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Ex-Depeche Mode bandmates Vince Clarke, Martin Gore making ‘kind of dancey record’

Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, circa 2007

Fans of Depeche Mode were abuzz last month over news that Vince Clarke and Martin Gore were working together on a “techno-ish track.” Now it seems  the ex-bandmates’ collaboration is even broader: In an interview today by The Quietus, Clarke confirms he’s working on a full “dance record” with Gore.

Last month, Clarke, who’s been working on the next Erasure album, tweeted via his @thecabinstudio account: “Am working on the track ‘Zaat.’ Collaborating with Martin (Gore) (from Basildon).” Clarke previously mentioned that same song in a tweet about his cat, in which he added, “I’m working on a techno-ish track called Zaat.”

In today’s interview with The Quietus, Clarke elaborates:

“I am collaborating with Martin Gore on a kind of dancey record. I e-mailed him and asked if he wanted to make a dance record. It’s going to be a long, long process. I’m e-mailing him my ideas and he’s e-mailing me ideas back and so we’re just compiling stuff that way, but it’s moving along so I’m quite excited about that.”

Clarke added that he hadn’t spoken to Gore about the project before e-mailing the Depeche Mode songwriter: “I think I’d had a few beers and I just did it. I thought, ‘He can only say no,’ but he came back with a positive response and I thought, ‘Excellent.'” As to when the project could be finished, Clarke said he “had no idea.”

Gore and Clarke, pictured above in a 2007 snapshot posted on Erasure’s official site,  parted ways nearly 30 years ago when Clarke quite Depeche Mode. The duo didn’t write together during their short time together in DM; Clarke wrote the bulk of the band’s 1981 debut, Speak & Spell, while Gore contributed the songs “Tora! Tora! Tora!” and “Big Muff” — and then became chief songwriter after Clarke’s departure.



  1. This will be INCREDIBLE! I love both of these men! I’ve been spinning the new Yaz CD all day!

  2. This can’t happen soon enough!!!!!!!

  3. i must be dreaming..somebody pinch meeee

  4. With all due respect to Clarke, I’m not overly excited about this collaboration. Although I admire Clarke for helping to create DM, I’m relieved that he left DM 30 years ago and his departure led to the “Depeche Mode” that Ive loved and followed for so many years. I would be a lot more excited if Wilder returned to DM. Just Cant Gett Enough is one of my least favorite DM tracks.

  5. ViolatorMode

    Sensory overload. Went to see Tour Of The Universe @ Hollywood Bowl last year. Nitzer Ebb’s new album “Industrial Complex” was released beginning of 2010 ft. Martin Gore on backing vocals on “Once You Say”. Recoil show last month in Santa Ana with Martin Gore DJing the afterparty. Depeche Mode’s new DVD being released in 3 days, same day Nitzer Ebb is playing 2 blocks from my house. Now this, Martin & Vince, WOW. I agree with B in once sense, I’m glad Vince left so we got the Depeche Mode we see today. However, I am also a HUGE fan of Erasure. I think this would be much better than a full on Depeche Mode/Erasure mix up, this will be something more of a fusion of the masterminds. Martin is quite into the dancey stuff as I witnessed during his DJ set last month. This can not happen soon enough, now isn’t fast enough!!! Glad to see you boys working together!

  6. hexgonsun6

    Well said B. I am and have been a huge fan of DM since the mid 80s…I’m just hoping than Wilder will be part of any new album from DM. I don’t care what anyone says a huge part of DM died the day Alan left. But hey, this album should be interesting along with the remixes 2 81-11. I am still a fan, but they are nowhere near as good as SOFD, MFTM, Vio’ and BC….big respect to Gore, Wilder and Gahan.

  7. Mike in Houston

    As a fan of both this is awesome news. No one should see this is as a reunion since they never really wrote together. It’s a fresh collaboration and will no doubt be a stellar one!

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