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The Jesus and Mary Chain anthologized on new 2CD, 44-track ‘Upside Down: The Best Of’

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Seminal noise-pop act The Jesus and Mary Chain will be anthologized next week with a new U.K. career-spanning, 44-track collection called Upside Down: The Best Of, a 2CD compilation that features “All Things Must Pass,” the sole new music released by the Reid brothers since reuniting in 2007.

Due out Monday on the British imprint Music Club Deluxe, the new collection is being marketed as a tie-in of sorts to the documentary “Upside Down: The Story of Creation Records,” which, like the new best-of, takes its name from the JAMC’s 1984 debut single, and features interviews with the band (see the film’s trailer here.)

Upside Down touches on each of the Reids’ six albums and a sampling of B-sides and non-album tracks, as well as all but one of the A-sides included on Rhino Records’ 2002 comp 21 Singles (“Snakedriver,” off 1993’s Sound of Speed EP, being the exception).

The draw for fans, though, will be the inclusion of two rare non-album tracks: “45 RPM,” an alternate version of the Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll cut “33 1/3,” included on the long-out-of-print 1995 disc 104.9: An XFM Compilation Album; and “All Things Must Pass,” the reunited JAMC’s contribution to the ‘Heroes’ Original Soundtrack — the first, and so far only, new music released by the band since 1998’s Munki.

See full tracklist for ‘Upside Down: The Best Of’ after the jump…

The Jesus and Mary Chain, 'Upside Down: The Best Of'

Tracklist: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Upside Down: The Best Of

1. “Just Like Honey”
2. “April Skies”
3. “Blues From A Gun”
4. “Far Gone And Out”
5. “Some Candy Talking”
6. “Come On”
7. “Head On”
8. “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”
9. “All Things Must Pass”
10. “Reverence”
11. “Sidewalking”
12. “Cracking Up”
13. “Upside Down”
14. “Never Understand”
15. “The Hardest Walk”
16. “Happy When It Rains”
17. “The Perfect Crime”
18. “Sometimes Always”
19. “Almost Gold”
20. “Darklands”
21. “45 RPM”
22. “Head”

1. “Half Way To Crazy”
2. “You Trip Me Up”
3. “Rollercoaster”
4. “Birthday”
5. “Happy Place”
6. “Something I Can’t Have”
7. “I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll”
8. “Tower Of Song”
9. “Vegetable Man”
10. “In A Hole”
11. “Kill Surf City”
12. “33 1/3”
13. “Cherry Came Too”
14. “Between Planets”
15. “Moe Tucker”
16. “Little Stars”
17. “God Help Me”
18. “New York City”
19. “Nine Million Rainy Days”
20. “Drop”
21. “Black”
22. “Psychocandy”


  1. is it all re-mastered? will there be a US release?

  2. Kristen it’s a Rhino disc, so the production on the CD is beautiful and the sound is clean, almost polished. You get 44 songs for 16 bucks on Go buy it. You will not be disappointed.

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