Video — October 5, 2010 at 5:39 am

Download: Bernard Sumner records ‘Didn’t Know What Love Was’ with Hot Chip

A few weeks back, we posted a great Stone Roses cover by The Raveonettes that was commissioned and given away by Dr. Martens — and now another noted shoemaker is getting in on the musical action. On Wednesday, the UK arm of Converse will release a free new track by former New Order/current Bad Lieutenant frontman Bernard Sumner, recorded with Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard of electropop act Hot Chip and DJ/producer duo Hot City.

The track — “Didn’t Know What Love Was” — will be available “globally” as a free download via; a music video of the song is slated to follow on Nov. 5. For now, check out the Converse-produced video above, which features Sumner strolling around Manchester talking about his musical past. While wearing Chuck Taylors, of course.

UPDATE: 10/6/10: “Didn’t Know What Love Was” is now available at, or it can be streamed or downloaded directly after the jump.

‘Didn’t Know What Love Was’ (Single Version) by Slicing Up Eyeballs



  1. Linus Solanki 11219

    This song sounds great, Bernard Sumner sounds very good in it, it is a good electronic sounding song.Bernard Sumner is a musical genius with a golden voice.
    There is also another new song by Bernard Sumner called “In The Ghetto” which you can download here.

  2. Kent Butabi

    I’ll take all the Barney I can get. Now if they can only get a tour off the ground in North America.

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