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Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll 2010: Vote for best new albums, reissues of the year

Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll 2010

Well, if it’s December, that generally means one thing to the true music nerd: time for those end-of-the-year lists. And this year, we’re going to let you in on that action with the inaugural Slicing Up Eyeballs Readers Poll, which will name the year’s best new albums and reissues from ’80s college rock veterans.

Seeing as how this site covers a fairly confined musical niche, we will, naturally, limit our poll to artists from the ’80s alternative era or their offshoots. Which means that while there’s nothing stopping you from voting for The Suburbs as album of the year, it’s just not going to count. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other lists for that one to top.

To keep things fairly simple, the poll is divided into two categories: 1.) New studio albums released in 2010, and, 2.) The catch-all field of reissues, box sets, compilations and live albums that came out this year. You can vote for between one and five albums in each of the two categories, and they are not ranked. Each vote will be weighted equally.

To help refresh your memory, you may consult this handy list of 40 new albums and 100 reissues, etc., that came out in 2010 — although you can certainly vote for albums not appearing on that list. It’s by no means comprehensive, but it should hit all of 2010’s major titles, culled from the Record Rack posts of the last year.

Finally, if you’d like to offer some remarks about your favorite releases of 2010, you may do so in the comments below; you don’t need to replicate your ballot, but if you’d like to explain what’s so great about your top picks, we will use some of those reader comments when posting the final results. We’d love to hear from you.

Voting is now closed. Results will be posted on Dec. 31.


  1. I wish I had the money to buy all those reissues. There were so many really great ones. How do you pick?!

  2. It was very hard to choose. Picking the Oscar would be easier! I will play as many as possible on my radio show!

  3. Intriguer by Crowded House without a doubt. FANTASTIC album that grows on you more and more with each listen. And Twice If You’re Lucky is one of the very very best Crowdies songs too

  4. Totally agree Finngirl, Intriguer for me is the best and most totally underrated album of 2010, 10 classic Neil Finn songs, beautifully crafted. The trouble is Crowded House and Neil Finn are so good that even their own record company takes them for granted.
    If you want to hear great music this christmas check out the video for the single that never was TWICE IF YOUR LUCKY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcKh-VeFxX0

  5. Well I guess that makes us a trio of Intriguers, because Crowded House gets my vote too for their latest gem

  6. Couldnt agree more with you, Kittybear and Finngirl. Crowded Houses “Intriguer” is best album of 2010. and one of the best albums ever. Falling dove, Either side of the world, Twice if youre lucky, Amsterdam, Isolation and Elephants are diamonds from pen of Neil Finn. PS. Congratulations to editory for really interesting conquest.

  7. One new album not on the list that deserves a mention: Underworld’s “Barking.” I know Underworld is best known as a 90s techno act, but they put out two “college rock-ish” albums in the 80s.

  8. Intriguer.

  9. Best new album hands down and by far: Crowded House “Intriguer”. Neil and the boys have always put out amazing music, and Neil’s songwriting is among the most underrated in rock history, imnsho. “Twice If You’re Lucky” and “Either Side Of The World” are absolute gems! “Intriguer” and “The Very Best Of” deserve to be on these lists!

  10. or rather, The Very Very Best Of… Crowded House. my bad! lol listening to “Saturday Sun” as I write this. omg BEST song!!!

  11. Would have go with ‘Intriguer’ – a classic every time!

  12. Crowded house Intriguer by far!!!!

  13. And thats another one for Intriguer!!

  14. – and yet another for Mr finn and his housemates…..even if the record company let you down, we won’t!

  15. Don’t forget about Pretty Hate Machine…technically an ’80s album

  16. Crowded House, Intriguer gets my vote. Would also win an award for ‘most underated’ and ‘least publicised’, if those categories existed!

  17. Voted for two brilliant under-rated albums from two Australian acts who were popular in the 80’s but have given up some of their best work in the last year. Crowded House – Intriuer and Hoodoo Gurus – Purity of Essence.

  18. the new killing joke puts everything else that was released to shame!!! an amazing album with much depth!!

  19. Intriguer from Crowded House for me too.
    It just has to be, it is one of the best albums in ages and listening to it on vinyl, mmmmmmmm that is even better!

  20. Intriguer is great. Twice if you’re lucky and Amsterdam bring tears to my eyes they are so good. Lloyd Cole Broken Record is also another great album combining his lyrical dexterity with very good musicianship. After all these years they still have not lost the ability at putting words and melody together.

  21. I agree with Julia! Intriguer on vinyl!!

  22. Intriguer by Crowded House is a great album, but lets not forget lloyd cole’s broken record. His best album in a career full of good records, if you havent heard it make sure you pick it up!

  23. Shriekback’s “Life In The Loading Bay” has been completely lost in the shuffle! Great album with original singer Carl Marsh!

  24. Im a kiwi and i must say im surprised at all the love out there for Crowded House (national icons in our country) but it pretty much got No support in NZ and even the reviews were fairly average. But id have to say the re issues of the year were the My Bloody Valentine albums hahahahahahaha what a joke…we’re still waiting for these to be released!

  25. Richard, I don’t know about the reviews in the NZ press so much, but MOST of the reviews here were glowing and the ones that were’nt, clearly the reviwer had’nt even bothered to listen to the album for more than 30 seconds(names of songs totally incorrect, the tone/beat/mood (or whatever you want want to call it)well I don’t know what they were listening to but from their description it would be like saying ‘Jingle Bells’ is a slow funeral song. The lack of any real promotion, support or anything positive from the record company did’nt help either, over here I saw an ad on tv once for Intriguer actually being out, no posters,no radio advertising, no ‘banners’ on the internet. Zip. If it had’nt been for the wonderful fan forum, I’d have no idea Intriguer was out in the early days. It must be very hard for ‘Joe public’ to know. People on facebook are still asking when The Crowdies are tourning North America….ummmm they toured there for months this year. People AT Crowded House concerts here were asking “what’s this song” “where is it from” “Intriguer”? hardly signs of decent promotion by UMG and it’s branchs. However it does not surprise me at all the amount of support here, those who have and love it, LOVE it

  26. Crowded House- Intriguer DEFINITELY!
    Such a wonderful album!

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