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The Cure to headline U.K.’s Bestival; billed as band’s ‘only European show of 2011’

The Cure, circa 2008

Billed as its “only European show of 2011,” organizers of the U.K.’s Bestival this morning announced The Cure will headline one of the festival’s four nights next September alongside Crystal Castles, the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, DJ Shadow and Primal Scream performing its 1991 album Screamadelica.

Barring further touring plans, the Sept. 10 performance by Robert Smith and Co. at the four-day fest on the Isle of Wight will be the band’s first live gig since an infamous headlining slot at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in April 2009 that had festival organizers pulling the plug mid-song after the band blew past curfew.

Smith, in a statement posted on The Cure’s website says, “I am delighted and excited that The Cure’s only European festival performance in 2011 will be at Bestival… We will do all we can to help make it a weekender to remember!” (Note that Smith calls it the “only European festival performance” — perhaps leaving the door open for a tour — while Bestival’s organizers simply say it’s the band’s “only European show” of 2001.)

With The Cure and Crystal Castles sharing the same bill, of course, it raises the possibility that Smith will join the electro duo on stage to perform their much-buzzed single “Not in Love,” which arrives in U.K. stores next week. The lineup, curated by BBC DJ Rob da Bank, also includes former Cure opening acts 65daysofstatic (who also feature Smith on their recent track “Come to Me”) and Cranes.

See initial Bestival lineup after the jump…

Bestival, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight, UK, Sept. 8-11, 2011

The Cure (headlining Sept. 10)
Primal Scream presents Screamadelica
Brian Wilson
Magnetic Man
Crystal Castles
DJ Shadow
Omar Souleyman
Katy B
65daysofstatic (Live film score)
Boys Noize
A Trak
Norman Jay
Grandmaster Flash
David Rodigan
2 Bears
Carte Blanche
Pantha du Prince
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain



  1. The Cure is so irrelevant now. They haven’t put out music worth listening to in over 10 years. I used to be a HUGE fan. The last few albums have been unlistenable to me. Major disappointment.

  2. I agree to a point Craig; WMS, The Cure, and 4:13 Dream were all terrible albums. Bloodflowers was decent, but in no way at the level of the albums from Wish and back.

    However, The Cure tours have been better than they ever were in the 80’s and 90’s.

    They play 35 songs usually, stuff from every album, rare b-sides and really put on epic gigs.

    The Cure are a great touring band at this point, and perhaps they should just stick with that, maybe releasing a few new songs here and there.

  3. Agreed. As a one time Cure fanatic I have been pushed away by their last couple of records. Its just not the same band anymore. At least Bloodflowers and WMS had a few good songs, and a familiar “cure” sound.

  4. I agree with all which was said above… They are a great touring band, but their last records suck beyond belief. I gave benefit of the doubt to “4:13 Dream”, but it never grew up on me like Bloodflowers did. “The Cure” album was some sort of misunderstanding. they should stick to touring.

  5. The problem is it’s so much easier to tour if you have an album out, even if it sucks. Otherwise you end up doing press for the tour saying things like “well I was bored and I needed a few quid so … here we are!”

  6. There are tons of bands from this era that are still putting out good music, but there are also lots of bands that just tour and draw decent crowds. They know that folks are coming just to hear “the classics”. The Furs are one off the top of my head that does that very well.

  7. Sadly, I have to agree with all of the above. I was a HUGE Cure fan from the mid 80’s up to Wish. Since then, every album has been a letdown. There were a few good tracks on Bloodflowers, but the rest just did nothing for me. I still go see them when they tour, and yes the DREAM tour is second only to the Prayer tour, but I miss loving them. :(

  8. i don’t agree with any of you. why not let the artists progress and morph as they see fit? try what they want to try? it’s just “not the same band anymore…” what does that even mean? why the box?

    you’re also not listening to these songs with the same ears you had 10 or 20 years ago. they are going to strike you differently now then they would have when you were younger. and if you think that their “sound” is completely and utterly different these days i’m going to have to go out on a limb to say your “ears” aren’t that keen or you’re not as much of a fan as you might think you are.

    no hard feelings, just some thoughts from the other side of the spectrum.

  9. Nah, they suck. With every release I hope for something RELEVANT. I would expect their style to change. However, I will not listen to mediocure. “I miss loving them” nicely put.

  10. There no Depeche Mode!!

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