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Heaven 17 details ‘Penthouse and Pavement’ 2CD/1DVD reissue, announces live DVD

Heaven 17, circa 2010

The expanded 2CD/1DVD reissue of Heaven 17’s synthpop classic Penthouse and Pavement will pair the remastered 1981 album with 20 previously unreleased “demos, instrumentals and experimentation” from that era, plus a DVD featuring the hour-long documentary “The Story of Penthouse and Pavement.”

Due out Nov. 22 through EMI Music in conjunction with Heaven 17’s 30th anniversary Penthouse and Pavement tour of the U.K. this fall, the new edition will feature a remastered version of the original nine-track album on the first CD — but not any of the five bonus tracks that appeared on the 2006 single-disc reissue.

The second CD will include 20 newly discovered demos of Penthouse and Pavement tracks, B-sides and other B.E.F. experiments (see full tracklist below) that H17’s Martyn Ware discussed in an interview with Slicing Up Eyeballs last July: “These early versions of the first side of Penthouse and Pavement predated us being introduced to the LinnDrum, so it’s got the kind of Human League rhythm sounds, but with some funk. It’s kind of a weird hybrid. … It’s really good and interesting. … It sounds excellent and kind of real groovy.”

On Nov. 15, Heaven 17 also will release a 2DVD set called “Penthouse and Pavement Live in Concert,” filmed at the band’s hometown gig in Sheffield, England, last March. That release features the full 19-song concert on one DVD and a special extended version of the “Story of Penthouse and Pavement” documentary, with “exclusive new footage of the band,” on the second DVD, plus the in-concert films used on the Penthouse and Pavement tour.

The live set finds Heaven 17 — ex-Human League member Ware and frontman Glenn Gregory — performing cuts from Penthouse and Pavement, other hits such as “Temptation” and a number of covers, including the Human League’s “Being Boiled,” Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” and the Nancy Sinatra-popularized “These Boots are Made for Walking,” featuring Claudia Brücken of Propaganda (see full tracklist below).

See Heaven 17’s full U.K. tour dates here, and read our Q&A with Ware here.

See tracklist for ‘Penthouse and Pavement: Collectors Edition’ after the jump…

Heaven 17, 'Penthouse and Pavement'

Tracklist: Heaven 17, Penthouse and Pavement: Collectors Edition

1. “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang”
2. “Penthouse and Pavement”
3. “Play To Win”
4. “Soul Warfare”
5. “Geisha Boys and Temple Girls”
6. “Let’s All Make A Bomb”
7. “The Height of the Fighting”
8. “Song With No Name”
9. “We’re Going To Live For A Very Long Time”

1. “Penthouse And Pavement” (Original Demo)
2. “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang” (Original Demo)
3. “Play To Win” (Original Demo Instrumental)
4. “Soul Warfare” (Original Demo)
5. “Are Everything” (Original Demo)
6. “BEF Ident” (Alternate Version)
7. “Decline Of The West” (Alternate Version)
8. “Rise Of The East” (Alternate Version)
9. “Music To Kill Your Parents By” (Alternate Version)
10. “Uptown Apocalypse” (Alternate Version)
11. “A Baby Called Billy” (Alternate Version)
12. “Rhythmic Experiment 1”
13. “Rhythmic Experiment 2”
14. “Boys Of Buddha Experiment”
15. “At The Height Of The Fighting” (Original Rhythm Track)
16. “Rhythmic Loop Experiment”
17. “Funky Experiment”
18. “Song Experiment”
19. “Heavy Drum Experiment”
20. “Play To Win” (Original Demo with Vocals)

“Penthouse and Pavement” promotional video
“Heaven 17: The Story of Penthouse and Pavement” documentary

Tracklist: Heaven 17, “Penthouse and Pavement Live in Concert”

DVD 1:
1. “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang”
2. “Penthouse and Pavement”
3. “Play to Win”
4. “Soul Warfare”
5. “Ball of Confusion”
6. “Geisha Boys and Temple Girls” (Acoustic Version)
7. “These Boots are Made for Walking” (With Claudia Brucken)
8. “Perfect Day”
9. “Wichita Lineman”
10. “Let’s All Make A Bomb”
11. “The Height of the Fighting”
12. “Song with No Name”
13. “Geisha Boys and Temple Girls”
14. “We’re Going to Live for a Very Long Time”
15. “Are Everything”
16. “I’m Your Money”
17. “Let Me Go”
18. “Temptation”
19. “Being Boiled”

DVD 2:
“Heaven 17: The Story of Penthouse and Pavement” documentary (extended version)
‘Penthouse and Pavement’ tour on-screen films


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