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Download: Pixies’ full 2004 Coachella set


There was a lot of fuss last week about a year-old live EP being given away on the Pixies’ newly redesigned website. While that was nothing new, this is: The Pixies this afternoon formally launched their new live concert series with a free giveaway of the band’s 2004 set at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

The band will be posting a new live concert for purchase every week as a $3.99 download (available in your choice of MP3, FLAC or Apple Lossless formats) and, in some cases, also on CD for the same price, plus shipping and handling. So far, the band has posted three shows: Oct. 3, 1988, in Manchester, England; its first reunion gig on April 13, 2004, in Minneapolis; and the aforementioned May 1, 2004, Coachella set.

According to an e-mail sent to fans, that latter show will be offered for free through the end of this week; the 20-track concert can be downloaded in MP3 format, in exchange for an e-mail address, at, or through the widget below.



Tracklist: Pixies, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, May 1, 2004

1. “Bone Machine”
2. “U Mass”
3. “Isa de Encanta”
4. “Wave of Mutilation”
5. “Broken Face”
6. “Cactus”
7. “Caribou”
8. “No. 13 Baby”
9. “Gouge Away”
10. “Tame”
11. “Monkey Gone to Heaven”
12. “Debaser”
13. “Velouria”
14. “Hey”
15. “Gigantic”
16. “Nimrod’s Son”
17. “Here Comes Your Man”
18. “Vamos”
19. “In Heaven”/”Where Is My Mind?”
20. “Into the White”






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  1. Awesome! Great set, too :)

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