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Milestones: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions’ ‘Rattlesnakes’ released 26 years ago today

Twenty-six years ago today, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions released their debut album Rattlesnakes, a 10-track indie-pop masterpiece featuring classic songs such as “Perfect Skin” and “Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?” Cole — who released a new album, Broken Record, last month and currently is touring Europe — recently discussed the album with a Portuguese video crew. As you can see in the clip above, he’s still “very happy” with Rattlesnakes, noting that “it was the only record that we made that sounds exactly like we wanted it to sound.”



  1. I remember hanging out with Grant and Robert of the Go-Betweena in the early 90s, during a period in which the two of them were opening for Lloyd Cole. It was, perhaps, frustrating for them to open for someone then undergoing a fantastic amount of success, short-lived as it was, doing something very similar to what they’d been doing for years, especially when Cole’s attempts at sophisticated lyrical pop paled in comparison with their own.

    On the tour bus, Cole sidled up to Grant and Robert and begged them to teach him how to play one of Grant’s masterpieces, “Cattle And Cane”, on guitar. They obliged, and for several hours helped Cole get his head around the song, with its slightly odd cadence and time signature. Upon conquering the basics of the song, Cole laid down his guitar and asked proudly, “Well, now can I teach you one of my songs?”

    Robert picked up a book and started reading. Grant replied simply, “No, that won’t be
    necessary, Lloyd”.

  2. Robert picked up a book and started reading. Grant replied simply, “No, that won’t be
    necessary, Lloyd”.

    that made my night!

  3. Rattlesnakes is holds up very well over the years, and is as fresh today as it had been when first released. Sniping about Go-Between lyrics doesn’t really do any favours, they are both great bands appreciated by those that enjoy the music of Lloyd Cole-Lloyd has perhaps written this song
    ‘If I Were A Song’ about Grant-on his latest album.
    But of course, of course I’m more than just a song
    Baby, I’m something to be – a song
    And wasn’t it you all along?
    Wasn’t I there just to be
    Your beleaguered go-between

    An interesting story John all the same, and great artists appreciate others works.

  4. When McLennan joined Forster onstage in 1991, subsequent rumours of a Go-Betweens re-formation were strengthened by a Forster/McLennan support slot with Cole, Lloyd in Toronto that same year.

    The go-betweens
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    Q – You seem to be a fan of them (and a friend of Robert Vickers maybe?). Anyway, they’re my favourite band and would like to know what is your favourite song, album and what you think of the 2 ‘comeback’ records.

    A – The Go Betweens were and are wonderful, they are the only band to reform and have the comeback record be their best.. of the older ones, I listened to everything recently (iTunes), Spring Hill Fair and 16 Lovers Lane were my favourites.

  5. But wouldn’t that anecdote just make Forster sort of an asshole? How is it Cole’s fault that he was more successful than they were. I’m a big fan of both the Go-Betweens and Lloyd Cole. I sort of doubt this anecdote is true. And it took hours to learn to play Cattle & Cane?! It ain’t that tough.

  6. Yeah, that story seems apocryphal to me. Forgive Lloyd for being so kind as to have them on tour with him, exposing a new audience to Go-Betweens. And if it is true, it’s kind of a dick move that seems rooted in deep-seated bitterness.

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