,” off 2006’s Rio Grande Blood, plus a song called “Rehab” — which very well could be a cover of Winehouse’s boozy 2006 hit.

Of those covers, one of them, “Thunderstruck,” was released this summer as an iTunes single off the Hell’s Bells: A Salute to AC/DC album. It’s unclear whether Jourgensen recorded the new covers recently, or whether they’re leftovers from the sessions that led to 2008’s Cover Up, an album credited to Ministry and Co-Conspirators.

See full tracklist for Ministry’s ‘Every Day is Halloween’ after the jump…

Ministry, 'Every Day is Halloween: The Anthology'

Tracklist: Ministry, Every Day is Halloween: The Anthology

1. “Every Day is Halloween” (2010 Hard Mix)
2. “N.W.O.”
3. “Jesus Built My Hotrod”
4. “Stigmata”
5. “Stranglehold”
6. “Khyber Pass”
7. “Iron Man”
8. “Thunderstruck”
9. “Purple Haze”
10. “Sharp Dressed Man”
11. “Rehab”
12. “Paint It Black”



  1. Richard Vergez

    Everything went downhill after Paul Barker left.

  2. Cleopatra Records is an awful label. Just check their catalog, really bad cover bands, and they have the gall to release cds by that have “re-recorded versions” !

    Ugh…I can’t believe they’re still around…

  3. This is a real “garage sale” mix of tracks here. It feels pretty random.

    When is Hypo Luxa going to finally reissue his early work that is way overdue for remaster (LOR&H, MIATTTT)?


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