Milestones, Video — September 13, 2010 at 6:14 am

Milestones: Steve Kilbey is 56 today; watch The Church live on Italian TV in 1988

Today we mark the 56th birthday of Steve Kilbey — writer, artist, solo musician and, of course, lead singer and bassist for Australian rock act The Church for the past three decades. To commemorate the occasion, we present these vintage clips of The Church playing live on Italian TV in 1988 to promote the band’s mainstream crossover Starfish: Above, you’ll find Kilbey and Co. performing breakthrough single “Under the Milky Way,” and, below, see the band follow up with “Reptile,” the record’s second single, and album opener “Destination.”

See more video of The Church live on Italian TV after the jump…



  1. Sooooooo nice!

  2. I love Destination, It’s on a par with The Endless Sea… one of my fav Church tracks. Love them, adore their music, there’s no other way of explaining, or is there? i could rave abouth The Church all day ! Love ya Kilb’s , and hope you had a fantastic B Day xoxo Bark Clay (Ange)

  3. chris cummins

    Watching The Church while on lunch is bliss. Thanks for posting this!

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