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The Godfathers to release ‘Shot Live at the 100 Club’ concert CD/DVD set this fall

The Godfathers, 'Shot Live at the 100 Club'

With a new album still in the works, The Godfathers this fall will commemorate their 25th anniversary concert at the famed 100 Club this past summer with a 24-track live CD/DVD combo that features at least two brand-new songs.

Due out Nov. 1 on Secret Records Limited, the Shot Live at the 100 Club set will include the reunited band’s full June 17 concert at the London venue. That show featured some of the Godfathers’ college-radio hits (“She Gives Me Love,” “Birth School Work Death”), B-sides (“Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean to Say They’re Not Going to Get You!”), covers (Link Wray’s “I’m Branded,” John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey”) and songs by the band’s earlier incarnation, The Sid Presley Experience (“Hup 2 3 4”).

For longtime fans, the real draw of the live CD/DVD set will be a pair of new, previously unreleased tracks: “I Can’t Sleep Tonight” and “Back Into the Future,” the first new Godfathers songs in 15 years, both of which were debuted at the band’s traditional St. Valentine’s Day Massacre concert in London this past February.

See full tracklist for the Godfathers’ ‘Shot Live at the 100 Club’ after the jump…

Tracklist: The Godfathers, Shot Live at the 100 Club CD/DVD

1. “Public Enemy Number One”
2. “I Want Everything”
3. “Cause I Said So”
4. “I Can’t Sleep Tonight”
5. “Love is Dead”
6. “Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean to Say They’re Not Going to Get You!”
7. “Can’t Leave Her Home”
8. “She Gives Me Love”
9. (Happy Birthday)
10. “When Am I Coming Down”
11. “This is War”
12. “I Want You”
13. “How Does It Feel”
14. “I’m Branded”
15. “Lonely Man”
16. “Back Into the Future”
17. “Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues”
18. “How Low is Low”
19. “Hup 2 3 4”
20. “This Damn Nation”
21. “Birth School Work Death”
22. “Brand New Cadillac”
23. “I’m Unsatisfied”
24. “Cold Turkey”



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