Milestones, TV, Video — September 22, 2010 at 5:42 am

Milestones: Johnette Napolitano is 53 today; watch Concrete Blonde play ‘Mexican Moon’

Today we celebrate Concrete Blonde frontwoman Johnette Napolitano’s 53rd birthday by forgoing some of the more obvious cuts from the late ’80s or the band’s breakthrough album Bloodletting, and instead digging up this early 1994 performance of “Mexican Moon” on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Both the song and its album, also titled Mexican Moon, are personal favorites of Slicing Up Eyeballs, and greatly underrated. Plus, this clip’s worth watching to see Napolitano turn her nose up at Letterman after he introduces the band by noting “their lead singer happens to be my fiancée.” (At the end, she asks him, “When’s the wedding, man?)



  1. aww! Happy Birthday Johnette! Always will love you. And yes, Mexican moon was very underrated.

  2. I loved CB from the point of their debut, but overall I can’t say my relationship with them has stood the test of time. However, Mexican Moon is their one CD that I can’t seem to part with.

  3. In Dec. 2010 I rembered seeing a song “Joey” on MTV in the ’90’s and was curious as what band sang this song. Ever since I found the Song and Band, I have been BLOWN AWAY by Beauty,Talent and Lyrics that bring feelings out that all of us have.I rarely watch TV and it was by chance I saw Concrete Blonde on MTV.
    I hope a trip to Texas is in order. Oh, I also convinced My Ex and Daughter to see C.B. when they were in Arizona. They were very happy I sent them.
    Happy Belated Birthday Johnette!!
    C.B. is on my Bucket List!

  4. I feel a fool for having missed this incredable band the first time around—knew the song joey ,which was tremendous so I looked it up one day to discovery 20 years of the greatest vocals songwriting and guitar performances….now I can’t get enuff !!! johnette !!!

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