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Contest: Win Depeche Mode’s ‘Tour of the Universe: Barcelona’ CD/DVD set

Depeche Mode, 'Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21:11:09'

Time for another giveaway, and it’s one of the fall’s biggest releases: Thanks to the folks at EMI Music, three lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers will walk away with copies of the 1DVD/2CD edition of Depeche Mode’s just-released concert film/live album Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21:11:09.

The new concert document — which also was released outside the U.S. as a deluxe edition with a second DVD and a two-disc Blu-ray set — features a 21-song set on both CD and DVD that was compiled from the band’s Nov. 20 and 21, 2009, concerts in the Spanish city, plus four bonus tracks on the DVD (see full setlist here).

To enter, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post — and, per custom, if you’re feeling inspired, you can also tell us what your favorite Depeche Mode song is, and why. As always, be sure to use a real e-mail address, since that’s how winners will be notified.

We’ll accept entries — from anywhere in the world — until noon Eastern time on Monday, Nov. 29, after which three winners will be drawn randomly. Good luck!

UPDATE 11/29/10: The contest is now closed. Thank you all for your entries. We’ve randomly selected three commenters to win: Summer, Dinis Baptista and Sheila Smith.



  1. Depeche Mode are one of my favourite bands.My favourite song is probably Enjoy The Silence because it sounds so elegant :)

  2. Thanks! “I Feel You” is one of my favs!

  3. thank you !

  4. Policy of Truth.

  5. Depeche Mode is one of my loves of all time! I love everything they do mainly because I feel so blessed that Dave still graces us with his enigmatic voice and performances after such a rough journey. I have so many favorite songs by them, it is hard to choose just one. One of my favorites is “Strangelove” though. I even named my blog after it.

  6. blasphemous rumours is my favorite DM tune, as i think that god’s got a sick sense of humor

  7. My favorite DM song is “The Sun and the Rainfall”. Everything about it is hauntingly beautiful. It’s gotten me through some tough times.

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Depeche Mode during their tour last year and it was an absolute thrill to just shake hands with Martin Gore and to thank him for all the years of awesome music. My pick for favorite song is “Strangelove” because who doesn’t like to “give in to sin.” Plus they actually played the song at this show and it blew my mind.

  9. Jeff Partain

    DM is my favorite band. Seeing them live for the first time changed my life. My favorite song is ‘Enjoy the Silence.’ Still sounds transcendent today…

  10. I want, I want!!!

    Favorite song is Little 15. I just love how stark the song is. I feel it to my core.

  11. I never win anything, but what the heck.

    Pleasure, Little Treasure…because everybody’s searching for a promised land, but everybody’s failing to understand.

  12. “Everything Counts.” It’s so lawyerly there at the beginning. In Korea.

  13. Jason in Portland

    My favorite is ‘Master and Servant’…it was the first song I ever heard by DM and it always brings back a flood of memories every time I hear it!

  14. My first Depeche Mode album was Violator when I was in high school. I’d never heard anything like it. Favorite song – Waiting for the Night. Simply beautiful.

  15. DepecheDevotee

    I love DM, it’s my favourite band.
    My favourite album is Ultra for its dark mood but I miss Alan Wilder. My favourite song is Barrel of a Gun :)

  16. Thanks! Shake The Disease is one of my favs!

  17. I would say my favorite DM song is either Stripped or Get The Balance Right. Different songs but just as meaningful.

  18. PLEASE, please, PLEASE let me win!! I am SUCH a DM geek. I’ve loved them since I was 13. “Just Can’t Get Enough” was the 1st song I ever heard and I feel hard and fast for them. I used to sit in my bedroom, rewinding my “Some Great Reward” tape (yes, TAPE) over and over so I could write down the lyrics because that was back BEFORE they published them inside the tape covers and before the internet! My all time fav is “Everything Counts” because I still play it everyday at the gym. Everyday. But I have so many others I love. Please make a Depeche Mode geek’s day . . . I heart U Slicing Up Eyeballs!

  19. People are People 12″

  20. Caught the Santa Barbara show on the last tour… superb!

    Question Of Lust.


  21. My all-time favorite DM song is “Strangelove” because it brings me back to my teenage angst years and it holds many great memories during that time!

  22. My favorite Depeche Mode song is “More Than A Party”. Followed closely by “World In My Eyes”

  23. i like “somebody”

  24. Blue Dress. Just an absolutely beautiful song that saw Wilder’s icy synths and classic Mart songwriting married so perfectly.

  25. DM IS MY FAVORITE BAND, I`ve been following them since 1986. i`ve seen and spent crazy money on there show`s (1st and 4rd row seat`s )
    last few show`s.. ”PLACE THAT IN YOUR MEMORY”

  26. Just Can’t Get Enough is my favorite because even though it’s not their best it always makes me smile.

  27. Favorite song? Nearly impossible to pick just one, but I’ll have to go with “Get The Balance Right.”

  28. Stripped.. Nihilism in a sexy soundscape.

  29. Huge Depeche Mode fan. Favorite song is “Stripped”, although “Somebody” was what my wife and I danced to at our wedding.

  30. Favourite band ever… and they’re still going strong. My favourite DM song comes from my favourite DM album “Violator”.

    “You wear guilt / Like shackles on your feet / Like a Halo in reverse”

    And let’s not forget the great Anton Corbijn video for “Halo” featuring a young Jenna Elfman.

  31. Hi, my DM’s favourite song is: Blasphemous Rumours. I like very much this song. Good luck!

  32. I have to choose just one?!

  33. Fly on the Windscreen

  34. Nick Wilhelmy

    “Home” is not only my favorite Depeche Mode song, but possibly my favorite song of all time. Martin wrote one of the most haunting, uplifting and beautiful ballads I’ve ever heard.

  35. My favorite Depeche song is “The Sun & The Rainfall”. I’m not sure why, but it’s always drawn me in from first listen many, many years ago.

  36. Glenn Mac Gregor

    Favorite song? That is hard to say. It depends on my mood and where DM has been in their “mood”. Somebody was my first dance at my wedding… New Life, Never Let Me Down Again, To Have And To Hold, this list goes on and on.

  37. Have to go with “Fly On The Windscreen.” I think it sums up that period and DM career very nicely.

  38. Been a fan for nearly 30 years. First concert was the Black Celebration tour in 86 and I haven’t missed a tour since. Favorite song is It’s No Good. Fave Martin song on lead vocals: Somebody with Home a strong second.

  39. Policy of Truth. Violator. Beat. Album. Ever.

  40. Death is everywhere
    The more I look
    The more I see
    The more I feel
    A sense of urgency

    Come here
    Touch me
    Kiss me
    Touch me

  41. For a person (me) who can’t express onself by talking out my feelings that very well, Depeche Mode has clearly helped me with what emotion I am going through. That is one out of thousands of the things that I LOVE the band is that their lyrics has and have been an impact in my life. Through difficult or good times they have been there. They are the soundtrack of my life.

    “Halo” is one of my favorite songs and it describes me prefecty…”You wear guilt…Like shakles on your feet…Like a Halo in reverse”

  42. I’ve always had a soft spot for Dressed in Black, from the Black Celebration album. It always gives me the goosebumps, whenever I listen to it.

  43. I have been a Depeche Mode fan since the release of Violator when I was in the 8th grade. My favorite memory is travelling from San Francisco to London for the charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall in February 2010 and seeing Alan Wilder perform with Martin Gore after 16 years!!! One of my favorite DM songs is “A Question of Lust.”

  44. A Question of Time or Blasphemous Rumours…but so many others could make the list.

  45. My fav is Waiting For The Night. Would love to win this set!

  46. Annette van Reijn

    Blue dress…. I love the lyrics. “Just how easy, It is to please me”

  47. As other’s have commented, it depends on the mood…could be “Something to do” or “Stripped” or “New Dress” or “Here is the house”

  48. Blasphemous Rumours

  49. Hmmm…. tough call. Halo or perhaps Walking In My Shoes.

  50. So difficult to pick a favourite DM song-there are just too many to choose. Maybe Black Celebration? Really, everything on that album is fantastic!

  51. They did a stomping live version of Bryan Ferry’s version of The Price Of Love half a lifetime ago when Vince was still with them..Always a favourite as was Shout!(12″).

    Used to be such sweet boys.(In the words of another tunesmith)

  52. Enjoy the silence is my favourite DM song. Saw DM in Horsens DK this year. Great concert with excellent sound. Looking forward to hear it again and watch the DVD. Great Xmas gift!

  53. Fly on the Windscreen

  54. Oooooooo…thank you DM…To have and to hold is my favourite…

  55. Everything Counts….regardless of the amount.

  56. Fools is my fav!

  57. Favorite DM song… today it’s World in My Eyes. Oh, Dave…

  58. Cristiano Lima

    I´m a great fan too.
    My favorite song is Enjoy the Silence.

  59. “Higher Love”
    off of Songs of Faith and Devotion is one of my top favs., but there are so many.

  60. AndyTheCureFan

    “Get The Balance Right”. Always loved that track and it’s early Depeche and I just can’t get enough of early Depeche.

  61. “But Not Tonight” captured the band just before their zenith. Of course “Violator” is a huge album, but I’m very partial to the early years of Depeche Mode. They consistently let me down starting with SOFAD on. I know many here will argue, and of course there are the exceptions, but without Alan, blah blah blah.

    “But Not Tonight” showcases Martin’s strong melodies, Dave’s wistful voice, Alan’s perfect arrangements, and Andy’s… spot-on hand clapping?

  62. Hook a lad up! I’ve been a massive fan for the last 25 years. Got thrown out of a high school lip sync contest for wearing a leather jacket (with no shirt underneath) while singing “Strangelove”. Brilliant, eh? Impossible to pick one favorite song, but it’s tough to go wrong with any of these – Black Celebration, Here is the House, Stripped.

  63. “Shake The Disease” is probably my favorite. But, just married this spring, I sang “Just Can’t Get Enough” to my wife at the wedding, as it is her favorite band and a lovely (and true!) sentiment to express on such an occasion. So, while not my favorite, it does hold a special spot in our little hearts. Win or not, this will be a very cool stocking stuffer on our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.

  64. Erik The Red

    My monument… it fell down.

  65. Dinis Baptista

    I don’t have only one favorite DM’s song but for this time I will say “In Your Room” because it can describe all that a teenager wants to listen when he’s alone with his anxiety in his room or perhaps “Never Let me down again” that seems like a discrete gay song or perhaps “Freelove” that tells love can be a refugee when we are running out or perhaps “Peace” because of the circumstance of no return to a place when in other time it was home like Dave Gahan youth. Sorry but I could continue in this sentences. I can’t have only one or maybe can’t have only ten favorite songs.

  66. Mark berkeley

    It just has to be never let me down again (split mix) it’s just so epic….

  67. Dan McIntosh

    Depeche Mode are my all time favorite band

  68. Started listening to Mode back in 1985 at the young age of Eleven !! All of there songs Inspire me but I would have to say “Clean” is my favorite because it inspired me to get through some trying and troubleing times in my life… I can relate with everything about it.

  69. Fan for 25 years.

    Sister of Night
    ….when the hunger descends….

  70. Good luck everybody!
    My favorite song, for now, is Enjoy the Silence.

  71. Great contest! Hmmm, I can’t say that I have a fave song as it changes depending on how I’m feeling, what’s happening in my life and the world, etc. Lately, I can’t get Surrender outta my head, especially the chorus! :)

    I’m a man of flesh and bone
    Rapture, rushing through my veins
    Passion, flaming, in my heart
    Heavenly surrender once again

  72. Everything Counts.
    Because “It’s a competitive world”.

  73. Mary Anne Tom

    Really impossible to choose, but I guess “Stripped” would work here. ;)

  74. mike LaFerney

    I;m in the “Mode” to win!

  75. Way too many to pick just one – anything from Black Celebration.

    First dance with wife was to “Somebody”

  76. I would have to say it depends on mood what my favorite song is. Sometimes it can even be Pimpf or Little 15. Or it could be World In My Eyes or Condemnation.

  77. Strangelove

  78. My favourite Depeche Mode song is Strangelove (Blind Mix). It was the first time I heard the band in high school and asked a friend “Who the hell is this?” I’ve been a fan ever since.

  79. “Waiting for the Night” is only one of my favorites! This tour was simply exceptional!! DM are the masters!

  80. So many to choose from! But I’ll echo an inspired choice that someone else mentioned – “The Sun and the Rainfall” – always wished that song had been carried forward into the present.

  81. It might be a 3 way tie between Barrel of a Gun, Sacred, and Surrender. Quite a weird mix.

  82. Enjoy the Silence

  83. I would love to see the DVD since I haven’t been able to catch DM in concert for several years. Favorite song has always been “Enjoy the Silence”- it takes me to another place and time that was fantastic.

  84. “It’s No Good”


  85. My favorite Depeche Mode song would have to be In Your Room.
    Musically and lyrically, the song is haunting and just pure amazing.

  86. Favorite DM song::
    “Behind the Wheel/Route 66” remix from the “Just Say Yes” Sire sampler Series.

  87. “Somebody” is my overall favorite based on how the lyrics have always struck a chord with me…be it in love, work, or “life in general.” Very moving. “Enjoy the Silence” is my favorite musically.

  88. Oh, hmmm to pick one favorite track by DM? That is tough one, but I have always liked Enjoy The Silence.

  89. “In Your Room” is my fav track….

  90. Everything Counts – first one I ever heard by them and still my favorite.

  91. Aaron Guerrero

    Thank you, my favourite song of all Depeche time is: Fly On The Windscreen because of the drama within, it just takes few seconds to realize you’re involved.

  92. Fave DM song – But Not Tonight.

  93. Somebody

  94. Oh, I would love this. That was such a great tour.
    My favorite DM song: Photographic from Speak and Spell. That song has always given me chills.

  95. “But Not Tonight” is my favorite DM song. “My eyes have been so red, I’ve been mistaken for dead.” Great driving song.

  96. ‘Halo’ is the song that does it for me.

  97. so tough to name a single favourite! for today, i’ll go with:’but not tonight’ and ‘when the body speaks’

  98. Babydoll Gahan

    its hard too pick just one favorite song

  99. Stephen Scott

    My favourite track is Question of Time. The urgency to the song is amazing, especially live. I was lucky enough to be at the Barcelona gig and when they played this song the roof nearly lifted.

  100. Velton Coelho

    “Walking In My Shoes” and “Never let me Down Again” are my favourites. DM at their best.

  101. Dan McIntosh

    Question of Lust

  102. Fly on the Windshield

  103. Thank you! Fav track is Breathing in Fumes, perfect remix that was way ahead of its time.

  104. fav song is tough, but Black Celebration leads the pack as once when seeing them live at an outdoors venue the song was beginning and right as it fully kicks in, there is that brief pause and just then the evil summer thunderstorm that was building breaks and flashes huge lightning and a thunder clap as if in time with the song, and everyone there went excitedly nuts, amazing experience.

  105. “but not tonight” also :)

  106. I just recently got into DM. Enjoy the Silence is my favorite song.

  107. But Not Tonight. (b-side to Stripped 12″). DM at their best.

  108. Enjoy The Silence is my fav, followed closely by Waiting For The Night.

    Thanks for this!

  109. So many song to choose from but no matter my mood I always love But Not Tonight.

  110. It surprises me, but I find myself humming “Pipeline” constantly…

  111. “somebody” – lyrics perfect enough to be selected as our wedding first dance song!

  112. Efrat Paz Leviv

    Last year I saw them for the first time of my life, and it was one of the greates moment of life.
    My fevorite song: enjoy the silence

  113. Dan McIntosh

    never let me down

  114. But Not Tonight.

    This song has always been a favorite. I keep coming back to it for some unexplainable reason. Love the lyrics and the great beat. Plus the music video feature Daphne Zuniga of Spaceballs fame, so you really can’t go wrong there…

  115. my best: 1987 Music For The Masses album but to choose one song, it would be ‘Strangelove’ for the lyrics and the sound.
    take care:)

  116. Shake The Disease! Quite simply, it’s the story of my life.

  117. DM is the band that defined my life, i heard them first when a friend put a copy in a very low quality of the Black Celebration album, i never heard something like that before and maybe until now.

  118. What a great contest! I went to 4 concerts during this tour and had a great time meeting other DM fans. One of my favorite songs would have to be “Surrender.” It’s great whether Dave or Martin sings it.

  119. Black Celebration is not always my favorite DM song but is one of my Top 10 songs of all time.

    Other DM favorites include In Your Room, Somebody, Stripped, Freelove and Its no Good

  120. Depeche Mode really is my favorite band. Currently my favorite song is “Lie to Me” off of their “Some Great Reward” album. I just love the lyrics and the melody! “Black Celebration” is also excellent.

  121. This is probably an odd one but , “The Love Thieves” from Ultra. Absolutely love it!

  122. Chua Chern Toong

    ‘Sounds of the Universe’ constitutes a valid and tangible recapitulation of Depeche Mode’s traditional aesthetics, looking to the pre-sampler textures of their early-1980s days for inspiration. Having said that, the Zephyr Mix of ‘In Your Room’ is still my all-time favourite DM track!

  123. Been a fan for 27 years. Too many favorite tracks to try and come up with one only!!! Ea

  124. Been a fan for 27 years. Too many favorite tracks to try and come up with one only!!! Each album contains a few gems…

  125. hmmm… so many that are so different. “Sea of Sin” ranks among the best!

  126. Been a fan for 26+ years, too many great songs to choose from, but “Shake The Disease” still does it every time. Thanks!

  127. When I saw the “Enjoy the Silence” video late one night in 1990, I fell in love with DM. Still am. Thanks for the chance to win their new DVD!

  128. I first saw Depeche Mode in 1987. The Music for the Masses tour made me a lifelong fan. Thankfully they still make amazing music together.

  129. “In Your Room”. It was one I often skipped for the first ten years I owned SoFaD, but then one night, the brilliance of it just struck me. It’s stayed with me ever since.

  130. Favorite song is “People are People” as this was the one that started my slightly cult following of D.M. for the last 27 years, a close second has to be Never let me down again. Traveled (at great expense) to Glasgow from South Africa to see them live on ‘Tour of the Universe’, absolutely awesome. The DVD is still not available in SA, (it is killing me!!!!) and I doubt there will be a blue-ray release in SA.

  131. so many amazing songs, hard to pick just one, but at this very moment, “Dangerous” – just has a really nasty groove, and really underrated. It was a b side but definitely shouldve been a single.

  132. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite song , I suppose for right now My Joy is my favorite. I saw DM with my best friend in tampa last year and it was a blast. Good luck to everyone!

  133. I don’t think I could pick a favorite DM song.

  134. I still get goosebumps anytime I hear “Stripped,” especially the 101 version.

  135. I think my favorite is World in My Eye from Violator which is their best album ever!

  136. Depeche Mode is a great band! They need to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! People are People and Personal Jesus are my favs!

  137. I love “Lie to Me” and “Flies on the Windscreen”…. So many great songs, and a few cheesy newish ones as well……

  138. I hope I win! My favorite DM song is Get The Balance Right

  139. Shake the Disease, or Somebody.

  140. Dan McIntosh

    my favorite sotu song is perfect

  141. World in my eyes! Especially the live versions.

  142. Not so much 1 song, but the whole Music For The Masses album. Many memories around that album and time in my life.

  143. I want to enter the contest for the DVD/CD set

  144. I couldn’t limit myself to a favorite song, but Music for the Masses is definitely my favorite album.

  145. Relic of Relics Relicwise

    I think I found DM via Yazoo! I bought a cassette of Upstairs At Eric’s new and was thrilled Only You made the Top 40. After that I was all over DM, Yazoo, Erasure, OMD, AFOS and XTC. Fun!

    I found a beat up Roland TR-808 dirt cheap at a thrift last year as well (25 cents and it didn’t get thrown away)

    Too bad I can’t get a Prophet-5 or Oberheim for a quarter!

  146. Rusholmeruffian

    Never Let Me Down Again
    reminds me of my younger days

  147. I only live for Depeche Mode shows. Pick a favourite? Impossible.

  148. Gah. Favorite song…have lots. “any second now, stripped, the sun and the rainfall, but not tonight, blue dress, judas, in your room, the love thieves, enjoy the silence, the original freelove, nothing’s impossible, wrong, perfect, set me free, remotivate me” plus martin’s solo stuff. Just glad they still make music, push boundaries and haven’t conformed. Pop you can trust. :)

  149. Favorite album: Black Celebration. Stripped is simply one of the most melodic pieces of music out there still.

  150. It has to be Home, my wife doesn’t mind me singing at the top of my voice, at least I think she doesn’t!

  151. Huge DM fan since the late ’70’s….too many faves to list…but ok – it’s a question of time.

  152. Wrong is a very strong candidate to best song ever

  153. Like many others, I have been a huge fan of DM for most of my life. To pick a single favorite song is too much too hard. I’d rather state I have enjoyed every song, and have different favorites at different times.

    Listening to DM albums in pure darkness, letting the synths/insturments and the vocals take over you body, mind, and soul, that is bliss.

  154. A COMMENT! WOOT WOOT! DM rocks! (They are ugly as sin though)

  155. Garth Bachman

    Been loving DM since the 80’s(of course) Favorite song…..that’s a hard one. Useless (bitchin vibe)Black Celebration (reminds me of college).

  156. Oh yeah!
    Policy of Truth all the way…

  157. I can narrow it down to anything off “Black Celebration” but please don’t make me choose any further than that!

  158. I’m a huge DM fan and collector. But i still need this item in my collection :-)

  159. my fovorite song is route 66,is pure powerrrr

  160. Well…it’s worth a shot.
    I really don’t have a favorite.(Never Let Me Down Again) I have several.

  161. shake the disease, I’d love to go to any a concert in that year 1985 or 1986, really nice tours, but that would have been impossible, i only has 8 years old :(

  162. Nice to see that my wife and I aren’t the only ones to use “Somebody” for a wedding dance. That song, along with “Strangelove” and “Halo”, are my top 3 DM songs (can’t pick a true #1).

    Keep up the good work – love this blog!

  163. I have seen all of Depeche Mode’s Tours since the ‘Devotional’ Tour of 1993, -except this one. Which means I dearly want it! Several Fav’s, but I will go with ‘I Feel You’…

  164. Wow, I do not think I could narrow down my favorite DM song if I wanted to. They have had such a long span of not only creating great music, but creating music that specks to people.


  165. Contest closed as of noon EST today. Thanks for all of the great entries… winners will be selected randomly and notified via e-mail.

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