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Contest: Win Freebass’ ‘It’s a Beautiful Life’

Freebass, 'It's a Beautiful Life'

In conjunction with the Peter Hook interview we posted yesterday, we’ve got another contest on tap: The folks at 24 Hour Service Station, who are putting out Hook’s Freebass project here in the U.S., will provide three lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers with a copy of the band’s debut CD, It’s a Beautiful Life.

The U.S. version of the album — released digitally last spring and on CD in the U.K. in September — comes with a 13-track bonus disc featuring instrumental versions and remixes of album tracks and cuts from the now-defunct band’s debut EP, Two Worlds Collide. The release, of course, follows the break-up of the band, which initially featured Hook, ex-Stone Roses bassist Gary “Mani” Mounfield and The Smiths’ Andy Rourke.

To enter, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post. To make it interesting, we’ll use these entries to answer that age-old question: Which band was better — Joy Division or New Order? Let us know below, and, if you really want, you can vote for any of the spin-offs: Electronic, Monaco, Revenge, The Other Two, Bad Lieutenant… even Freebass. You can even rank ’em in order of preference.

We’ll accept entries — from anywhere in the world — until noon Eastern time on Tuesday, Dec. 7, since that’s the album’s release date here in the U.S. After that, three winners will be drawn randomly and awarded copies of the Freebass CD. Good luck!

UPDATE: 7/9/10: Contest is now closed. Thanks everybody for participating. The randomly selected winners are Keith, Rusholmeruffian and Aaron.


  1. Joy Division is better. I love them both, but have to got with Joy Division.

    P.S. My dog loves Joy Division! It’s the only thing that calms her in the car.

  2. I tend to lean more toward New Order regularly, although Joy Division definitely comes in handy if I’m feeling moody.

  3. I really like Revenge

  4. thanks,and great interview also,thanks! :)

  5. Wow! A very tough choice! I’m going to have to go with Joy Division! Without them, there would be no New Order.

  6. New Order. They make my feet happy. :)

  7. Joy Division.

  8. It’s a close call, but I think I’ll go with Joy Division *slightly* edging New Order.


    1. Joy Division
    2. New Order
    3. Electronic
    4. Revenge
    5. Bad Lieutenant
    6. Monaco
    7. The Other Two

    Freebass doesn’t get ranked because I’ve only heard one song.

  9. Joy Division by a short amount. The raw energy they had is amazing and they were more prolific for the short time they were together.

  10. Love them both, but New Order. Their catalog just can’t really be matched.

  11. Hard to say which was better…Both are rather distinct entities in their own right, but if I had to choose on any given day to listen to one over the other…I would most likely choose Joy Division. In my opinion, most if not all of Joy Division’s recordings were top notch, but New Order has had some patchy releases.

  12. New Order–they were my first love. I, of course, later went on to discover the greatness that is Joy Division, but New Order will always be my #1 favorite band.

  13. I was just reading about Don Mattingly’s chances for the Hall of Fame. He was a Hall of Fame-caliber player for about five

    seasons, but he’ll never make it in. His numbers over the long term just don’t add up to Cooperstown’s standard. If you let

    him in, you’d also have to let in Boog Powell, Chili Davis, Jack Clark, Don Baylor, etc. With the importance of sustained

    greatness in mind, I choose New Order over Joy Division even though Closer was better than any New Order album, and Unknown

    Pleasures better than most. And even though Love Will Tear Us Apart is possibly the greatest song ever – not quite rivaled by Temptation.

    Then Electronic, Monaco, Bad Lieutenant, The Other Two, and Revenge, with the caveat that Bad Lieutenant has a lot of potential.

  14. Without question it’s Joy Division. If there’s no Joy Division – there’s no New Order.

  15. Joy Division, though Power, Corruption & Lies is my favorite album from any incarnation of the band.

  16. I give the edge to New Order simply because they were more prolific. They were both great and really cannot be compared because they are so different.

  17. DepecheDevotee

    I prefer Joy Division because Ian is one of the best frontman ever.
    Songs like “She’s lost control”,”Transmission” or “Love Will Tear Us Apart” are milestones of the music.
    A must see movie is Control by Corbijn.
    The life of the band Joy Division was short but very intense.
    The production of New Order miss Ian, imho.

  18. that’s a tough question; I would say New Order for the Brotherhood LP

  19. I think Movement is a logical progression from Love Will Tear Us Apart and the other last Joy Division singles. Clearly different bands but one necessarily follows the other. So no favorite!

  20. Difficult question. On the weight of Music, Artwork, et al. NewOrder is edging toward the best. From Everythings Gone Green to Turn, they are pure quality.

  21. I think Joy Division was the best band but sometimes it all comes down to what you actually listen to the most.

    For me it is The Other Two and Monaco.

  22. It’s a tough choice, but in the end I’d have to go with Joy Division. To this day, I’ve never grown tired of Unknown Pleasures. While I like a lot of New Order’s work, and consider the best of it to rank right up there, I find it a lot more variable overall.

  23. Joy Division might have gone on to take it, but New Order changed music in ways Joy Division never had time to do.

  24. looks like a cool set, Joy Division were loads better, love new order through about 1885 though & then they went way too pop for me.

  25. I prefer Joy Division to New Order because I am not as much a dance oriented music fan. That said, I like their early stuff quite a bit and enjoy their singles as well.

  26. Joy Division is the more critically laudable band, and the “greater” in my mind. But I listen a lot more to New Order. Ceremony may well be my favorite single ever, and it’s the bridge between the two identities.

  27. my opinion:

    1. new order (my fav band of all time)
    2. joy division
    3. revenge
    4. electronic (not a big fan of the second album)
    5. the other two
    6. freebass
    7. bad lieutenant.

  28. Joy Division

    New Order did a lot of wonderful stuff. But Joy Divivsion didn’t fail once :-)

  29. Love both bands, but I’ll have to give the edge to Joy Division

  30. Without any doubt Joy Division.

  31. Rusholmeruffian

    Joy Division
    New Order
    Bad Lieutenant
    The Other Two

    I cannot rank Freebass yet – but I hope to be able to soon…

  32. New Order over Joy Division. Joy Division was a blip on the radar. New Order helped define club/dance music in the 80’s. Joy Division is overrated. I would rather dance, like New Order is likely to make you want to do, than slit my wrists, which Joy Division is more likely to make you want to do. Sure, Joy Division may have had the better front man, (Bernard has a weak voice and isn’t a very good guitar player) but really, everybody who’s voting for JD over NO are just a bunch of hipsters.

    The Other Two are good, if not a little watered-down, and Electronic was phenominal for the first album. Then something went wrong.

  33. New Order

  34. JOY DIVISION!!! Is there really a question here? Don’t get me wrong I love New Order and all of the spin off bands that followed. But Joy Division is king in my book.

  35. I prefer Joy Division to New Order.

  36. 1. New Order
    2. Joy Division
    3. Electronic
    4. Revenge
    5. Monaco
    6. The Other Two

    Very close between #1 & #2

    Freebass & Bad Lieutenant are too new to rank

  37. Scott (the other one)

    Joy Division is better, IMO, but I love both. I haven’t really given the other incarnations much time…

  38. 1. Joy Division
    2. New Order

    Joy Division paved the wave for New Order but New Order dropped the ball after a few albums.

  39. My 8 year old boy with autism is obsessed with Love Will Tear Us Apart. He needs to hear it every day ever since he heard it in the bathroom of an IHOP. Yes… that’s right… They played Joy Division in an IHOP.

    1. Joy Division

    2. New Order

    3. Electronic

    4. The rest

    I love both Joy Division and New Order. Joy Division meant so much to me when I was a teen that they will always be first.

  40. Just saw Control last weekend. Highly recommended. While I don’t think New Order’s work was as CONSISTANTLT EXCELLENT toward the end, the world is a better place for having Regret, Run2, 60 miles an Hour, Krafty and Waiting for the Siren’s Call to listen to.

  41. Both bands I love, but New Order is #1. It is my all time favorite band! Maybe I prefer them to Joy Division because of the keyboards, and dance tracks. I also have great memories listening to NO since I was introduced to their music in college. I am such a huge fan that a few of my friends refer to me as the New Order Queen.

  42. Tough call…I have to go New Order by a small margin. Joy Division were no doubt one of the greatest bands of any genre, but New Order has been a core element of my musical enjoyment over such a long period of time.

    The spin off bands were great as well and you could put a killer greatest hits/best of together with each of their individual singles but neither of them match the greatness of their collective talents.


  44. New Order

    Of the side projects: Electronic

  45. Some have said that Joy Division would have been as big as U2 if Ian had lived. I have to disagree. Ian lived in his own head too much. Could Bono have written Atmosphere? Perhaps. Could Ian have written Pride? Wouldn’t have happened. But to compare JD and NO? Can’t do it. To me they’re part of the same story.

  46. I like New Order and Joy Division both. It definitely depends on the mood.

  47. new order

  48. I prefer Joy Division, although I may am the biggest New Order fan in Hungray. Joy Division was particular with lyrics written by a fantastic poet.

  49. I’d have to go with New Order, but Revenge is so close behind it’s not even funny!

    Great interview with Mr. Hook.

  50. My opinion:

    1. Manchester
    2. Brooklyn
    3. Austin
    4. Portland

  51. I do enjoy Peter Hook very much.

  52. mine!

  53. Jason Davidson

    New Order is first!
    The Other Two made a glorious debut album
    Revenge & Electronic tie
    Joy Division
    Bad Lieutenant

  54. Joy Division. If only because they never released a dud single or album in their short existence. New Order’s World in Motion… well, it’s no Love Will Tear Us Apart.

    Best of the rest: Electronic, The Other Two, Revenge in that order!

  55. I’d have to say New Order. I’ve never seen such a diverse catalog that’s worked out so well for a group.

    My favorite album is probably Low Life, and my favorite track from the album is “This Time of Night”. I dig the bass work on it, and love the live version from Pumped Full of Drugs. It really brings out some of Hook’s talent, as does “Perfect Kiss”.

  56. Helvecio Guasti Jr

    I really, really like New Order. Sometimes I think about the tragically end of Joy Division, but it was necessary to gift us with New Order and this others excellent bands.

    1 – New Order
    2 – Joy Division
    3. Revenge
    4 – Freebass
    5 – Bad Lieutenant
    6 – Electronic
    7 – Monaco
    8 – The Other Two

  57. New Order

  58. Joy Division. I adore New Order, but it’s not even close for me.

  59. Making this choice clearly shows that there is a difference between what is the “best” vs. what is a “favorite”. Joy Division, without a doubt, is the better band – damn near perfect, really. New Order is my favorite though – I love them BECAUSE of their faults.

  60. 1) New Order
    2) Joy Division
    3) Electronic
    4) Monaco
    5) The Other Two

    Not familiar with music from the other spin-offs yet.


    The Other Two are very under-rated in my opinion.
    Electronic I found were always so boring, never caught on with me.

  62. New Order over Joy Division for me. Hard to imagine another band that has had so many amazing singles come out of spide-projects. “Getting Away With It” “Selfish” “What Do You Want From Me?”…

  63. New Order (fell into them first, then went backwards in time to discover and love Joy Division)

  64. Love them both, but New Order is my pick.

  65. Man, I’ve thought about this over and over… I can’t just pick one over the other, I love them both. However, Electronic and Revenge are the side projects for me.

  66. Few if any can match Joy Division so they would be the obvious first choice. I love New Order too but it’s hard to top New Dawn Fades.

  67. Joy Division because that is where it all started. Without Joy Division, there would be no New Order or the spinoffs.

  68. Your making me choose, so I would say,
    Joy Division
    New Order

    Joy Division was that sound I heard as a kid and it just stays with you over time.

  69. It started for me with New Order, so whilst Joy Division may be better, my heart always lies with NO.

  70. Chris D'Avanzo

    Will forever have a tender spot for JD for so many reasons, but cannot get enough NO. So musically different, it makes it impossible for me to truly choose, but my heart will always lean toward JD.

  71. Got to be Joy Division, By the time they became New Order they had turned into a right set of cunts.

  72. Edward Brennan

    New Order without a doubt. Not only did the members manage to shake off the Joy Division tag, they completely blazed a trail on the merit of their own (new) band. How many bands can/have actually done that-COMPLETELY and successfully reinvent and re-imagine themselves? And they were hugely influential, too!

    As for side-projects go, I love Electronic but Monaco takes the prize for me. I know I’m in the minority, but WHAT a stellar group they were.

    For me, the order goes:

    New Order
    Joy Division

    And I back my choices/tastes to the hilt. I’m overly “pop” and not very cool. ;)

  73. Too much time is spent on the Joy Division vs New Order argument…..Since this is a Hooky solo project, I’ll look at Hooky’s side projects….Revenge had potential unrealized. That potential however was fully realized in Monaco. I found the two Monaco cd’s to be brilliant. To me New Order started to fall off after Technique (imho their best work) and Republic was only half brilliant…Monaco picked up where Technique and Republic left off. I rather enjoyed Potts’ vocals.

  74. It depends on my mood. I listen to Joy Division and New Order in equal amounts. However, I’ll be happy if I never hear New Order – World In Motion ever again!!!

  75. New Order

  76. JD & NO should never be compared! Instead revel in the greatness of each.

  77. I agree w/ thehowman — you can’t really compare the two bands.

  78. It has to be Joy Division. “She’s Lost Control” might be a perfect song

  79. Contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering. Winners have been e-mailed.

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