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Big Country enlists The Alarm’s Mike Peters as lead singer for 30th anniversary tour

Big Country

Largely sidelined by the 2001 suicide of frontman Stuart Adamson, Scottish New Wave rockers Big Country — immortalized by their iconic hit “In a Big Country” — have drafted Mike Peters of The Alarm to take over as lead singer for a series of 30th anniversary concerts beginning New Years Eve.

Original members Tony Butler (bass, vocals), Mark Brzezicki (drums, vocals) and Bruce Watson (guitar, vocals) will be joined by Peters and additional guitarist Jamie Watson for the trek, which so far includes seven U.K. dates beginning Dec. 31 in Glasgow and running through Jan. 8 in Liverpool (see full tour dates below).

A statement posted on Big Country’s website last week says “the band are lining up concerts for a period of celebration that will not only embrace their illustrious past but also honor the life and times of original lead singer, guitarist and co-founder Stuart Adamson.” Peters will be “joining the band for these dates and more.”

In that statement, Peters says:

“I first met Stuart on stage at a U2 concert in Hammersmith Palais back in 1983. Bono introduced us to his audience as being ‘part of the the new breed’ and Stuart was literally passed up onto the stage by the fans and I shook his hand as I handed him a guitar — an unforgettable entrance. The last time I saw him was also on stage with Big Country at Glasgow Barrowlands for the last night of the Final Fling tour in 2000, when we sang Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ together. When Bruce Watson called and asked me to sing for Big Country, it was something I didn’t need to think twice about. I’m looking forward to meeting all the fans again and playing a part in keeping the spirit of Stuart Adamson alive and celebrating the music of a band I have loved from near and afar for the whole of my adult life.”

This won’t be the first time Big Country has performed without Adamson (he’s second from the right in the vintage promotional photo shown above); in 2007, the surviving members of the band toured the U.K., with Butler handling lead vocals. The trio subsequently released a live chronicle of that trek, the 11-track Twenty Five Live.

Butler, on the band’s site, says another Big Country tour “was only going to happen if we could find someone who could complement the band and sing the songs in the way they need to be sung — with heart and soul. … It’s about time the songs got another airing, and we think Stuart would be pleased, too.”

See Big Country’s tour dates after the jump…

Big Country tour dates:

Dec. 31: O2ABC, Glasgow, UK
Jan. 2: Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, UK
Jan. 3: Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, UK
Jan. 5: O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK
Jan. 6: Islington O2 Academy, London, UK
Jan. 7: O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK
Jan. 8: O2 Academy, Liverpool, UK



  1. Sounds like a perfect match-up to me! Mike Peters is pretty incredible and should fit right in. I’d be excited to see this version of the band.

  2. But it’s not Big Country! Stuart was the heart and soul of the band. That what made Big Country so great. Adding Mike Peters is like having a cover band. You cannot call it Big Country!!

    • i 100 percent get what youre saying ,but at least we get to hear some mint tunes again. i felt the same about dead kennedys without jello,but trust me when u get there youll be so glad mike is tryin to keep the spirit of stuart alive.the sounds still there along with the mental ,totally irrelevant..but i went to see pendulum last year…same buzz same goin to manchester gig and cannot wait to hear those tunes one more time

    • Craig Craig

      Agreed! Just found this out (better late than never). Love Mike Peters, and I just don’t get it… bands that carry on without their lead singers/heart & soul.

  3. mike peters is welsh surely they can do a gig in wales (cardiff maybe )

  4. barrie evans

    c`mon lets have a welsh date anywhere will do,especialy with mike being welsh,c`mon boys have a heart us celts need to stick together

  5. Audra Houston

    If Wales has not made the cut, I guess Portland, OR is a pipe dream. RE the coverband comments, that was my first inclination too, but Mike P is as close a fit as anyone to our dearly departed Mr. A. Consider this, if they were to play BC songs, under a different bandname, it may ring of pilfering and not a proper tribute to the great Stuart Adamson.

  6. Should be a great tour … Stuart can never be replaced but Mike Peters is a nice bloke and a good substitute front man for the new (old) line-up. It will be brilliant to be able to celebrate Stuart’s life and work in this way.
    Keep on Rockin’

  7. Can I dream about a tour stop in San Antonio, Texas (or rocking Austin)? What about tossing in a few Alarm classics (68 Guns/Rescue me)? Seriously, this is great news.

  8. I just heard about Mike Peters doing lead for a tribute tour for BC.Kudos!Best Wishes.Being Welsh is surely helpful towards making a big sound. I met Adamson in the 80’s at a small luncheon affair where BC played and commented on his georgeous yellow (strat?) .He was so sweet and extremely non-pretentious.I will never forget that smal moment of communication for all time. R.I.P. Stuart A.

  9. See Big Country in Oxford last night , what can i say what a fantastic night , you can not replace Stuart as he was the front man to the band but still a fantastic night well done guys :)

  10. Saw Big Country in Sheffield on Sunday Mike Peters did a
    great job a fantastic concert Stuart would have been proud of the lads

  11. The Big Alarming Country!

  12. this is not big country,, grow up suckers…

  13. there was only ONE big country.. nuff said..

  14. Stuart WAS big country,Not to be replaced,,

  15. Scottish June is the greatest stuart fan ,

  16. June and I love the original sounds,they cannot be replacated, the past is the past , bless you stuart…

  17. June,, we are forever in a BIG COUNTRY xx, sorted, hows Weeny and Clint…

  18. June,, we will forever be in Fields of Fire,,Stuart was the greatest..Weeny rocksxx.

  19. June milkmaid and I agree ;Stuart was the bizz..

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