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The Fall’s 3CD ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace: Omnibus Edition’ set for January release

The Fall

The expanded “Omnibus Edition” box set of The Fall’s landmark 1985 album This Nation’s Saving Grace that first was announced in the summer of 2009 finally will arrive in late January, packed with 31 singles, alternative edits, John Peel session recordings and previously unreleased  “working mixes.”

Reissue imprint Beggars Archive today announced that the limited-edition 3CD This Nation’s Saving Grace: Omnibus Edition will be released on Jan. 24 in the U.K. and Jan. 25 in the U.S., just three months after the label issued a similar 4CD expanded edition of the band’s 1984 effort, The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall.

The new set will include the full album in its original 11-track running order on the first CD, while the second, 17-track disc includes Mark E. Smith’s original working mixes — all previously unreleased — which Beggars says “reveals different balances to the ingredients of the sonic jigsaw (often with clearer vocals). Though it’s heresy to suggest it, some of these raw mixes have an energy that may improve on the final tracks.”

The third, 14-track disc collects the “Couldn’t Get Ahead”/”Rollin’ Dany” and “Cruiser’s Creek” singles, plus alternative edits and six Saving Grace album tracks recorded during Peel sessions in March and July of 1985 (see full tracklist below). The set, with the CDs housed in Japanese-style paper sleeves, will include a 48-page book with interviews.

See tracklist for ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace: Omnibus Edition’ after the jump…

The Fall, 'This Nation's Saving Grace: Omnibus Edition'

Tracklist: The Fall, This Nation’s Saving Grace: Omnibus Edition

Disc 1: This Nation’s Saving Grace
1. “Mansion”
2. “Bombast”
3. “Barmy”
4. “What You Need”
5. “Spoilt Victorian Child”
6. “L.A.”
7. “Gut Of The Quantifier”
8. “My New House”
9. “Paintwork”
10. “I Am Damo Suzuki”
11. “To Nkroachment: Yarbles”

Disc 2: Rough Mixes and Outtakes

1. “Demo Suzuki” (Rough Mix)
2. “Wonderful And Frightened pt.1” (Rough Mix)
3. “Wonderful And Frightened pt.2” (Rough Mix)
4. “Gut Of The Quantifier” (Rough Mix)
5. “Bombast” (Rough Mix)
6. “Barmy” (Rough Mix)
7. “My New House” (Mark’s Rough Mix)
8. “Paintwork” (Rough Mix)
9. “Ma Riley” (Rough Mix)
10. “Spoilt Victorian Childe” (Rough Mix)
11. “L.A.” (Rough Mix)
12. “What You Need” (Rough Mix)
13. “Edie” (Rough Mix)
14. “Cruiser’s Creek” (Long Version)
15. “LA” (Take 2)
16. “Bombast” (Blackwing Version)
17. “Paintwork” (Gloss)

Disc 3: Singles and Sessions
1, “Couldn’t Get Ahead”
2. “Rollin’ Dany”
3. “Petty (Thief) Lout”
4. “Cruiser’s Creek” (Single version)
5. “Vixen”
6. “Ma Riley”
7. “I Am Barmy” (Long Version)
8. “Cruiser’s Creek” (4.16 edit version)
9. “Spoilt Victorian Child” (Peel session)
10. “Gut Of The Quantifier” (Peel session)
11. “Couldn’t Get Ahead” (Peel session)
12. “Cruiser’s Creek” (Peel session)
13. “L.A.” (Peel session)
14. “What You Need” (Peel session)


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