Milestones, Video — October 27, 2010 at 9:05 am

Milestones: Simon Le Bon is 52 today; watch Duran Duran play ‘Notorious’ in 1987

Today is Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon’s 52nd birthday, and to mark the occasion — and with a tip of the hat to the current batch of reissues — we present this fabulous clip of DD playing its single “Notorious” on an Italian television show in 1987. It’s worth watching just for the geeked-out fans in the beginning, and the amazing ’80s graphics floating behind the band.



  1. this video made my day. what a dope! :):):)

  2. Do the Notorious/Big Thing remaster’s have the same issues as the last two sets?

  3. omg LOVE IT! it’s my bday too – thanks! been milking the shared Simon Le Bon birthday since I was about 12! :)

  4. omg simon has been my fave since i turned 11 love him n duran the most amazing band ever incredible in concert i got to meet them in nyc when they played on broadway they are sooo nice

  5. John C Hughes

    I want to propose marriage to this clip.

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